Best Hair Gel For Men 2018 – (Maximum Hold & Volume!)

It is hard enough to grapple with life problems which include managing stress, delivery at your work place, working hard in school, managing life in college. All of this stress gets triggered with the constant flux in the weather. And, with constant change, it is difficult to keep up. What’s more is that.

Research shows that a large percentage of men start to face hair problems like thinning hair line, hair fall, recurring dandruff problems by the time they turn 21. So, make sure you use the best hair gel made for men.

While it is never late to start taking care of yourself, yes! Men inclusion should have an everyday simple regime for skin and hair maintenance – that’s one tip on how to look hot.

Best Hair Gel For Men 2018

1) Axe – Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel

This hair gel works best on short hair which is either short or wavy. If you are fan of that modern Mohawk look, that aggressive spikey modern look, this gel is just the thing which you must be use. Well on the plus side, it can be used either by men or women. This rebel inspired look is easily attainable by using this product.

Axe - Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel

All you have to do is firstly rake sections of your hair very patiently. Take a small amount of Axe – Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel on your palm and rake it through your slightly damp hair.

The next step should be of using a blow dryer. Blow dry your hair by taking small sections of side to side. This will give a little volume to the hair. After you are done blow drying your hair, add some more quantity of Axe – Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel. This will give a little texture and will define your hair in a more chic way.

Now coming down to the most important step of this is shaping your Mohawk. You need to shape your hair preferably in the middle or any one side. This will render a really dramatic look which is the beauty of the Mohawk look.

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2. GOT2b Spiked-Up Max Control Styling Gel

This hair gel product works best for thick air which can have any texture – be it straight or curly or even coily. This is one of those products which help you to get that hard- wired, hard hold look as well as stiffens your hair a bit.

GOT2b Spiked-Up


If you are a guy who is into spikes, stiff and sleek style hair, this is just the product for you. There is a firm grip about the texture of the product which renders firm grip that helps to make the styling a snap. Al these features just make the product all the more hit in the market.

This product is specifically meant for styles which are rather demanding and need a sharper of a stiff look. This gel is a hard wired, hard held product which can keep the style or look intact for a really long time.

3. Redken Stand Tough Extreme Gel

This product should be bought by those style crazy people who want to step out and get a bold look. This hair gel is most appropriate for thick hair. This product works equally well on straight hair, thick or those cute curls. One of the more affordable products which does not compromise on the style quotient either and is suitably available at various beauty shops.

Redken Stand Tough Extreme Gel 

This formula has been made special with the addition of extra proteins and carbs which provides extra energy and strength while the ionic bonds which are also present in the formula help to solidify the hold which helps o to give maximum staying power for the hair. This is one of those products which does not require much time for the styling part. All it demands is a quick 10 second drill where in you apply or comb this formula through your hair. You can either blow dry it or let it naturally dry. It will give same results.

4. Aussie Men – Maximum Hold Gel

aussie men gel

I have to tell you about the price of this product. This product is priced at a mere throwaway price of $3.43. It works the vest for medium and thick hair. The hair texture does not seem to matter since it works equally well on all kinds of hair textures- be it straight, wavy, curly, or coily.

I know how it feels like to be dealing with hair which has a mind of its own. Those wild waves or curls can be quiet untamable even for a boy. Women can easily tie their top knot buns, but often men cannot help with such conditions. This is just the product for you.

5. Dove Men + Care – Control Gel

Dove Men Care - Control Gel 

This product works best for fine thin hair which is either straight or wavy. This product comes at a price range of maximum $6. This product offers a resilient hair which is teamed with a smooth and shiny finish. This product is specifically meant for strong hold and other aggressive styles which depend a lot on the durability of the product.

6. American Crew – Firm Hold Styling Gel

American Crew - Firm Hold Styling Gel

This product is on the pricey range of money level.It is best suited for hair texture that is straight or wavy. If you are one of those customers who pay special heed to the kind of smell that the product has, this is just the product which you must buy without any further adieu.

It gives a matte look and is neither too shiny nor is it too super sticky. The product developers have given extra attention to the quality of end result they can produce which includes the kind of smell, look, texture, durability and longetivity.

7. Paul Mitchell – Super Clean Sculpting Gel Maximum Control

Image result for Paul Mitchell - Super Clean Sculpting Gel Maximum Control The product name is quiet fancy and so is the finishing look after you apply this gel. This product is best suited for the hair texture which is straight, wavy, or curly. It includes special ingredients which give that extra shine and firmly locked hair.

You are not alone in the battle against unruly hair. There are people who want to help you with your daily struggle. So, if wild unruly hair is your problem, this is just the product which you must be buying. This product helps to get a perfect sculpted look which can help us to get all the bold textures which we want.

8. TRESsemme – Mega Sculpt Sculpting Gel

TRESsemme - Mega Sculpt Sculpting Gel

This product works best on medium length of hair. It is suitable for use on either type of hair, be it straight, wavy, curly or even oily. This formula is especially beneficial to get an overall control over the hair. All you need to do is distribute the product evenly over the scalp. This also helps to uplift the volume and add shine to the rather dull hair.

9. L’Oreal Paris Studio Line – Invisi Gel Max Hold Gel

L’Oreal Paris Studio Line - Invisi Gel Max Hold Gel

I would highly recommend using this particular product since not only is it highly affordable. This product works best on thick hair which is either straight, curly or coily. This product is one of those products where in you would mind paying since it is neither too costly but gives you a very polished finished look. Just one of those days when you are headed to that ball dance or an evening party which is pretty important and you want to be the attraction of the evening, this is just the right product fr you. Trust me! Try it !

10. Tigi Bedhead for Men – Power Play Firm Finish Gel

Tigi Bedhead for Men - Power Play Firm Finish Gel Although this product is pricier than other usual products, it is totally worth taking the plunge for. It is widely suited for either medium texture of hair or thick texture of hair. It could be straight, curly or coily. It just works equally well on either of the kind of hair texture.

11. ECO – Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel

Don’t even get me started about the good qualities of Argan Oil. Let me enlighten you here a bit. Argan oil is endemic to Morocco and is used for a variety of purposes which includes consumption, fighting acne, skin rejuvenation, among other purposes. The other purposes include giving a boost to the hair texture and quality. It is priced at around $ 5.69.

12. Malin + Goetz – Firm Hold Styling Gel

Lightspeed Image ID: 55

This is a high end product which is priced at around $22. It is suitable for almost all kinds of hair. However it does not work well on thin hair. It works wonder on medium and hair growth scalp. Be your hair texture be straight or curly or coily, it is just the right product for your hair.

13. V76 by Vaughn – Control Balm Strong Hold

This product is precisely meant for medium thick texture hair. It can either be straight, curly or coily hair. Although on the side, this product is on the pricey range. Hair gel can be used smartly to uplift your look for the day. Are you having a bad hair day, well that’s not a phenomenon that only girls face! And yes man even with thin hair need to follow a certain hair care routine. So do not generalize. And the myth than thinning hair does not require any sort of gel or care is not true. On the contrary, it needs more saving than that scalp which has been blessed with good DNA and thick hair growth.

Here is a list of things that you should be doing if you have thinning hair.

  • You should shampoo your hair more and not less. Yes, however much ever absurd that might sound, let the myth be busted that thinning hair shouldn’t be touched. Rather it should be cleaned more often so that your scalp is energized.
  • You have got to get rough with your scalp. Rub it often to get rid of all the dead particles. Exfoliate your scalp which help to strengthen the scalp and hair which will come after.
  • There is a trick that you should swear by if you have thinning hair, keep it close- cropped. This gives it a neat look and keeps it faded at the edges. It looks very proportionate and never unkempt.
  • There is a simple trick to make your hair look voluminous. Blow your hair out so that it gives you a look where your hair looks amplified and hypes up the volume of your hair.

Following these steps, here is one product that can help men who have thinning hair line. There are products out there which specifically cater to you and help you solve the hair thinning issue.

14. Sumogel by Bumble and Bumble


This is one is on the pricey side but worth the price, I must say. This product comes at a whooping price of $29. Unless you want your hair to be cemented to your hair I suggest that you quit using the drug store hair gel. I am not against drug store products, in fact I am junkie in that area. What I am trying to say is that the condition of the scalp is already a little shaken, it is better if we take a little care while choosing which product we want to put on that already failing condition of hair and scalp.

This product also does not suffocate the hair follicles and does leave a high quality of look. It is ideal that this gel must be applied once the hair is towel dried.

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