Date A Cougar Review – Should you even bother Trying?

A platform to introduce young men to older women, Date a Cougar is an affordable and fun site which allows you to connect with rich and old women at an affordable membership price. The site has more than one million members and has a lot of women members above the age of 60.

The site offers a free plan as well as a 3-day trial along with its monthly membership plans. It has a lot of features and is particularly focused on MILFs. Unlike other dating websites, the free version of the website is also quite useful.

Date a Cougar Review


  • You can see who is online at any given point of time.
  • It has affordable membership plans and even offers a 3-day trial.
  • All profile photos are approved by moderators and are of high-quality.
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    The site has a functional mobile version and has more than a million members.
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    The site has a lot of features as compared to other dating websites designed for cougars.


  • The site links to advertisers which are not trustworthy. 
  • The site does not have any mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.
  • The site links to advertisers which are not trustworthy. 

8 Things We love About

date a cougar review

1. The free version of the site as well as the paid membership options offers a lot of features to the user.

Unlike other dating websites which offer very limited features in the free membership plan, Date a Cougar has a lot of features for its users and offers these features in free as well as paid plans.

From access to rapid match to sending free flirts, the free version of the website also allows you to browse profiles easily and access photos also. You can also add members to your black book using the free membership.

2. The site is quite affordable and even offers a 3-day trial.

Date a Cougar is one of the most affordable MILF dating sites you can find online and it is significantly cheaper than its other dating counterparts. In addition to the free plan and the paid monthly memberships, the site also offers you a 3-day trial to help you understand the site before you are ready to upgrade your membership.

This trial helps you to get a hang of the website before you decide if it is worth buying the paid membership and it costs less than 10$ so it is quite cheap also.

3. It has more than one million members and focuses more on older women.

The site has a lot of authority since it is more than 10 years old and has more than one billion members who actively use the website to connect to older women and younger men.

The site is a lot more friendly and accommodating towards women above the age of 60 as compared to other cougar websites. It has more women members above a particular age.

4. All profile photos are approved by moderators and are of very high quality.

A great feature of the website is that it only allows photos of size more than 5 MB to be uploaded as profile photos so the pictures you see on the website are a lot better in terms of quality as compared to other dating websites.

All photos are also approved by the moderators of the website before they can be uploaded on your profile which reduces the number of fake photos and irrelevant pictures uploaded on the website.

5. You can see who is online and who has visited your profile.

At any time, you can check which member is online and initiate a conversation by them by messaging or sending them a flirt. The online feature increases the chances of conversation with a particular member as you know that the profile is active and will respond if interested.

You can also see which members have visited your profile and have shown an interest so that you can explore your chances with those members in case you are interested.

6. The “Ask if She is Interested” feature allows you to message members instantly.

The best feature of this website is the “Ask if She is Interested” feature which allows you to ping the member instantly and wait for a response. If the response is favorable you can strike up a conversation and if not, you can simply move forward and find new members to interact with.

This feature helps you to check inactive profiles also as some members have left the website without deleting their profiles.

7. Members can set privacy blocks to screen potential matches.

This is a good feature for those who have some specific requirements from their matches. Members can set various privacy blocks on their profiles to prevent members from certain age groups or without profile photos to access them.

This can help members who are looking to connect with someone from a particular age group or location so that they do not have to go through countless profiles to connect to the members they want to interact with.

8. You can send personalized flirts to other members.

The website goes a step ahead and allows you to send free flirts to the other members which can be customized according to the type of message you want to send.

You can choose between icebreakers, passionate, humorous, expressive, and apologetic flirts so that the person you are sending the flirt to gets what you are trying to say. Paid members can also send customized messages. 

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3 Things We Don't like about DateaCougar:

1. The site is a bit slow and the user interface is outdated as compared to modern dating websites.

Since the site is old, the user interface has some issues and the site loads slowly which might be an issue for the fast and forward generation that is used to faster loading speeds.

The user interface also has ads which take away from the experience and make the website look a little sketchy.

2. The website does not have any mobile apps.

While the website does have a simplified version for mobile, it does not have any mobile app for iOS or Android platforms which can be used on the go for people who do not prefer to use the website version.

This can be a major drawback for young men who are accustomed to using mobile apps for accessing websites.

3. The site links to other websites and cam links that are not verified.

The site has some links on its homepage to cam websites and other unverified websites which might look like a part of the home page but they redirect the users to these other websites.

These websites can be infected with viruses and can be used to steal your financial information so it is advised to stay away from any links that might seem dubious.

What You get Inside Premium Membership? 

The Date a Cougar website has a free plan and a 3-day trial in addition to its paid plans. You can choose between a 3 months plan and a 6 months plan according to your interest. Some of the features of the paid version include:

  • You can send customized messages to other members. 
  • You can send more than 30 personalized flirts.
  • You can access the advanced search feature. 

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Date a Cougar is a website which is specially designed for connecting young men and older women with a special focus on women above 60. It has a lot of members and offers so many features in both free and paid plans. The website offers a fun and comfortable experience for MILFs and is so affordable that everybody can use it or at least take a trial!

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