Beginner’s Guide: How to Use Tinder like a PRO

Although I know Tinder needs no introduction, but I have to say at least two lines about this application. Tinder is not merely an application; it is a location based social search application. This basically gives you an opportunity to talk to people, or rather chat with total strangers.

How to Use Tinder?

Creating a Tinder Profile

1) The first and foremost task at hand is to download the application. It can be downloaded on any iOS device, Android. App Store or Google Play Store, all of them have this application.

2) Then you will get two options for logging in. Log in with phone number or log in with Facebook account. Preferably log in with your Face book account. Make sure you have a functioning Facebook account.

3) You will get an option which says that you will be receiving notifications which will be in alignment with your Facebook information. You will have to click on OK when prompted which will Tinder application the permission to access all of your Face book information.

4) If at all your information regarding the Facebook application is not saved on the device, you will need to enter your Facebook email id and the password as well.

5) Now since this is a location based application, it is important that you switch on the location services which use Google’s location services.

6) There will be an option which will be regarding whether you want to receive notifications or not. These notifications will be regarding new matches, new messages, message likes, and super likes. Keep in mind one thing, your Tinder account will be using or will be based on your Face book account information.

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Understanding the UI

You will get an option to review a page. At the centre of the page, there will be an image of another Tinder user nearby. There are about 5 options beneath each Tinder profile namely- undo, dislike, boost, like and super like. You can choose whatever you want to once you have viewed his profile

how to use tinder

Here’s some of the basic functions on Tinder:

  • Undo: this option is displayed in the form of a yellow arrow. You will need a Tinder plus subscription to make this application work. This will undo your last swipe. I mean who has lived and not have second thoughts! This feature does exactly this.
  • Dislike: this option is visible in the form of a red color cross mark. But the fad way to dislike a profile is by swiping left over the profile and the job will be done.
  • Boost: this is a pretty cool feature if you ask me. This option comes in the form of a purple lightning bolt. The purpose of this option is to give your profile a visibility boost. This takes place for a time period of about 30 minutes. The cool feature is that you get this feature free once a month.
  • Like: this is green heart shaped icon. You can either press this icon or simply swipe right. This allows you to match with the person only if the person reciprocates and likes your profile back.
  • Super Like: this is a blue star icon. The purpose of this icon is that we can like a profile and it alerts the user that you have liked the profile. You get three free super- likes every month. You can simply swipe over the person’s profile to perform this function.

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And, Three Main Features:

1) MESSAGES: You can check all profiles who have taken interest in you and your profile by clicking on the speech bubble icon at the top of the screen. This will also load all your conversations with your matches.

2) TINDER SOCIAL MODE: Although Tinder is essentially a dating app, switching on the Social Mode will enable you to a more platonic mode. This will make a little more available and visible. This enables others to find you and invite you to out. It is a totally optional thing.

tinder UI

3) PROFILE ICON: the icon which is at the center of the top bar of the screen is meant for you to view the person’s profile whoever you are interested in viewing. This feature will be visible in the form of a person icon.

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Managing your Tinder Profile:

1) Settings: You have got to manage your own profile. For that you have to click on the gear shaped icon which will appear on the profile screen. By clicking on this, you will open your Tinder settings.

2) Discovery Settings: Then be sure to choose your specific discovery settings. This will monitor your visibility settings. These settings directly affect your Tinder browsing and the kinds of profiles you will see.

  • Location (iPhone) or Switching In (Android): To get better chances of having an idea of the various Tinder users around you, all you need to do is update your location settings.
  • Maximum Distance (iPhone) or Search Distance (Android): this will make your location more accurate and raise or lower your searching results.
  • Gender (iPhone) or Show Me (Android): select options for whatever sex you are interested in. Tinder has options only for men or women. NO third option is available. Although you can be interested in both sexes. Such an option is also available.
  • Age Range (iPhone) or Show Age (Android): you can very flexibly raise or lower the maximum age that you are interested in.

3) Other Settings: You can edit your other settings which includes the notification settings. You can also view your privacy settings or can simply log out from Tinder via this menu.

4) Edit your Profile: this option is available at the bottom right of your profile picture. This icon is in the form of a pencil.

By pressing this icon you can you can accomplish a lot of things. You can review your current photos.You can also enter other specifications about yourself by entering a profile description/bio of about 500 words. Review your profile information very patiently. There are several aspects which you can edit.

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Tinder like and superlike

1) Current work: you can fill and choose either of the options which are available for the position of your current occupation.

2) School: Yes, there is an option for this as well. Select your school from your Face book profile or you can skip this step by selecting the option ‘None’.

3) My Anthem: This option is basically meant for depicting your favorite song. I am of the belief that there is a song for every situation. So select a song form Spotify and you can set it as your profile song.

4) I Am: this is the option where you select you gender. I think is the most important option.

Once you are done filing up all these details, you need to click on the flame option. This option is on the top right corner. Clicking this will make you go back to the main Tinder page where you can begin matching with others.

Tinder Don’ts!

So now these are the basics about how to use Tinder app. So simple, you swipe right over an account if you like a profile; you swipe left over a profile if you don’t like it.

Then all you have to do is wait and watch for the profile to match. If you like someone and that person likes you back; you will receive a notification regarding this. Once this happens you can begin your conversation by clicking on the conversation bubble.

WARNING: Be careful while using Tinder. It is often possible to meet someone rude or get some unwanted comments. Also, be considerate. Let’s not forget that we are interacting with another individual. Be kind, considerate and positive about your interactions. Although when you are initiating your first conversation make sure that the conversation is friendly and confident without sounding creepy.

tinder users by age

If you are concerned about the age group that is interested in using Tinder, there is some relief regarding that concern. All age groups up to the age group of 60 have been reported to be participating in this online dating application.

Since the age you start having some sense and start using electronic devices, is the age since which you will notice that youngsters indulge in using this site. Although the highest percentage of users have been reported from the age group of 25 to 34. You can blame it on the hormones or whatever but this age group is the most active on Tinder. Of course the age group which starts from teens and extends to mid twenties also is a participant in this application.

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