GK2GK Review ( Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Even Try)

A dating website designed for nerds, Gk2Gk (Geek-to-Geek) aims to bring together nerds who find it difficult to find people who are interested in the same things as they are.

The website does not have any mobile app at the moment but has more than 2 Lakh active members. The niche audience of this dating website makes it one of a kind and attracts geeks from all over the world.

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  • You can block users if their profiles do not interest you.
  • Easy to sign-up and the user interface is quite seamless.
  • You have access to other member profiles and their blogs.
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    The website makes it very easy to chat with other members.


  • There is no mobile app for the website.
  • Many profiles on the platform are fake and the team does not conduct any ID verification.
  • It is difficult to unsubscribe from the website and your financial information might be at a risk.

8 Things We like about GK2GK Dating Website:

gk2gk review

1. It is easy to sign-up and the user interface is quite aesthetically designed.

The platform is quite easy to use and you can sing up using your email address or Facebook profile to create an account. Once you sign up, you will be asked some questions about your preferences and then you can browse profiles easily.

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The user interface of the website is designed keeping in mind its niche audience and works well on desktop without any glitches.

2. There are more than 2 Lakh active members on the website belonging to a particular demographic.

While the member pool might look small as compared to some big dating websites, it is definitely huge considering that the site has a well-defined targeted audience. Most of the members on the site are quite active and are looking for matches which are as nerdy as they are.

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It is advisable to fill out all your preferences in as much detail as possible while signing up to ensure that you get matches which suit your liking.

3. You can block profiles which do not suit your preferences.

Since there are many unscrupulous profiles on the platform according to users, this feature comes in handy through which you can block the profiles which seem dubious or are not working for you.

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You can also block spammers who keep sending you unrelated or unwanted messages and only interact with matches you are actually interested in.

4. The website’s chat system is very smooth and seamless.

You can chat with any member on the platform once you sign up using a paid membership. The chatting platform is very nicely designed and provides a smooth flow of conversation.

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Unlike some other dating websites, members here are quick to respond and you do not have to wait for long to get responses to your messages.

5. You can access the profiles and blogs of other members.

One great feature of this website is that it gives you access to the personal blogs of the other members so that you can get to know more about them and their interests. These blogs serve as windows to the personalities of the members and help you understand their passion as well.

This not only enhances the user experience but also helps the members to interact with matches that resonate with their personality and interests.

6. The website sends its members emails with handpicked matches.

Gk2Gk takes match-making seriously and helps you find the right matches for you by curating a hand-picked list of matches for you and then sending them to you in an email for ease of scrutiny.

These matches are selected according to the preferences you set during the sign-up process so these emails are quite useful for getting to know potential matches without having to scroll through thousands of profiles on the website.

7. You can easily browse through photos of the members and show interest.

As soon as you sign-up on the platform, you get access to the photos of the members and you can browse through them easily to show interest in them or reject them.

The website then uses these selections to find out the right matches for you from the pool of members based on your activity. Most of the members upload photos of them doing their favorite geeky activities so it becomes easier to spot your preferred matches.

8. The paid version of the website is also affordable as compared to other dating websites.

If you choose to upgrade to the premium membership offered by the website to unlock other features, the paid plans are also quite affordable as compared to other dating websites.

The cost of the monthly premium plans varies depending on the features you choose to subscribe to. The website does not offer any annual plans which is great as you can choose to extend your membership only if you like the experience.

Top 3 Alternatives to Geek2Geek

SoulGeek.com, IntellectConnect.com, and NerdPassions.com are some similar dating websites which are also designed for geeks and nerds to find their ideal matches. These websites also offer free and paid versions and have a very targeted audience. 

3 Reasons Why GK2GK Sucks So Bad:

gk2gk review

1. The platform is filled with fake profiles without any ID verification.

The main problem that genuine users face on this website is that there are many fake profiles on the website as anybody can register on the website without any sort of verification.

The moderation team of the website does not perform any background check on any of the members to see if they fit under the niche or have genuine profiles. Old profiles on the website are also not deleted regularly.

2. The website is difficult to unsubscribe from and lacks basic safety features.

Once you upgrade to a premium membership, it is a little difficult to unsubscribe from the website and your credit card might be charged for renewal automatically. The site does not have a robust support team to handle such cases also.

It is advisable to tread carefully and cautiously on the website and enter your financial information only if necessary. The website does not provide any encryption also so it is better to move forward carefully.

3. There is no mobile app for the website.

With most of the people preferring to access websites through their mobile phones, the lack of a mobile app for gk2gk can be a big drawback for people who do not have access to laptops on the go.

The company also does not have any plans in the immediate future to develop a mobile app for the platform so all the users have to access the desktop version only. This can be quite an inconvenience for people who prefer browsing websites on their mobile. 

But...What You Actually Get in the premium Package?

This is the first website we wouldn't recommend you (for premium service). However, if you still want to know what you actually get in the premium package then we've listed those features below:

  • You can send unlimited messages to other members.
  • You can use the blog and forum feature to start your private blog.
  • Your profile gets featured on the website for 24 hours every month.
  • You get extra data storage and can upload more photos and videos.
  • Your profile gets highlighted and gets more response from members.

Share Your GK2GK Review:

Gk2gk dating website caters to a particular demographic and has many active members all over the world. The safety and verification features of the website are a little shaky so it is advisable to enter all your details carefully and to avoid using Facebook credentials to login into the website. Many nerds have found their right matches on the website and this makes it one of the most popular dating websites for geeks.

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