Fling Review – PROS & CONS! (3 Better Alternatives!)

First of all, let me remind you that this is not a website where you come looking for long-lasting serious relationships. It is, in fact, the exact opposite where singles come to hook-up casually, hence the name, Fling.com.

It is a website aimed to connect like-minded individuals for casual sexual encounters online or offline. The website is designed keeping its basic purpose in mind so it has a lot of visual elements which stimulate the users who come to the site.

Bonus: We've published list of more casual hookup apps and hookup sites that actually.

Fling Review


  • The website is designed using a lot of sexually-stimulating visual elements.
  • It has a huge database of users who are looking for casual flings.
  • The website promises to get you laid within three months.


  • It is definitely not for people who are looking for something more than hook-ups.
  • It does not offer any compatibility test.
  • New users can find the website a bit difficult to navigate.

7 Things We Liked About Fling Dating Site:

fling.com review

Owner of Fling.com

1. The sign-up process on the website is quite easy and quick.

All it takes for a new user to sign up on the platform is an email ID and a password. It takes only about a minute to create a profile on the website. You are asked to confirm the email address with a confirmation mail and then you can log in easily on the website.

The website immediately begins showing you pictures of people and you are asked to choose among these pictures on the basis of their hotness. This enables the website to show you matches based on your preferences.

2. The site has an exhilarating layout with stimulating videos and pictures.

Since it is a website aimed at connecting members for a casual fling, the website is filled with erotic pictures and videos which stimulate the user and make them stay on the website for long.

The home page of the website features an image gallery through which you can add profiles to your network and supports chat pop-ups so you can just start chatting away instantly.

3. The website comes with an advanced search bar to filter profiles.

You can filter and sort the profiles of members you are interested in by simply using the advanced search bar with the desired keyword. You can sort the members on the basis of their sexual preferences, location, income, age etc.

You can also add people to your network easily and can see all the profiles in detail before selecting any member for chatting. You can also search members using their usernames.

4. The site is safe and secure to use and has a 24/7 review team.

Despite coming across as a casual and fun website for online hook-ups, the site is quite secure and encrypts all personal information of its users. It has a review team also to keep a check on the activities.

The payment gateways on the website are also quite safe to use and use trusted networks to keep your financial information protected. It also has a Norton security certificate and a detailed privacy policy.

5. Users can post status updates on the platform.

The members of Fling.com can post status updates on the community forum ranging from photos, videos, and general text updates to let the other members know about them. This helps the members to gain visibility easily among the large pool of members.

You can choose to limit the visibility of your profile using the settings and turn the safe mode on to protect your information from unknown members. This feature allows only friends and members you have added to your network see your profile.

6. You can deactivate your profile easily for some periods of time. 

The website allows you to deactivate your profile for certain periods of time easily without having to cancel your premium membership or deleting your account. This allows you to continue meeting members after taking a break without having to create an account again.

This also makes it easier to take a break from the platform as it is a little overwhelming for new members. You can activate your profile again in just a few seconds once you are ready to use the platform again.

7. The website has a huge pool of members from all sexes and with varied sexual preferences.

Another great thing about this website is that it has members from a wide variety of backgrounds and with all kinds of sexual preferences so it offers something for every member.

The website sees a lot of traffic every day and is rated among the top ten best dating sites based on a survey. It attracts over 3.5 lakh visits per month.

8. The website has a “Trending Now” section with new and updated photos.

With an Instagram-like trending now section where users can like the photos of other members and express an interest in them, the website constantly upgrades itself according to the needs of the users and updates its database with new photos and videos.

You can also discover new profiles on the platform using this feature and add them to your network easily to start chatting with them. 

3 Alternatives to Fling.com

Tinder, Passion, and Adult Friend Finder are some similar dating websites which offer similar features. Tinder is definitely more popular as compared to Fling.com but the website is slowly and steadily gaining its share of a loyal user base. 

We've published review of each one of them, for you guys:

Things We Didn't Like About Fling.com

fling website

1. The matches shown to you are not sorted using any compatibility test.

The matching criteria is not up to date and most matches are shown to you on the basis of your own activity on the website and according to the profiles you show interest in.

There is no compatibility test or quizzes to find out profiles similar to you so you just have to rely on your own instincts and work actively to get people interested in you.

2. With so many new visual elements, the site can be tricky for new users.

With a plethora of photos and videos bombarded at you the minute you sign up on the platform, it can be a little tricky for new users to navigate the website without getting lost in the multiple photos and video sections.

There are so many visual cues that beginners on the website can get confused with the features easily. Logging in to the site is easy but finding your way after signing up is tricky as multiple chat popups begin to intimidate you. 

3. The website does not offer anything more than a platform to find people to hook-up with. (Not Necessarily a downside)

If you are looking for anything more than a casual hook-up, this website is not for you as it only offers you a platform to engage with individuals looking for casual flings. Another disadvantage is that once you sign up on the platform, it becomes more of a self-service website.

There is not much help offered by the website in terms of connecting you to other members and you have to initiate a conversation by going through the profiles yourself. 

Fling Review of Premium Subscription: Worth it?

During our Fling review, we found out that Fling subscription is definitely a better option because it unlocks its potential to deeper level of quick fling world. The main features of the paid version include:

  • You get a guarantee of getting laid within three months.
  • You can access the live webcam feature and view video profiles.
  • You can send and read emails from other members.
  • Your profile appears first on the search results.
  • You can send friend requests to members and access their private photos

Share Your Fling.com Experience:

Fling.com can be your go-to destination if you are looking for a casual hook-up with a like-minded person and are not ready for a serious relationship. The website is visually appealing and uses a lot of steamy visual elements to help the members get exactly what they are looking for.


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