How to Flirt With a Girl: 10 Amazing Tricks!

Flirting with a girl is a tricky business. You do not want seem like you are too handy and neither do you want to seem to be too hard to get. Striking such a perfect balance seems like a task. With some words of wisdom you are set to woo that girl you have always been eyeing since your freshmen years.

Buckle up boy! It is not impossible to woo her; all you got to do is follow my simple and straightforward guide which gives you the obvious yet least practiced tips. Here is my list of the top 10 tips on “how to flirt with a girl” which will prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run.

10 Ways to Flirt With a Girl:

1. Humor it up!

You may be surprised to see how a normal or average looking guy (no offense) manages to land up with the hottest looking girl of the block. While this may be a surprise for you but in all honesty, that is exactly how things work.

Mr. Funny bones is not only the most popular guy among the girls but he is also at all times flanked by multiple girls. And therefore he has more chances for female interaction.

how to flirt with a girl

While girls do have a thing for men who are quiet and broody, they tend to immediately fall for men who humor things up and hit a lighter note with most things. This is how to flirt a girl without being unnatural.

Humor is considered to be one of the most attractive qualities and is one of the tools which one can use to ward off the awkwardness. It helps to break the ice. Teasing her or cracking a joke might also help to put her at ease. Remember you are not the only nervous person around.

Humor can also be used as a cover up.

If at all you use an amazingly horrible pick up line and she does not seem to take it well, it is okay! All you have to do is turn around the situation and humor it up. But be careful while playing Mr. Funny Bones. If she is sensitive about dogs and animals in general and you happen to crack an ill timed dog joke, this sense of humor, my friend will not be the best payback that you had been anticipating.

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Rather try to create a moment with your humor. Find something that you both seem to be find hilarious and turn that joke around and let it be ‘your thing’. More like inside jokes. So the next time you meet, you will most definitely always have something to say and talk about without brainstorming about what exactly should be the conversation starter.

2. The Friend Way!

I understand that every man is horrified by the term friend zone. But to be honest this way could actually be one of the easiest ways to make a mark in the girl’s mind. There is always a right and a wrong way to any approach. No method is fool proof. Be sure to maintain the distance and function well within the boundaries.

I do support the subtle way, but be sure that your intentions and wooing is not mistaken by blind friendship. Give her hints that you definitely want to go out with her but do not be very desperate or pressing about that issue. Let it just flow.

Be sure to make a good and lasting first impression. You know what they say- First impression is the last impression.

3. Have a healthy conversation

By a conversation I do not mean a one way rant. Rather what I am trying to suggest is that be sure to be attentive to what she has to say.

healthy conversation

Things which might bore you also should be met with your patience willingness to lend an ear to all her jabber or stories. Often people forget that a conversation works both ways. The most prevalent case around the world is that people strike a conversation only to talk and never to listen.

Be a good listener!

And by a listener I do not mean to say that you should be sitting there like a dummy and not contribute to any of her conversations. Give in your little inputs. Although you must refrain yourself from giving any comments or inputs regarding topics which you are not familiar with or which might seem to be sensitive and private to the girl.

Also one key suggestion- Please do not pretend to be Mr. Know – it – All!

4. Don’t fake it

It might put you on a wrong foot if you try to fake it in front of the girl on whom you so desperately want to leave an impression. Trying to be extra nice and sugar coating everything in front of the girl and being rude and insensitive to everyone around you might not work.

It is important to let her realize that you are genuinely a nice person and not only a show man.

Once you have established that it will become relatively easier for you to make way into her heart or it will make you even more noticeable.

5. Chivalry is always an immediate eye catcher

This is one of the oldest ways to charm a girl. This might sound old school but this habit works its wonders every time. On the contrary to popular belief that if you are being chivalrous and courteous or even polite, you might be considered to be a weakling.

This thought process right there needs to change. Harboring such thoughts only goes to show that you might be a chauvinist. Taking that extra step did no harm to anyone. All those subtle and meaningful gestures go a long way!!

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.

Holding the door while she walks in or holding the chair while she takes her seat or even opening the door for her aren’t going to threaten your masculinity. I will let you in a secret which is the simplest tact you will ever come across. All women want to be treated royally and most importantly with some respect and dignity.

Paying a little extra attention to her likes and dislikes might take you a long way. Instead of being assertive try dropping in hints that you are extremely happy to know little details about her.

6. Be interactive

Let’s just say that after putting in a lot of efforts, you finally managed to land in a date with the girl whom you had been pursuing relentlessly for so long. Well Bingo!

But all that effort is worth peanuts if you cannot be interactive. Be engaging while striking a conversation with the girl.

Also if you are not yourself a master at keeping conversations lively and intact, it is okay! Give the girl a chance to talk. Encourage the girl to talk and make some comments just to show how much involved you are in the conversation.

Preferably one of the topics which are good for starting a conversation with a girl is to talk about her interests. You must encourage the girl by making her talk about her interests and discuss about what are the things she is passionate about.

Discussing movie or music playlist taste is one of the oldest tricks on the book to give a boost to the dying conversation. Juts maybe you both might be sharing the same music tastes! How crazy is that?

Daft Punk maybe the favorite of the both of you.

Starting a fun argument seems to be a fun idea. I would say keep away from all the serious topics as yet. Save it for later. But for the blooming affection, stick to flirtatious arguments and keep it very light. This will make the both of you keep going back and forth in a conversation and will be both humorous and engaging.

Discussing your foot ball game and claiming your loyalties to different teams and always following up with the progress in the La Liga League is a fun start.

7. Tease her now and then

Dating and flirting is not only about oozing out your sexuality and trying to understand if that girl is really out there for you. It has a lot to do with fun conversations as well. If you are having a decent fun conversation with the girl, you are already on the right track and are doing pretty well.

Make jokes on a lighter note and do not be scared to pass that line. Do not intervene in her personal space. But try to define and know the boundaries of your relationship by mixing your conversations with some naughty remarks.

8. Be observant

Keep a track and try to understand how the girl is reacting to all your conversations. Be observant about all her nuances. Body language can tell a lot!

If flirting is the first time for you, it might be the same for her also. Look out for how she has been reacting so far. If she seems to be interested in you, she will keep her eye contact pretty much constant and preferably her focus will be at your face. She might smile back one too many times. However, if she does not seem to be interested she might not be as attentive towards your conversations or she would seem to be a little distracted.

You might know how to flirt with a girl but every girl has different taste so be alert.

be observant

However, it is tough to really understand these signals and make something substantial out of it all because often times girls are too shy and in trying to decipher what they really mean can be quiet challenging.

She can be quiet charming and upright about her feelings or some of the girls like to play the game of hard to get. It can be unsettling to be on the receiver’s end and patiently wait to understand what these signals really mean.

And the answer to all of this is patience.

Also you have to do is up your game and keep showing her that you are mightily interested in her. Lean slightly towards her. If you are in a group, turn towards her or maybe tilt your head slightly to one side. Make her feel special and attended even when in a group. Although do not be one of those annoying specimens who avoid the other group members. Be a part of the group conversation but with that be actively attendant to her as well.

I know these sound so ridiculous but paying attentions to these minute details will help you a lot.

9. Be courageous

Yes, my man! Be courageous and take things to the next level!

If you both seem to be hitting it off really well do not wait and seize the moment. If things are as smooth as butter between the two of you, go ahead and ask for her number.

Ask for her number. But just don’t dive into it. Although in the present case scenario, reaching this stage does not really take a lot of time. But anyway, you never know. So take baby steps but be bold and patient.

Image result for girl giving her number

When you meet her, just say how much you liked having that conversation on bonsai trees or something equally random. If she responds positively go ahead and ask for her number.

If you already have her number, it is time that you actually do that cute thing and invite her to a date. Rather than always hanging out in groups and giving her divided attention. This might be an opportunity to give her undivided attention ad also an opportunity to know more about her.

Take her out on a movie, if she or the two of you are movie buffs. Or a nice dinner date or lunch date followed by a trip to a museum or an art gallery if the two of you are into art. Or obviously hit the club and drink and have the time of your life.

Of course know your drinking limits. You are not around your dude friends who will help you out if you puke or pass out. It is preferable that you restrain yourself and not pass out on your own first date with the girl.

Make it a little more personal and if you are felling it, go all the way and get a physical and ask her for a dance.

One dance never hurt anyone.

A disco or a proper dance or by simply turning the speakers up of your room and playing The time of your life of the movie Dirty Dancing will give the much needed boost and support and might also create one of the most intimate moment with the girl. Let it be as smooth as butter.

Image result for boy and girl dancing Do not mind even if you are bad at dancing. What matters is that you are taking such pains and initiatives to make things work or make it more comfortable for her.

10. Be yourself

There is nothing more attractive than the fact that you are being original and not aping or trying to portray an extreme character of a macho man, comedian or cool dude.

Even if you did not manage to impress her or lure her in the short term, it is prudent that you stick to your own character sketch rather than emulating one of those fake extreme personalities. However if she find out that you have been trying to put up a false show all along, this might lead to permanent damages. She might lose faith and hope in you altogether and this situation hardly leaves any room for a second chance.

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