How to Impress a Guy – 9 Simple Tips!

It is no more merely the job of men to woo women and make all the efforts and do all the beginnings. Women are breaking all the stereotypes around the world. It is time that we also make the first right kind of move and learn how to impress a guy.

Being one hell of a looker is good start that anyone gets but that cannot be the only thing that you should consider. Being a good looker can impress any guy but only for a limited span of time. You will definitely need to step up your game accordingly.

You need to set your priorities straight. If you want the guy to fall for you deeply, you really need to step up your game. I know you have wondered so many times when you had that friend who was not all that good looking or attractive yet had the cutest boy in her arms. This just goes on to show that looks are not always the most fulfilling quality about a person. You need to be more than just outward beauty.

So if you really want to attract that alpha male, you have to become attractive and try to explore your own self and your own good strong points.

9 Tips to Impress a Guy

1. Do not be constantly nagging

dont be always nagging

It is only human that you and the guy will have different choices or preferences. Your guy may be passionate about cricket but you on the other hand might find the sport to be the most boring and meaningless sport.

You have got to reach a common ground and try and make an effort. It is not really such a big deal. Make an effort to enjoy what he is really passionate about. I mean do not change or force yourself beyond a point – if you want to impress a guy.

Do not be quick to jump to conclusions and pass judgments. Be a little more patient. Now I am not asking you to be fake or artificial with him. All I am saying is that you should be truthful with him but at the same time draw a set of boundaries. If he crosses it, it is all okay.

If he fails to turn up for your date on time, do not remind him at every occasion you get.

2. Patience is the name of the game

patience for love

Know this for a fact that whoever you are ever with; with at some point of the relationship test our patience to the zenith point. It is only human nature to work in such a tangent and opposing way.

Some people give you a hard time only to understand and test whether you will be with them during the tough times. This seems to irrational but many people function on this concept. Some people do need reassurance and it is pivotal to make them feel secure and understand that you will stand next to them.

3. Be a happy person to be with

be happy

There will be many instances in life when you would want to spend time with only one person but well that is not possible. But whenever you get that limited quality time be sure to spend it fruitfully. Do not be one of those people who will be forever unhappy and keep on cribbing over every detail.

Well if you are always cribbing and unhappy, the constant emotion of feeling that your partner will eventually associate with you will be that of sadness or irritation and not that of happiness.

Try and be a happy person around him whenever it’s feasible.

Many times when he might be having a bad day and will want or yearn to have a decent company that soothes his mind, you should be the one to come to his rescue. It is certainly not necessary that you keep doing that all the times. But it is a good thing to be a listener and patient one.

4. Do not give up easily

dont give up

There will always be disagreements and quarrels. It is only natural that you will fight with the boy. And it is a given fact that you love the boy. But all this does not mean that you will lose your stand or position very meekly and agreeably.

Hold your ground and be form with your decisions. Being in love and losing the sense of you will always lead to toxic relationships.

Keep in mind that if at all you want the guy to fall in love completely and madly with you, you must still hold your ground and not be overly expressive. I am not suggesting that you start acting pricey and start playing hard to get. All I am saying is do not let it all go very easily. Be patient with every step you take. As you all know, patience is a virtue. ‘

5. Play dress up

dress up properly

This might be the first and most common advice anyone gets from anyone in the dating game but trust me it is just so effective. Just like you dress up for events, it is equally exciting to surprise your boy or man once in a while when you dress up only for him.

Putting in extra efforts and reaping positive benefits out of it is my mantra. When you try to do something no matter how small it is for someone else especially when we are talking about that special one, the results are always positive.

Going out on a date and taking efforts to dress up is a good way to go ahead. You may not know this, but guys also have preferences when it comes to fashion. They might not know the name of what is stilettos or pumps but what they do know are they are they are pointed or open or peep toes.

Surprise them by dressing up they would want you to. Or maybe wear their favorite color. All you really have to do is without talking tempt him crazily with your appearance. Now I am not saying put some hundred layers of foundation or concealer all the time. But try to think of some things and pull off some quirks which you are sure will blow his mind. The best thing that you could do in any situation is try to do anything or dress up in a way which enhances and brings out the best version of you.

If you do not have a flat tummy, it is not necessary to put on a crop top just because that is the fashion or the trend of the season. All this will never make sense. Try to put on an outfit which will make you look gorgeous and at the same time compliment your body shape and curves.

6. Smell Well and invest in a good perfume

smell good

Try to smell great. This trick always works wonders. A waft or perfume is often all you need to leave that lasting impression. Boys go weak on their knees when they come across a girl who smells well. It is not possible to smell well all the time but keep a mist or a perfume or ittar, whatever suits and complements your body odor.

Spray the perfume at places where you know you might make contact with the guy. Spray it on your wrists because you know you always have your hands going everywhere. Spray it around your body, but not like a deodorant. Spray it behind your ears and on your collarbone. So that whenever you hug or get intimate or just dash into each other accidentally (wink, wink), he get to smell or get a whiff of that awesome perfume you so painfully have invested in.

Spraying that perfume in your hair is also a good option. So that whenever you walk, the smell keeps following you and leaves a lingering effect. However, when you are doing all of this remember never to vigorously rub the perfume between your hands. By doing this all you will be doing is killing the fragrance. So all your efforts and money are down the drain once you make this one wrong move.

7. Have a good ending note if you are in a long distance relationship

long distance relationship

In most long distance relationships, all you really have with you are memories and whatever fun memories you have created together. And so when memories are the only source to keep the relationship, it is important to know that the way you leave and part away is extremely important.

Try to make the way you leave each other a little bit more memorable. Or if you are at the nascent state of a relationship, and you want to make the guy keep wondering about you, what you can do is flirt with him subtly. This will make him wonder and confuse and make him think whether you really flirted with him or was it just in his head.

Play coy and keep him on his toes. This helps when you are not dating the guy yet and are just flirting. The dating game is very different and contrasting altogether. When you are dating someone, you do not really believe in confusing the person but that is the time when you start to support each other. Different stages need different game strategies.

8. Be a sport

be a game

This can be considered to be one of the most important tip, to impress a guy, and takeaway when you are a novice and have not yet made a mark concretely. Do not be a bore. Guys love nail paints (cannot speak for all and nether can I generalize) but if there is a fun trip coming up or a spontaneous adventurous trip is being planned, they really can’t relate why and how doing some activities might chip your nail paint or break your nail. They could not care less.

Have an undying and fresh spirit and always be ready for some fun. We all humans are scared of change and

9. Do not be scared of disagreements

Do not be scared of disagreements

We all reach a point in any friendship or relationship where we disagree with what the other person has to say. And having disagreements with any person is fine. It is part of any mature relationship.

Without being in a relationship with a guy also, you might reach a heated contention. Do not be all that scared that you might upset the other person.

It might be all the more attractive if you voice your opinion and stand your ground, have a debate or a messed up fight with him and win it all!

10. Act and behave how you would want to be treated

smile always to look hot

This is the name of the game in any relationship. Behave in a manner how you would want to be treated. Treat people well around you not only when you know that you are being watched but also when you know that you are not being watched. Be kind. Kindness is one of the sexiest qualities that any guy finds in any girl.

Be a warm and nice person to speak to. Be an approachable person and not a hoity toity person. Humility is the most difficult yet attractive quality any woman could embody. Be approachable and do not mean to boys who you may not be interested in but are giving you a lot of attention.

Being nice to anyone does not hurt neither does it take any amount of effort. Do not put down a guy just because he has not mastered the art of acing small talks.

At the same time it is equally important that you are not being treated like dirt of condescendingly by any guy. Mark your limits or territory.

To put it very simply, punish him when he is being cocky. You may be a person who hates setting up rules, but honestly setting some ground rules is very important for any relationship.

It is recommended that you do this at the beginning of the relationship but it is okay if you do it eventually also. Know your worth and treat people well.

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