Badoo Review

Badoo is primarily a dating focused site which also works as a social networking platform. It was started in 2006 and it operates in around 190 countries. Besides functioning so widely, it also has versions of the same dating application in 47 other different languages. This makes it unique in its own cohort. It is the world’s most widely used dating network.

The Badoo dating site has regularly managed to feature in the best dating sites all across the world. Since there are a ton of users who are flocking in to use this site, the range of users makes this process of finding yourself a date even more exciting and hopeful.

Badoo Review

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  • It has an impressive detailed feature which shows when and where you might have bumped into another user who might be around your location. Geo location feature helps to execute this.
  • Unlike most other dating sites where it is fairly easier to pass away as a fake user, Badoo has a genuine and a more foolproof method to do profile verification. This helps to ensure whether the users are real people or not.
  • Some of the gamification features like superpowers and the popularity meter make the date finding process even more exciting and entertaining. 


  • The matching algorithm which is used by this dating site seems to work only if the person is within your location radar. Otherwise, this is redundant.
  • Many of the important site features get unlocked only when some extra money is spent to unlock that particular feature.
  • The more money you give, the more widely your profile will be featured and viewed. The more money you spend, more chances are that your profile will be viewed by other users.



badoo review

Some of the fun features which are unique to Badoo are that it has a pretty reliable process which helps the user to verify and give authentication to other users. It also has a good speed registration process. This is another major perk.
It also has a facial recognition feature which also helps you to discover users who might have some similarity to your celebrity crushes.

How cool is that? Whimsical much, eh?

The profiles are very well organized and also the site knows how and what to highlight. Badoo automatically highlights all the important information which you might want to intuitively highlight.


badoo dating site

The primary way to find your date is through ‘encounters’ or surfing through other options like browsing people nearby. You will need to devote some time to this. The more time you spend on this, the better are your chances to get an appropriate match. 

Like Tinder you can easily swipe right or left. This could be drawback also. Some users who would not want to be judged by how they look may not like this particular feature. You need to spend extra moolah in order to gain accessibility to all the major and fun features that will make signing up for this dating site worthwhile. 

While I do agree that you could easily send in a virtual gift but if you use this dating site, it is more likely that you will hit the fast forward button faster. This is feasible because of the geo location feature that pings you or lets you know about the nearby users who might be interested in taking a notch up with it.

You also get to play a hot or not game which will be an even more fun way to find your partner. This will help you get an understanding whether you two can hit it off for real or not. 


While you can make all your posts pretty public and attract attention from all the other users; you do have the option to guard your profile and make some changes in your privacy settings as well.

So alternatively, you could create private videos, albums and photos. You also have the option to take and keep all your photos within the application. This dual feature is a boon for users who want to lay their game privately. 


You will surely have to judge the books by the cover. This could be the official tagline of this dating site. Badoo is extremely visually oriented. So you will want to have a killer profile picture and visually attracting snippets in your profile. That is the only way you would be able to land in a decent date.

badoo design concept

The features and the design of the dating sight have been designed very well and it is fairly easy to navigate through this application. Not only is the site good to look at, it also has a really simple procedure which one needs to follow in order to make an account and start using this site.


Badoo has an extremely easy layout. You have fun features which rates your popularity. The icon which is in the form of a battery icon displays the magnitude of the popularity that the user has. This is just one of the features under gamification which makes the entire process even more entertaining. 

Since Badoo is more focused on how visually appealing your profile really is, it will require a little amount of work on your part to really make your profile aesthetic. If you are selfie queen, this is certainly your pit stop


  • Since Badoo functions on the basis of GEO-location of all the users, the algorithms also match you up with users who are near the radar. This could be a major drawback for all the users who are not positioned at a location which will have many options for them.
  • Not only is the extent of the algorithm limited, the Badoo dating site has commercialized the entire dating game. Your profile will be widely featured depending on how much money you want to spend. Keeping everything in mind, this is still a good deal.
  • If you want to use this site optimally, you will definitely need to spend some more money on getting access to the additional features which make the dating site a little more fun. Although getting started on this app is free, you will feel like you have not used this app at all if you don’t pay for some extra services or features.


There are some special features which are characteristic to this dating site.


This is one of the most popular features offered by Badoo. You, of course, have to pay for this one. This feature is shown using the superman symbol. It goes on and off according to what and how much superpowers you have.


Another innovative feature that has featured in this dating site is the facial recognition feature. This feature might sound whimsical but what it does is that it helps you to find out users who look similar to your celebrity crushes. This again revolves around the simple fact is how well you photograph yourself or how well you edit your pictures. Again, make sure your profile is visually appealing.


Another prominent feature of this dating site is that it helps you meet others based on the users who might come in your location radar and vicinity. Although this geo location feature may seem to be a barrier as it limits your options, but in a way it is also feasible for hook ups and also helps to develop other physical relationships. This helps you to get in- person dates, hook ups or other kinds of interactions.


Badoo dating site also has a system of currency which enables you to purchase various packages. This credit system comes in the form of coins. These packages will help you make purchases and this will help to get more visits or matches or even messages from the other users.


When you use this site on the desktop it is absolutely easy to join, but when you want to use the same site on your phone, you will find a free companion application which also needs to be downloaded in order to make the main application to function. Along with this you will get a premium subscription which will cost you around $ 2.99.
Geo-location being its central feature, this site helps you to meet people keeping distance in mind.

it is more of a visually focused dating site. The sign up process is pretty simple and that also serves as a major incentive to join this dating application. The applications, features and interfaces are designed in an extremely user friendly manner.

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