Coffee Meets Bagel Review: The Best Dating App For Woman?

If you are searching for a free dating app that actually focuses on quality over quantity, Coffee Meets Bagel is one such app which you will like. It is a free to use dating site which connects you with friends of mutual friends on Facebook depending on your common interests and friend selection.

In this app, 21 relevant matches of women, called Bagels, are sent to men to express their interest in. The men can either like or reject the bagels and then the women are sent bagels which include men who fit their criteria and have expressed interest in them. Let’s see more about this app in detail below:

Coffee Meets Bagel Review


  • Free membership for all members.
  • check
    They focus on quality and do not bombard the users with potential matches.
  • Your profile cannot be viewed by every member.
  • Majority of the members on the website are youngsters of the age group 25 - 35 years.


  • There are only a limited number of matches you can get.
  • The matching criteria compares only the very basic information.
  • The pool of members is relatively smaller and you only get matches from friends of mutual friends on Facebook

7 Reasons Why We Love Coffee Meets Bagel: 

coffee meets bagel review

1. Quality over quantity

The member pool of the website is quite small as compared to other big dating websites and it connects you with friends of friends. This allows you to get limited but better matches for your profile on the website. You are also not bombarded with potential matches.

The app has an internal currency called Beans which can be used to open expired conversations with the matches. Usually, women are more responsive on the app and I chatted with quite a few matches on the app.

2. It gives you only 7 days to connect with your potential match.

The most common problem I find with most dating apps is that the members take forever to respond. This is one of the biggest advantages of Coffee Meets Bagel. The website gives the members only 24 hours to like or reject the bagels and then 7 days to initiate chatting with the match.

After 7 days, the conversation expires and you will have to spend beans to initiate the conversation again. This helps move conversations faster on the app and members respond quickly.

3. Setting up your profile is quick and easy.

Creating a profile on the platform is quite easy. The app takes most of the information from Facebook so you only need to answer a few simple questions quickly about yourself and your interests to get started on the website.

Your profile makes a huge impact on the type of matches you get as most people like to go through the profile once they have expressed interest. Keep it clean and list all your interests to make the opposite sex get interested in you.

4. There are more women on the platform than men.

Women outnumber men on this platform and majority of the women who have used the app say that they enjoy using it as it gives them opportunities which can become meaningful relationships after a point of time.

The ratio of men to women on the platform is 40:60 and most members are quite serious about dating and are not looking for hook-ups which makes this website a great platform for people interested in serious relationships.

5. The photo lab feature allows you to add nine photos.

While some dating websites do not allow photo sharing unless you buy the paid version, you can upload up to 9 pictures on your profile through your Facebook account or from your mobile gallery.

You can also ask users to select which one of your photos is more attractive so that you can upload the best ones on your profile. The website asks the users to vote on your photos and you can access the results by using some beans you earned by using and interacting on the website.

6. The website is easy to navigate and has step-by-step tutorials.

The friendly user interface of the website makes new users feel welcome. I found it very easy to navigate through the website. The website shows you a lot of tips and tricks to help you find your perfect match.

There are multiple guides and step-by-step tutorials on the website on how to create a good profile, how to select photos, and many more subjects. The website also has a blog which you can refer in case you want to know more about your prospects.

7. Coffee Meets Bagel Icebreaker feature is great for introverts.

You can add up to three icebreaker snippets on your profile which will serve as conversation starters. This feature is great for people who struggle with beginning a conversation. You can add any interesting topic for discussion on these snippets.
The icebreaker snippets will be the first thing visible to your potential matches so make sure that you choose some really interesting topics to begin your conversation. Keep the topics generic and not very specific.

8. Most of the members on the app are 25-35 years old.

This is a great advantage of this website as you get to meet young people while using the app. Majority of the users are in the age range of 25-35 years and only a few are above 35 years of age.

If you live in a big city and fall outside the age range, you can still find some potential matches as the member pool of these cities is large. Do not buy the paid version if you live in a small city and are younger than 25 years of age or older than 35 years as you will not get many matches.

Alternatives to Coffee Meets Bagel:, Bumble, and are some of the alternatives of CMB and have a typically larger member pool. These websites are more popular as compared to CMB but do not offer a quality experience like this one.

3 Things We Hate About Coffee Meets Bagel:

1. The matching criteria of the website are a little outdated.

With more and more dating websites coming up with exhaustive quizzes to check your compatibility and chemistry with your matches, the matching criteria of this website feels a bit old.

The website screens the bagels on the basis of age, height, religion, ethnicity, and distance. There are not many changes you can do with your profile to attract like-minded individuals.

2. You get a very limited number of matches per day.

With the limited pool of members, the potential matches are already reduced but the website also restricts the number of matches sent to you. You get one potential match every day which can be a little limiting to people who want to see all their options.

The app and the website are not as popular as some of the other dating website I have come across so the number of members registered on the platform is also less.

3. There is a risk of running into friends and exes on the platform.

Since the app algorithm pairs you up with friends of mutual friends on Facebook, there is a high risk of running into your ex or a known face on the app. If you are not open to getting your interest to date out in the open, this is a huge limitation.

Paid Version of Coffee Meet Bagel 

The CMB website does have a paid version available as well in addition to the free version. The main features of the paid version include:

You can check the activity report of the person you are interested in.
You can 15% more beans as compared to members who have taken free membership.
You can see the mutual friends of your potential matches.
You can get the read receipts for all your messages.

Share Your Coffee Meets Bagel Review / Experience

I have used many dating websites and Coffee Meets Bagel is a fresh change as it gives more preference to females and does not bombard you with thousands of singles who fit within your criteria. You can weigh your options more easily on this platform and enjoy the whole process.

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