10 Best Shampoos For Men 2018 – Unbiased Review!

It is hard enough to grapple with life problems which include managing stress, delivery at your work place, working hard in school, managing life in college. All of this stress gets triggered with the constant flux in the weather. Sometimes the weather is dry, scathing hot, sometimes it is really cold and dry and other times it is so humid that you start to think that you could do away with hair oils forever. With this constant change, it is difficult to keep up.

While it is never too late to start taking care of yourself, men inclusive in this , fixing an everyday simple regime for skin and hair maintenance seems to be prudent. Research shows that a large percentage of men start to face hair problems like thinning hair line, hair fall, recurring dandruff problems by the time they turn 21. I mean isn’t everyone under the wrong notion that 21 is the prime age when your skin is untouched by all these unwanted elements.

Attention: If you’ve Dandruff then we recommend you reading this article rather Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos.

Best Shampoos For Men

1. Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

We all must have heard how beneficial Argan oil is for some of the other healing or beauty purpose. Let me enlighten you here a bit. Argan oil is endemic to Morocco and is used for a variety of purposes which includes consumption, fighting acne, skin rejuvenation, among other purpose. It helps is hair conditioning and is widely used to damage control the brittle, dry hair. Everything about it is excellent which makes is our strongest contender for best shampoos for men.

argon oil shampoo

However, in our fast paced lives we barely get time to indulge in activities and procedures which demand time. So, to our rescue comes Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo. They have found an ingenious to capture the Argan oil and make it easily usable by all.

This product does especially well for moisturizing and volumising purposes. This product is creamier than other usual products and leaves the hair and skin smell really god. What this product vouches is for a healthy scalp condition.

If you are one of those customers who pay special attention to the smell of the product, I suggest without much adieu, you must get your hands on this product. Not only does this shampoo do all of this, it also provides with the best after bath feeling.

This product formula constitutes of a formula which has particularly strong components so I suggest that you do not use this for everyday purposes. This is well suited for twice a week washes.

To get best results I recommend that you get a hair patch test done. Rather than testing and trying your own through the products. If most of the ingredients or chemicals that are used are suitable to your hair type and you are not particularly repulsive to them, then I suggest that you go ahead and use this shampoo.


Going towards the pricier side, Shea Moisture is a good company and I swear by it. It offers a plethora of options not only for female products but also for male products. This American based company acknowledges all quirks exhibited by men and has special shampoo for beards too. Imagine!! I mean having and maintaining a beard is not that of an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and constant combing and cleaning.

Shea Moisture Hair care shampoo

To avoid the beard from becoming a nest and an unkempt bush, Shea Moisture gives out a list of products you will definitely want to get your hands on this prooduct. Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Wash Deep Clean & Refresh is a good product to begin with. It is around $10 and you can start noticing the differences right after the first wash.

Winters are an extremely tricky time to keep moisture intact in your body. We tend to play with our hair, ruffle it up always. We do not bother whether our fingers are clean or not. Hence, this product offered by Shea Moisture takes extreme care. It serves the dual purpose of cleaning your well as well as replenishing it.

Although the product does give out lather, the most important feature is that it is so creamy in texture that it moisturizes the hair after it cleans it. The specialty of the brand is that it uses natural ingredients with minimal dependence on chemicals and uses certified Shea butter in all its products. Shea butter is known for its abilities to reduce inflammatory, skin smoothening and moisturizing properties. It helps in cellulite, cuticle replenishment, skin replenishment after sun or beach exposure among other things. This brand swears by its delivery in high quality products.

3. L’Oreal Absolut Hair Repair And Care Shampoo

Working hours are never going to get any less. Stress levels will only skyrocket as we step into the world. So I say we invest in ourselves. Be it a woman or a man, we all need to take that extra care and effort to battle the everyday fatigue and not succumb to everyday challenges. Choosing the right product for your hair type becomes an important decision in your everyday life.

L’Oreal Absolut Hair Repair And Care Shampoo

L’Oreal Absolut Hair Repair And Care Shampoo treats the damaged and sensitized hair. This product does wonders on hair that has been treated with a lot of heating and other heating products like curlers, straighteners or blow dryers.

It helps in resurfacing moisture and hydration and the after effect of the product is that it makes the hair look smoother than usual. This shampoo is certainly advisable for every day use. It works best in selected targeted sections of hair which helps to cleanse in a more rigorous manner.

This formula is enriched with Lipids, Ceramides, Phyto-keratin and Lactic Acid Technology. Using this shampoo equals the luxury of indulging in a spa-like treatment. Phyto- keratin and lactic acid, ceramides helps to mend damaged hair and helps to strengthen and renew the damaged hair.

This formula is effective in areas which have high humidity markers. The plus point of using this product is that it does not weigh down on your hair. It also does not rob you off, of all the natural moisture that your scalp produces.

The product has a mild floral fragrance and lathers well even with less amount of shampoo. It keeps your hair smooth and softens your natural waves and curls.

However, it works better in mild climatic zones. But India is not a zone which experiences mild climatic behaviors anywhere. Although I recommend buying this shampoo, this won’t be my top choice for the season. If you are not into taking chances and want a high performing shampoo, I say you can make a pass on this product.

4. Biotique Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

The beauty of this product is that you just need to buy one product and it does the job of both shampoo and conditioner.

What a bliss, Literally the best shampoo for men!

This product is highly affordable and easily available product. This shampoo does not really engage in deep cleansing. It is rather a mild formula and leaves the scalp oil free. It is perfect for the winter season and for people with oily scalps. It strikes the perfect balance between rough weather and oily scalp. I highly suggest you buying this product.

Biotique Green Apple Daily Purifying shampoo

You can easily get this product at a price around $7. All those men, who do not like to spend a lot of money on hair products yet want to reap the benefits of a good quality hair product, must definitely buy this one.

This hair formula comes in as an amalgam of pure green apple extract, centella and sea algae. Just like our body need its dose of proteins, so does our hair. This product comes in handy as it acts a natural nourishing agent which is jam packed with proteins and natural minerals. This product has been created to keep in mind the gentle care that our hair deserves. This special pH balanced formula is very gentle to use every day and leaves the hair all fresh and with natural body and shine.

5. Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Shampoo

This product comes at a fairly cheaper price. Yes, that’s the bargain I have always been looking for. Olive oil is not only good for your skin and a healthy alternative for regular cooking cool; it also works wonders for hair. You pamper your scalp with a good olive oil massage and it will show immediate results. However, the very idea that olive oil could be one of the main ingredients of the shampoo that you use, totally psyched me.

Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Shampoo

The product is transparent and is as consistent as a gel. The fragrance is not overpowering, but is a pleasant one. The reviews have been wonderful with an overwhelming stress on how it nourishes the hair and successfully curbs dullness, frizz. This mild shampoo has Vitamin E and Olive oil and makes hair really easy to manage.

I highly recommend this shampoo for people with oily hair. However, I would say that this product is not as effective on dry scalps. It lathers well and it is not difficult to make it spread evenly over the scalp.

NO FLAKES because NO RESIDUE SHAMPOO EVER! That is seriously the best thing about this product.

It is a paraben free formula which is made of Virgin Olive Oil. On an average, each bottle lasts for about three to four months. It is also feasible to be used as an everyday shampoo. The key factor about this product is that this product even after wash does not make the scalp to be extremely dry. It is a well balanced product. This is one of those products which will keep your natural curls or waves intact and after brushing your hair, it does not leave your hair to be pokily straight.

6. Organix Healing + Vitamin E Shampoo

The absolute best feature about this unique shampoo is that it is suitable for all kinds of hair. It does not react badly on any hair type and is suitable for all weathers and types of hair. It is a moisturizing formula and is a good product if one wishes to pamper his hair with a daily dose of vitamins.

Organix Healing and Vitamin E Shampoo


This formula treats the strand of hair, root to end equally well. The Vitamin E in the product increases the hair elasticity and strength of hair. It reduces situations of hair breakages.

It gives a bounce to your hair and makes it more elastic. If not more elastic, it restores the hair quality to its former glory. It immediately smoothens the hair and what is more is that it gives a good dose of Vitamin E.

7. Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo

I vest a lot of faith on essential oils when it comes to coping with my damaged hair. Not only damaged hair, but I also tend to use essential oils to deal with any kind of skin treatment. The Sun silk Radiant Shampoo has a unique combination of 5 essential oils namely- Olive Oil, Camelia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Almond Oil. The nourishing mixture of these five oils smoothens and nourishes the hair well. It helps to soften the hair and smoothens and improves the texture of your hair. It helps to restore back to the natural texture of your hair.

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo

Yes, Sun silk has been serving us for a long time and it never ceases to help us solve our hair problems.

Harsh sunlight, excessive pollution can often be one of the reasons that makes the hair look duller than usual. This is a daily struggle and we cannot do much about this. Fatigue, stress, workload all rob us of the natural shiny hair which we possess. However, we cannot quit our responsibilities and walk away. Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo makes our lives easier by providing the dual effect of oiling and washing, both at the same time. The shampoo provides the nourishment not just from outside but also takes care of the nourishment area.

The product claims to provide a Three layers deep seepage of the natural oils and provides the hair with a natural sheen that manages to stay put even as the day progresses. All thanks to the 5 different but effective oils that are used to make this product a success, post washing, it leaves a healthy shine.

8. Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean Shampoo

It is safe to say that this product can be used every day of your lives without second thoughts. It is gentle shampoo and gives you fresh and clean scalp every day. If you are looking for something harsh or like a hair scrub, this might not be the product that I would recommend you.

Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean Shampoo

But if you are man who loves to take care of his hair every day, this might be just the product for you. Men who have fussy hair and rely on coconut oil and a regular shampoo twice a week should ditch those products and switch to this immediately. Be it curly hair or thick hair, a daily cleaner in the form of this shampoo is not short of a miracle.

This mild formula claims to revitalize oily limp hair and transform it to healthier looking hair. With the Pantene Pro- V Formula, this shampoo deeply penetrates and nourishes the hair giving it a very rejuvenating and lively look.

I would like to draw some attention towards the composition of this shampoo. Although it has a lot of chemicals especially sodium compounds, it stands apart from all the other stronger and harsh shampoos is, it meant for everyday use and will not rob off the natural oil or moisture that your body produces. It does not dry out your hair rather it is strictly meant for cleaning.

On the downside, it is not as effective when you have got tons of color and dirt on your hair after a good Holi bash or you wish to wash off the henna. It also proves to be a wrong choice when you want to resort to a slightly stronger shampoo after getting a sumptuous hair oil treatment or hair packs.

It will last you a long time and since it is high in content of water and sodium, it dissolves well in water. It is also highly affordable and goes on to provide that mild hair treatment for a really long time.

9. Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo

This shampoo comes to the rescue of all those who want to curb hair fall or treat hair which experiences easy breakage. It comes equipped with a micro moisture serum which helps to strengthen those weak hair follicles and does wonders to nourish that brittle hair. Nutri-Keratin Repair Active helps to repair damaged hair from deep within and is another product which is highly suitable for daily use.

Dove Damage Therapy shampoo

This product renders you with dual services. Not only does it excel in making surface level damage control but it also helps to penetrates deeper in the strand s and provides a better scope for nourishment. This eventually makes the hair look healthier.

For best results, it is suitable that it be used regularly over a long period of time. This formula is conducive to use when the hair visibility needs a boost and a system of visible repair. It provides the hair with progressive nourishment.

It has sulfate in the formula to provide a dying effect. Do get a patch test done. Although sulphate is used widely in many of the hair products, Dove will proceed forward to get a formula which will be sulphate free – If they want to stay in the line of best shampoos for men!

10. TRESemme Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo

The specialty of this product is that it is infused with marine minerals complex and essential nutrients which works well to nourish the hair richly. The after effect of using this shampoo is that it seems to cleansed and also moisturized. It is easily available around since it is a drugstore brand and comes in 3 different sizes.

TRESemme Spa Rejuvenation Shampoo

The shampoo is white in color and this is not particularly a thick formula. The texture of this shampoo is a little runny and the scent of this shampoo resembles that of a fresh aqua fragrance.

It controls the fizz and helps in detangling the hair completely. It is widely considered as a cheaper alternative to spa treatment. It is guaranteed that the hair texture and quality improves over the time with regular use. It lathers up pretty well and helps to induce moisture on the scalp.

It gives a smooth finish to all the natural waves and curls. It adds luster and shine to the hair and starts showing progress after the first wash itself. However it is highly recommended that to get best results it should be used over a good amount of time.

This shampoo works best for scalp and hair nourishment. Not only does it nourish the scalp and give your overworked and neglected hair the benefits of spa treatment back at home. The fresh scented formula has been prepared with great dexterity using marine minerals complex and some of the other essential nutrients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine all of which are highly beneficial for the hair.

These essential nutrients deeply nourish the scalp and s available in professional grade formulas. The resultant hair is not only moisturized but conditioned as well. The beauty of using this product is that detangling your hair becomes way easier. This formula makes your hair manageable and better in all ways.

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