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Bumble is a free dating application which has been designed in such a way that it follows the blueprint of Tinder. Bumble uses the same model of Tinder but has a unique twist to it. Unlike other dating applications, where women are open to all kinds of unnecessary kinky and sleazy messages, the Bumble application has dealt with this problem in a much better way. 

Bumble achieves this by making women as the sole conversation initiator. This step has been taken in order to keep and maintain a certain level of decency while using the dating app. In simple words the Bumble application is a newer version of Tinder which gives women a little more power to decide and choose.

Bumble Review

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    You have to sync your profile with a Facebook account. This can be considered both a positive as well as a negative thing. But on the brighter side, syncing your account can provide a certain level of authentication.
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    Bumble is unconventional in some ways. One of them being that women have to be the initiators of any sort of conversations. This is probably a shake up to the traditional dating systems.
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    The 24 – hour time limit to initiate chats might give an impetus to women to strike conversations on a quicker pace and be a little more active. The entire process of swiping to chatting moves much quicker in this manner.
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    There is also this option which is about the BFF mode. This mode also helps you to foster friendships, causal connections and much more.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks could be that users cannot themselves search and browse for matches. Potential matches are only shown by the application itself. 
  • Also, one of the major other drawback is that the filters provided in the search option are really limited.
  • The profiles present on the Bumble app rarely give us a window to delve deeper and engage in any sort of deeper browsing. These are simple profiles which are lucrative for quick viewing.
  • Men have to be the more patient one in all cases.

4 Reasons For Using Bumble: BUMBLE REVIEW

If you are done and dusted with the age old rules and traditions of dating, this might be just the right place for you to begin with. Elevating the position of the sole conversation initiator to women, the founder and the brain child behind this application has made sure that women are indeed in control.


Whitney Wolfe who is the brain child behind the concept of Tinder wanted to take this step in order to eliminate and reinvent the antiquated rules of dating. One of the other issues that she wanted to address in this way was that she wanted to address the issue of presence of aggressiveness and bullying squarely when it comes to online dating. 

Whitney Wolfe bumble founder

Positivity and encouragement is something which she was hoping for when she was thinking of setting up this application. Her dual approach would lead the female Bumble users to make the first move and this would mean no male Bumble user can ever start a conversation. As a result, there was a much lower rate of harassment rates from the side of Bumble users. 

What was more besides the low rate of harassments cases is that, Bumble users also experienced the highest ever observed post-match chat rate in the industry. This is big considering the steep rates of other dating sites. You need to feel protected and secure when you are planning to pursue your personal life on such an online and open platform. Bumble dating app does provide that cushion and also the algorithm that sets up two individuals seems to be working wonders until now. 

Now that sounds like a good cause!

The company and people working towards morphing the company want the Bumble app to be a place where people meet their best friends and also some of the most important business partners as well. Not only will it help innumerable single partners to meet their significant others, it will also help in fostering some of the other social relationships.

With such a limited time since they started doing business and such wonderful reports have been flashed around, there is only hope that this application will do better. With its responsive teams and really attentive programmer designers, this application comes out to be an extremely user friendly place where in you can do casual and serious both without any hindrance or forethought. The safety part has already been covered by these folks which also makes it safe.

2. PHOTO VERIFICATION - Real Time Updation to Keep you Happy & Safe!

Bumble has really dived into and studied the various problems that are faced by any users when using any online dating sites. Not only does it let women take control and empower them, it also sets up certain guidelines which will prohibit and set standards which will propagate respectful behavior. All these steps will ultimately make the users feel secure.

Wow, now that is shallow!

bumble review

One of the most common pictures which are seen on any dating site is the shirtless bathroom selfies. People often just fake them by photo shopping of using someone else’s pictures. I mean bathroom selfies are fine but nobody really wants to see you strip tease. Let us all save them for personal chats. And so there is rule that implements photo verification which makes Bumble ensure users' authenticity of who they are and what they claim to be.

Bumble has another peculiar feature which addresses the problem of ghosting very appropriately. This is kept in check by simply implementing time limits on communications.


In any given heterosexual matches, women have 24 hours only to make the first move. The man on the receiving end also has a limited time of about 24 hours to respond. If he does not act fast or dilly dallies when it is his turn to respond, this might lead to the connection which has been generated by the woman to disappear. 

bumble algorithm

In same sex connections, either person has 24 hours to make the first move and initiate nay sort of a conversation. On the receiving end as well, the person seems to be having about the same duration of time.

Once the 24 hours window has passed away, the connection will never be able to come back again.

I mean I know it sucks to be on the go and what if accidently you did not check on the app for 24 hours at length? Well that could not be an excuse. You would really need to be on the lookout and be vigilant and keep an eye on your messages or tab. What will be best is that you keep your notifications on for this one. Or you could make any kind of necessary changes in your settings.

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However, once you have actually sent a message there will not be any sort of restrictions that way. This addresses dual problems very squarely. One is that if the user is genuine and keeps all users on their toes. Secondly it also encourages users to take action immediately and get their connections to the next level. This eliminates and solves the online dating problem of stalling and often the problem of matches that go nowhere.


The setting up part of this application is also fairly simple to follow. You need t have a Face book account. You also need to upload a few additional pictures. Since this application is mostly based on the user’s visual preferences, you do not have much of a scope to display the various nuances of your personality. Hence, you should really be picky and choosy with what you are uploading.

bumble app

Also you should edit your profile keeping in mind that any user will know only a limited segment of your life. You must also set your search filter parameters accordingly.

In order to get started with matching process, you must tap on the hive icon. You can swipe up and down to view more photos and left or right to convey a yes or a no. This part of this application pretty much works like Tinder. Swipe it away!
If at all a mutual match is made a conversation may then be initiated.

 Reasons For Not Using Bumble 

  • There will be no avenues through which you can display the different nuances of your personality.
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    Bumble doesn't provide manual research as if the application has its own mind and you just have to follow it no matter what.
  • In a quest to provide safety to all users there have been a lot of restrictions. In the process however, men become the party who has to wait and swipe for indefinite duration of time sometimes. This might not seem overly fair but this is just the case.
  • The biggest qualm as cited by many users may be that you need to sync your Bumble account with your FB account. This might come off as a problem for many who would want to guard their safety.
  • The only feature that determines the probability of you getting a request from any other user is that the profile should appeal to them. ‘They’ here refers to mostly the female Bumble users. The profile should be visually focused and how much ever shallow this might sound, in this case, less is more. Since you also have to protect yourselves from all sorts of cyber bullying.

Bumble Premium Services - Worth it or Not?

It was only in 2016 that Bumble introduced its paid services. This service is called the Bumble Boost. This Boost feature primarily includes three core features:

Beeline: The Beeline feature allows a user to view which other user has liked their profiles.

Rematch: The Rematch feature can often provide the much needed second shot with your expired matches. This is a boon I would say.

Busy Bee: This is the most amazing feature according to me. What the Busy Bee feature does is that it provides with an extension of 24 additional hours to any given match.

Although it is a given that the Bumble app began as a dating application, it has eventually morphed into a portal where in you can also make friends. This app gives the space to cultivate all sorts of relationships.

BUMBLE BFF: To achieve this, the Bumble app has launched Bumble BFF which will help people to connect with new friends around the city. Bumble launched Bumble BFF to connect people with new friends around their city, and has plans to launch Bumble Bizz for business networking.

BUMBLE BIZZ: Bumble has also launched Bumble Bizz which will help people to do some sort of business networking.

Bumble Review: Share Your Experience!

For the short span of time that Bumble has been functioning, it has done really well for itself. It has about 12 million registered users which is a staggering number considering that it has been on the market only for about 3 years. What is more is that there have been about 5,000 engagements and a wedding whose tipping points or rather the starting point was the Bumble app. This is a real achievement for any online dating site.

The Bumble application has some feature which makes the connections disappear. This encourages the various users to step up their game and act fast. 

Besides being a app which endorses the swiping game and is visually focused, Bumble also has an option called Friend Zone which can be chosen by taping on the BFF option. Here you get to converse with people with all sorts of intentions. This could mean that the person is either single or committed or something which is in between.

We want you to come forward and contribute through comment section to share your bumble experience (if you've already tried it) so that we can make the most constructive bumble review.

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