eHarmony Review – Annoying Sign-up Process but Worth it!

One of the oldest and most popular dating websites available for singles, eHarmony is known for its large user base and detailing matching system comprising of 29 different dimensions.

The site is great for finding long-lasting romantic relationships and focuses on matching the members in such a way that they have higher chances of ending up together in the long run. 

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eHarmony Review


  • It uses 29 different criteria to evaluate members to check their compatibility.
  • The website personalizes its user experience for each member.
  • The communication platform offers guided assistance to members.
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    The profiles on the website are very neatly designed and focus on the personality of the members.


  • The website does not allow you to interact with other members unless they are a relevant match to you.
  • The sign-up process of the website is quite lengthy.
  • You cannot search or sort member profiles. 

8 Things We Love About eHarmony:

eharmony review

1. It takes match-making very seriously.

eHarmony believes in making long-term relationships and it is popular among its members for getting them the perfect match they are looking for. According to a survey, 438 eHarmony couples marry every day which is a huge statistic for single people looking for meaningful relationships.

The website compiles years of data and constantly upgrades its match-making process to accommodate new trends and behavioral traits.

2. Your profile looks more like a neat scrapbook of your personality traits.

One feature that separates eHarmony from other regular online dating sites is its profile layout. The site gives you a personalised home screen and highlights the positive aspects of your profile to attract more matches.

Your profile looks like a neat scrapbook and is very aesthetically designed. All the important aspects of your personality and likable traits are arranged in a collage form so that the visitors can see them easily.

3. The website uses 29 different matching criteria to find your ideal match.

Like I said, eHarmony takes matchmaking seriously. It uses more than 29 different personality matching criteria to evaluate members and match them on the basis of similarities and differences.

The site uses a visually appealing compatibility quiz and collects data when you sign-up to understand more about you and your lifestyle. This information is then integrated with these criteria to deliver the best matches to you.

4. You get around 10-12 handpicked matches a day.

The website does not bombard you with hundreds of unrelated matches as soon as you hit the sign-up button. This is a good thing as the matches that are sent to you are quite relevant and often turn out to be great for dating.

The matches are displayed as hover cards and you can flip through them easily as the name and picture of the member are displayed on the front of the card. You can check the location and age of the member by flipping the card backward.

5. It offers guided conversation help for members too afraid to begin conversations.

The website offers help if you are struggling to initiate a conversation and guides you on how to communicate with a member easily. You can choose to interact normally by sending a message or a smiley or choose the guided conversation help offered by the website.

The guided help offers pre-selected questions which you can select and send to the matches to break the ice. You can switch from the guided mode to the normal mode anytime.

6. It gives you a personalized user experience with an activity-based dashboard.

The website offers a tailor-made user experience and personalizes your dashboard as you get more active on the site and interact with the members. The dashboard also has a “what-if” game and updates about members you have shown an interest in.

The dashboard is not very visually appealing at first when you sign-up but it begins to show updates as soon as you get active. It also shows other updates on your matches and pictures.

7. The site is completely safe and secure to use.

The eHarmony website is completely secure and uses SSL to encrypt all personal data. It also uses a system called RelyID which verifies the identity of the members so that no fake or malicious profiles can be created on the platform.

It complies with all safety and security policies and offers administrative access to safeguard all the data and financial information provided by the members.

8. The website has a large member pool and gets more than 6 million visits per month.

This website sees a steady growth in its pool of members despite its slow and traditional matching algorithms. It brings results and this is the reason why so many of its clients refer it to others. The website gets a lot of traffic from The United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

With the number of members increasing every day, the website constantly upgrades its algorithms to include more information so that better matches can be sent to you.

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3 Things We Don't Like About eHarmony:

eharmony premium package review

1. You cannot search profiles on the website.

You cannot search for potential matches on the website and the matches delivered to you are the only ones you get to see. You can also access the profiles of only these members and cannot browse through profiles.

You can get more matches and interactions on the website if you use it actively so it is better to wait for getting the right match. You can browse profiles on the platform only if you upgrade to a premium membership which is quite expensive as compared to other dating websites.

2. You cannot send messages to members you are not matched with.

The website does not allow you to send any sort of generic messages to other members. You can only interact with members who have been matched to your profile based on your interests.

This can slow down the dating game as you need to wait for a good match with whom you can interact with among the few limited matches sent to you every day.

3. The whole matching process is a little slower as compared to other dating websites.

Since the website aims to create long-term and meaningful relationships, it takes more time than other dating websites to help you find the right match. People who are looking for instant gratification of finding a date might find the whole process a bit slower as compared to other dating websites.

It also takes more effort to get the website to show some great matches to you as you need to answer a lot of questions while signing up on the platform and then wait for a response from the members.

eHarmony Review of Premium Membership: 

We tested the paid version and came to the conclusion that: its worth it but it doesn't provide anything outstanding compared to its competitors.

However, purchasing premium version unlocks the door of opportunities and makes the whole process less tedious. Following are the features that you get on subscribing to their premium plan:

  • You can browse profiles.
  • You get personalised help from dating experts via a phone call.
  • Your profile gets featured on the website for 24 hours every month.
  • You get a read receipt for the messages sent to other members.
  • You can see the activity of other members and when they were last active.

Share your eHarmony Review or Experience:

eHarmony is one of the few dating websites that take making meaningful relationships very seriously and aims to connect you with the best suitable match for your personality. It has a high-quality member pool and is very safe for the members. Considering the high traffic the website gets each month and its conversions, this website can surely work for you if you are ready to go in with a little patience. 

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