Ashley Madison Review – Real Flings or Fake Women Profiles?

Not a dating site per se, Ashley Madison helps people cheat. Yes, you heard it right. It is an online match-making website that focuses on connecting people who want to have affairs.

The site is free for women and requires men to pay for membership and you get credits with this money. These credits allow men to use the site’s features while women have full access to all features.

Ashley Madison Review


  • You can send gifts and winks to female members to woo them.
  • The site has a great customer service to solve any concerns/queries.
  • The site is completely free for women and works on a credit-based system.
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    The website offers a refund if the members are not satisfied with the site within three months.
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    Women members have the option to remain discreet and only allow paid viewing of their profiles.


  • The site has many fake profiles of women who lure men for money.
  • Women can get overwhelmed with the number of messages they get on signing up.
  • The site is not a great option for people who just want to have a casual sexual encounter. 

7 Things We like about AshleyMadison:

ashley madison review

1. It is one of the few websites dedicated to connecting people who want to cheat.

The site’s tagline says that “life is too short. Have an affair.” It is one of the very few websites that offer the option of having affairs for married or committed people. While the morality of this action might be debatable, the website offers a safe platform for people who want to have an affair.

There are many websites that connect people who want to hook-up but this website makes it amply clear that the members who register on the platform are looking to cheat.

2. The site is free for women and works on a credit-based system for men.

The site offers its services for free to its women members and charges a fee from its male members to keep the sex-ratio balanced. The website works on a credit-based system which allows the members to use some useful features of the website with their credits.

These credits can be purchased from the website and are mostly purchased by members who are genuinely interested in engaging with the female member. This system reduces the number of male fake profiles on the platform significantly.

3. The website offers a refund for your money if you do not get a satisfactory response.

Since the membership of the website is a little expensive, it offers an “Affair Guarantee” which allows you to claim full refund for your money if you did not get a satisfactory response from female members within the first three months.

While you do have to provide substantial proof to the website team that you actually did try reaching out to members, this guarantee helps the members who are skeptical of getting good responses.

4. You can send gifts and winks to members to woo them.

The members have an option to portray their interest in other members by sending them winks or gifts online to make them more comfortable with the whole experience.

While these gestures may make the other person believe that your interest is genuine, it is advisable to remain cautious of fake profiles or gold diggers who just want to extort money from men.

5. Women have the option to set a private showcase of their pictures which only opens with a key.

This is a great feature which allows women to keep their identity a secret unless they have had a few chats with the member they are interested in. They can choose to keep their profile pictures a secret through the private showcase feature.

The private showcase is visible only after the member enters a key given to them by the female members. There is even an option for women to keep a paid showcase of pictures.

6. The site offers more than just “casual sexual encounters” to members.

This website is a great platform for people who are looking for more than just sex. They can be looking for a friend with benefits or an elaborate affair and the members are also accommodating of this fact that the other members are looking for an affair and not a casual hook up.

People who are looking for a partner to share a sexual relationship with on a long-term basis will find this website suitable for finding their ideal matches.

7. The customer service of the website is great.

Unlike some of the other dating websites which do not attend to the queries and concerns of their customers once they sign-up, Ashley Madison is a welcome change as all the customer representatives are quite helpful and genuinely aim to improve the user experience.

You can call the customer service anytime regarding any concern or query that you might have and they will sweetly guide you in the right direction.

8. The site gets more than 1 lakh active users a day.

Despite suffering from a data hack in the year 2015, the website has bounced back with a bang and has seen a continuous rise in the number of visitors coming to the website.

All the members of the website are quite active and you can get a great response if you describe your personality in a fun and interesting way on your profile.

Top Alternatives to Ashley Madison:

AdultFriendFinder,,, and are some similar dating websites to Ashley Madison. All these websites help committed or married members to cheat and are popular among people who are looking for an affair.

3 Things we don't like about

ashley madison

1. The site is filled with fake profiles of women who make advances for money.

There are a lot of fake profiles on the platform which can hamper the user experience in a big way. They are mostly of women since the website is free for women and you can come across many escorts or gold diggers on the website if you are not careful.

This problem is much more of an issue for men who come to the website genuinely seeking a partner and has damaged the credibility of the website significantly.

2. There is always a risk of bumping into a known person.

As it the case with offline affairs, there is always a risk of running into a friend of your husband or an acquaintance of your wife on the platform and this risk can only be ruled out if you use a private showcase and keep your key secured but it can not be completely fool-proof.

Also, the major data leak of this website that occurred in 2015, leaked the data of many of its members so your identity can never be completely secret.

3. Members can get overwhelmed by the responses and obscene pictures.

As soon as a real person creates a genuine profile on the platform, they are inundated with messages and chat requests from unknown users asking for their key or for a photo.

This can be slightly overwhelming for members who want to browse all the profiles and chat with the people they are interested in. Some men also send obscene pictures to women which can be intimidating and disturbing. 

Paid Membership of AshleyMadison: 

The Ashley Madison website is free for females and paid for male members. You can do many things with the credits you purchase with your money and some of these include:

  • You can send priority emails to members.
  • You can send online gifts to other members.
  • You can hide your profile and remain discreet.
  • Send messages and initiate a conversation with other members.
  • You can access the private showcase of members who offer the paid preview.

Share your AshleyMadison Review/Experience:

Ashley Madison is a one of a kind dating website which helps people look beyond their married or committed life and allow them to find a partner who is willing to do the same. It is quite popular and provides a safe way for people who are looking for something more than just a one night stand!

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