5 Dating Apps Free (May. 2017) For Relationships

It’s pretty hard for a geek and a shy person to approach a girl/boy and ask for him/her to go on a date. If you fall in either of these categories then you can definitely relate to it. Well, you’re looking for “dating apps,” so can’t really deny the fact.

Even though, a lot of people think that dating apps suck. However, people who are not in relationship are mostly using these  apps which, so it becomes tough to avoid these relationship apps.

Either you’re looking to get hooked up, a casual chat or a one night stand, these apps free got everything for you. These love apps are available for both Android & ios Users.

These apps officially picked up by the editor of this blog. Any dating app  doesn’t sponsor us. These reviews on dating apps free are based on our personal experience. And, if you want us to include any free dating app, then you can contact us.

Oh, yes! Our team has tested all these apps so it’s all coming from our experience.

Dating Apps

Dating App NameiOS/AndroidPrice
Coffee Meets BagelBothFree
Plenty Of FishBothFree
How About WeBothFree

1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the popular dating apps, as of now. Tinder has more than 100 million users, 1.4 billion swipes a day, 26 million matches a day, 54% of single users.

By reading the above stats, you can easily identify the popularity of Tinder. You can read more tinder’s interesting facts & statistics here.

Tinder is app where you can find a match for you. To use this app first, you need to install the app, then connect it to the Facebook account. Don’t worry about Facebook Authentication because nothing will be posted on your behalf.

Tinder also uses GPS so that it can trace your location, and find singles around you who’re looking to get hooked up or might want to hang out.

You can start using this app after filling your app. Better the bio you’ll enter the best outcomes for “Matches” you will get.

You can give thumbs up someone’s pic by swiping right side, and to dislike you can swipe left all the way. If the person likes your picture back, then he/she is most probably interested in you.

This dating app is free, and available both for Android & iOS users. Have a good time there, but be smart don’t get trapped by fake people.

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2. Coffee Meets Bagel

dating apps free

Coffe meets bagel is a free dating app, and pretty much different as compared to other flirting apps. Coffee meets bagel requires Facebook authentication like Tinder, but it doesn’t have the similar concept to Tinder.

After completing your bio or profile, you’ll be suggested a Bagel. You’ll be suggested Bagel based on Facebook Friends mutuality, and it will remain for 24hours. If you like your bagel, then you’ve to like her profile, and if that bagel likes your profile, then you’ll be able to chat with each other.

The messages last long for a week only and after that, everything will be erased. So, this app is pretty much forces you to get connected in real like. If you don’t like a person in a week, then there is no point chatting with each other, so I personally like this concept.

If you’re not sure, then you can share a link of any of yours social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever social media platform you use often else you can exchange your mobile number. but you’ve to be very careful, because you don’t want to get hooked up with a gold digger or criminal.

This app is available for Android & iOS user, and a good alternative to Tinder like apps.

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3. Plenty Of Fish

dating apps free

Alright, Plenty of Fish is a free dating app which is also known as P.O.F. It has a good amount of active users. It is pretty similar to Tinder; however, it doesn’t require Facebook authentication to use the app.

You can begin by filling your bio. In case, you use any false/abusive language, then your account will be banned forever.

You can message users there, and it doesn’t require any process like Coffee Meets Bagel which you might like if you don’t have patience. You can find P.O.F users around you using this app, by the city, by new users, contacts and favorites settings, depending on you.

Here we collected some additional stats from a reliable source about Plenty of Fish App.

General Information:

  • According to Google, Plenty of Fish is the most search online dating service in 2015.
  • POF is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor’s Top Pick Innovative Award.
  • POF is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Editor’s Top Pick Over All Award.
  • POF is the recipient of the 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Single’s Choice Award for a Free Dating Service.

This dating app is available both for Android & iPhone users, so have a lovely time there.

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4. How About We

free dating app

How About We were out no.1 pick for free flirting apps. This is a pretty easy to use app and similar to other dating apps with standard procedure. The app will ask you some questions at the beginning that actually helps to find best potential match-ups.

It asks questions like “Your Favorite Movie” which are pretty easy to answer. In case, you don’t feel like answering any question, then you can skip it, not a big deal. However, the profile picture is necessary, no matter what.

There is search widget option at the top right corner where you can find singles looking to get hooked up. If you’re interested in a person, then you can hit the “I’m Intrigued” button.

This is a popular & part of HowAboutWe media company that focuses on dating related things.

Sp, if you’re looking for some “dating apps free” then this app is definitely for you. The app is available both for iPhone and Android users.

5.  Lovoo

lovoo flirting app

So, lovo is one of the dating apps free of cost. Lovo is a popular app in Europe countries, but not in Asian, to be honest. This app is kind of similar to Tinder in functioning and UI, but it uses a special feature.

It has a feature called “Live Radar” which you can use by enabling GPS on your mobile. This feature helps to find singles in your city according to the location. You can also see the picture being shared being shared by Lovoo users who are is the same area.

This app had 36 million users in 2015, and these numbers are increasing and will keep on increasing day by day.

You can connect your Lovoo account with Facebook or Instagram. If you love sharing the pictures, then connecting with Instagram is recommended. This app is available both for Android & iPhone users.

6. Hinge

dating apps

Hinge is one tinder like apps. In fact, it looks like a sister project of Tinder but that’s not the case. The UI is very similar to the Tinder but little more interactive and smooth. It uses your Facebook profile to connect with people.

It will search for friends of friends of your friends who are using their app and showcase them you. Hinge is a pure dating app, not for people looking to get hooked up, so one of your Facebook friends should be using this dating app so that you can find people in friend’s circle.

You can upload your profile pictures from Facebook, Instagram. This system limits you especially when you’re not active on either of these social media platforms. No one can message you without getting MATCHED and you can expect to not see any inappropriate pictures because it uses Facebook and people can only use  their official Facebook pictures.

Like we said earlier, it’s really a recommended app because it’s more of a pure dating app unlike Tinder other one night stand app – thumbs up!

Though, it lacks in fancy functionalities but it’s a good app for women who want protection and safety. Here is what Hinge says “Inspired by love, and guided by authenticity, Hinge creates meaningful connections among those bold enough to seek real relationships.”

7. Taste Buds

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Taste buds is a unique app you’ll ever find. We are not sure how many of you guys are aware of this app, but this is app is really worth trying – especially if you’re a music lover.

So, this app allows you start your profile without any social media account requirement. However, you can connect your Facebook account to the app, but it’s up to you. If you want to connect it to the Facebook then use Facebook otherwise you can fill out your profile yourself.

The UI is simple but little uneasy – more on that later. You’ll be asked to fill out couple of question. Since the main concept of this dating app is based on “music taste of people” so you’ll be asked to fill our your favorite tracks.

We all love music and we know song of choice pretty much defines the personality of people, so if you find a profile which have same song choice as of yours then you might want to message the person.

You can message anyone before and after match, so the restrictions are limited. You can send song tracks to people. Since their is no match restriction, the app has hundreds of thousands of users, and you’ll never run out of new people to chat with, new music to discover, or fun things to do.

Overall, it’s really a new concept and you’ll definitely enjoy it. Like we said earlier, it has some problems like you can’t find you previous matched people or match history to be precise, the app only plays clips, and UI has issues.

It’s easy to skip on profiles, the like button should be replaced to right-side, better motion while checking profiles of people. If Taste buds work on these areas then it would be a good experience with new concept for dating.

Overall, it’s a nice unique dating app that definitely worth your time especially if you’re a music freak.

8. Match

best dating appsMatch.com is one of the best dating sites available on Internet. And, not to our surprise, they launched the mobile app version for people. It was launched in 1995 and today serves millions of singles in 24 countries, insane, right?

Well, unlike most of apps, you don’t need your Facebook profile to initiate your profile on Match.com, but you do have to upload picture and fill in basic information about yourself which is pretty simple an basic.

Match.com have a lot of people so you’ll never fell short of people. However, this app requires premium subscription to get the most out of app, so if you don’t have budget then it might be an issue like it offers who’s recently looked at your profile and who has liked your pictures, and includes a bunch  of other features.

Its UI is simple and smooth, and easy to use. However, you’ll need time to get use to it. It has bunch of related tabs like “matches,”  “viewed me,” “search,” and “mixer” which breakdown the app according to premium features.

The app is available both for android and iPhone users. On top of that, you can also find give desktop version a shot.

9. Bumble

Bumble is a new dating app with a twist in working mechanism and we love it, haha. This app is pretty much similar to Tinder but works differently. Like tinder, you’ve to signup for the app using Facebook profile which might be annoying to couple of people but it helps to kick out spammer and keep the safety for app users, so end of the day it’s good for you.

Once two opposite gender match with profile, then Girl has to message a single man. She has 24 hours to do so. If, she is not interested then she will not reply. However, if  guy really want to hear from girl then he can extend the process for 24 hours. Basically, if the girl might get busy then it’s a good option.

Unlike Tinder, when you swipe up, you see the additional picture of person. In tinder, it means super liking the profile, so you don’t have to forcefully see the people who thumbs up your profile.

The UI is very interesting and smooth. It’s easy to use. You can not send any P**n content to the user, it’s strictly prohibited as stated in Terms&condition which we people often ignore.

The funny and interesting part of this app is that Girls have to initiate, so if you’re a girl then it might be possible that you might not like this idea as some Girls just time pass on mobile apps.

You can read bumble’s blog which often posts success dating stories. The people  who met through this app and successfully dating or got married.

Wrapping it Up 

So, these were our top picks for dating apps that cost nothing, and available both iPhone & Android users. These apps are totally features on the base of our experience.

Another thing we want to say is that be careful. Don’t share you bank information or any sort of information with a stranger because what’s happening in someone’s mind is not predictable at all.

You can visit our site Hookup Apps in near future if you need any sort of information about dating related advise and apps.

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