Elite Singles Review

Most of the dating websites these days do not have comprehensive and detailed matching criteria and if you are one of the working singles looking for a serious relationship, the Elite Singles dating website is just for you.

With an extremely detailing matching criteria, this website provides offers extensive privacy and takes match-making very seriously. It is more focused on professional singles and a majority of the members have a university degree.

Elite Singles Review


  • They also have a mobile app. for users.
  • They offer complete privacy and have a verification option also.
  • Each member receives ten to twelve unique matches per day.
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    Extremely detailed matching criteria which analyze different personality traits.
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    Each member receives ten to twelve unique matches per day.


  • The free version of the website offers very limited features.
  • The mobile app is not very user-friendly.
  • The sign-up process takes a lot of time and varies on app and desktop versions.
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    The members cannot see who has liked their profile unless they have a paid version.

8 Reasons Why You Should Try Elite Singles:

EliteSingles review

1. The detailed matching system.

The matching system of the website is far superior to any other dating websites i have come across. It analyzes more than 25 unique personality traits to find the most suitable matches for you.

The questionnaire included with the sign-up process has about 100 questions based on your physical traits, lifestyle choices, education, and about the things that matter to you. It roughly takes about 30-45 minutes to complete the sign-up process.

2. Extreme privacy and verification option.

The website is SSL secured and encrypts all important information of the user. It has also installed firewall to protect its users which is an additional step since most dating websites these days do not provide complete privacy to their users.

The site also scans and filters offensive messages and users can report abuse if they are being harassed by any other member. This makes it one of the most secured dating websites you can find.

3. Unique matches are sent every day.

All members get around ten to twelve unique matches every day along with 20 wild card matches to choose from. Every time a user rejects a match, that match is removed from the pool of potential matches so you do not have to go through the same profile again and again.

You can also favorite the matches you like and these matches can be seen on your profile in the favorites column. The wildcard matches are basically a more professional version of the “hot or not” game but swipe carefully as the rejected matches are permanently removed from the list of potential matches.

4. The similarities on the profiles are highlighted.

Since the profiles on the website are so detailed and cannot be searched, it can become difficult to go through the whole profile looking for common interests. The Elite Singles website solves this problem easily by simply highlighting the common personality traits between your profile and the profile of the person you are interested in.

These common interests help you to identify matches for serious relationships easily. Since the site aims to create more long-term relationships and less of casual dates, this feature is very helpful in finding matches which actually share something in common with you.

5. All conversations including emojis are recorded.

This is a big advantage for people who tend to lose their conversations in the midst of so many messages. All the conversations that happen on the website are recorded in the inbox folder of your profile including the emojis or smiley you exchange with your match.

This also enables the users to report abuse in case any person sends offensive messages or lewd comments to them.

6. The website offers useful insights about your personality.

Elite Singles website not only uses detailed algorithms to find suitable matches for you but it also offers insights about your personality. For example, when I listed my personality traits, it did a personality dimension analysis for me and displayed the results using colorful charts and graphs.

This feature is only available on the desktop version of the website so make sure you log in there to get such useful information about your natural personality.

7. It is easy to establish a communication with potential matches.

The website allows the users to like a profile only if they initiate a conversation so in order to sort out through your potential matches, you need to initiate a conversation with them.

This feature makes it easier for singles to initiate a conversation with their favorite profiles easily as it becomes difficult to keep a track of people who are in interested in otherwise.

8. Most of the members hold university degrees and are working.

The reason this website is named like that is because it aims to connect “elite” individuals who are working and do not have a lot of time to sit and go through umpteen of matches thrown at them.

It has an elite group of members mostly because the paid version of the website is expensive and non-working individuals can find it difficult to sustain the costs. Most of the members also have university degrees so it is more likely that you will find an intelligent and mature individual who is also looking for a serious relationship.

Top 3 Elite Singles Alternatives:

eHarmony.com, OkCupid.com and Zoosk are some similar dating websites but have better accessibility. Elite Singles team makes a lot of efforts in bringing the right matches to you and this feature is something which most dating websites lack.

Three Things That Suck About Elite Singles:

1. It can take up a whole lot of your time to sign-up on the website.

The sign-up process on the desktop version is lengthy and can take as long as 45 minutes to an hour to fill completely. While this might be useful for some people who like to personalize their profiles as much as they can, i found the whole process a tad tiresome.

Only the desktop version of the website has a lengthy sign-up process. The app version just needs an email and a password to open a profile.

2. The mobile app does not offer as many features as the desktop version.

This is one serious limitation of this website as the mobile app of Elite Singles is not as good and as comprehensive as the desktop version. It lacks many features which the desktop version offers and does not function correctly unless you update all the information through the desktop site.

You can also sort and filter profiles on the desktop version while the app does not offer these features.

3. The free version of the website has a lot of limitations.

Most dating websites have paid versions which offer a few additional features but Elite Singles goes a step ahead to lock most of its good features unless you upgrade to a paid version of the website.

Members cannot see the profile pictures of their matches as they are blurred in the free version. You also get 20 extra wildcard matches per day if you have the paid version.

What's Inside Premium Membership of EliteSingles.com?

The Elite Single review would be incomplete without reviewing the premium version.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it's worth buying because you unlock some features which makes it a complete package for best dating site. We unlocked the following features when we purchased the premium version (so will you).

  • Many advanced safety and privacy features.
  • Unlimited communication with potential matches.
  • Has a “Have you met...” feature.
  • You get a confirmation about messages read by matches.

Share Your EliteSingles.com Review:

Elite Singles is definitely a great website if you can devote some time and efforts in creating your profile. It puts a lot of thought into getting you matches who are also interested in the same things as you are. This website is definitely going to become huge in the long run.

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