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iHookup is an online dating website which connects people who want to simply hook up without any extra responsibilities or long chats. It is a website for singles who want to get dirty and every member is looking for the same thing as you so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Finding a partner for a casual hook up might be a little awkward in real life and this website aims to make it easier for singles who can now find somebody to hook up with without the risk of being marked as a stalker or a pervert. 

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iHookup.com Review


  • The website gets more than 200k+ visitors per month. 
  • The home page does not have a lot of explicit content or photos and seems just like any other dating website.
  • The paid membership comes with a three-month guarantee where you get three months free if you do not find any partner in the first three months.
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    The profile pictures of most members are quite decent and you do not have to put obscene photos of yourself to get noticed.


  • The website uses fake profiles to make other members seem interested in you.
  • You cannot do anything on the website unless you upgrade to a paid membership.
  • There are a lot of ads on the website which seem like a part of the website but they are not.

8 Reasons Why We like iHookup.com:


1. It does what it claims to do and does not hide behind the idea of an online dating site.

iHookup does not pretend to be a match-making site. It states clearly that it is a hook-up site and has chosen a name which denotes this clarity. They make it amply clear to the members that they are here for finding a partner for hooking up with them casually.

All the members also register on the website keeping this in mind and there is no awkwardness or embarrassment among the members. They come here seeking sexual encounters and that is all that they get.

2. It is very easy to create a profile on the website.

You can create a free account on the platform easily by filling out some basic information about yourself. You can then proceed to fill some more information in the “About Me” section if you want to get the right matches.

The website is very organised and you do not feel awkward at any stage. There are some features listed on the top so it is easy to navigate also. You can see all your matches in a collage format at the homepage itself.

3, You have many options in terms of what you are looking for.

You can choose from casual encounters, discreet romance, dating, to online fun, activity partners and more from the options on your profile to get matches from people who are also looking for something similar.

There are not too many features to choose from on the website which makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for without getting confused.

4. The website gets more than 2 lakh visitors a month.

While it may not be as popular as some of the other casual dating websites, iHookup still gets a lot of traffic and sees over 2 lakh visitors a month. Most of the visitors are from the United States and some are from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and India.

If you live in a big city, you might be able to find some matches near you in your locality but there is always the option of using live videos and webcams to get some fun online.

5. You are not bombarded with nude pics or have to use half-naked pics on your profile.

One of the major differences between iHookup and other casual dating websites is that in spite of its actual purpose, the site does not throw naked pictures at you the moment you open the home page.

Most of the profile pictures of members are also quite decent and it shows that the users put some efforts in clicking pictures for their profile. Uploading a good profile picture helps you a lot in getting appropriate responses.

6. You are not bombarded with nude pics or have to use half-naked pics on your profile.

Since you practically cannot avail any of the useful features of the website unless you upgrade your membership, the website offers a guarantee that you will get a free membership for three months if you do not find a partner in the first three months of your paid membership.

This can help the members to get comfortable paying the membership fees since they know that their money will not go to waste.

7. You can use filters to sort through the matches.

Based on your sexual preferences, the website allows you to sort out through the profiles using filters which allow you to find a partner who is looking for the exact same thing as you.

The website also has a tab called “Hook-ups” which is like a “hot-or-not” game available on other dating websites. There you can browse through profiles and add filters also to get better matches.

8. The live video feature has great quality and is good for people who want to indulge in an online hook-up.

For a hook-up website, iHookup has a great live video feature which transmits HD videos of great quality. While these videos might be too explicit for some members, they are great for people who cannot indulge in a physical hook-up session because of location constraints.

The HD webcams need to be used carefully though as some videos can be quite raunchy and if you are looking for something else, they might not be suitable for you. 

Top 3 Alternatives to iHookup.com

AdultFriendFinder.com, XMatch.com, Passion.com, and InstaBang.com are some similar casual dating websites to iHookup. This website has a long way to go as compared to Adult Friend Finder but it is still quite popular.

3 Things be Don't like about iHookup.com:

ihookup review

1. The website is full of raunchy ads that seem like a part of the dashboard.

As soon as you create a profile on the platform, you will be directed to your dashboard where some simple features are displayed and ads are displayed on top of the dashboard and on the sides. These ads might seem like a part of iHookup but they lead to a different website and can be laden with viruses.

These ads are completely uncensored and are the website’s way to earn some revenue but they can ruin the experience for the users.

2. The layout of the website is quite plain and some users may find it boring.

The iHookup website might not be suitable for people who are looking for more erotic and raunchy experiences as the features and options can be boring for some members.

You also cannot do much with a free membership. You cannot read messages or interact with other members before you upgrade. Most people find the layout of the website quite boring and plain for a hook-up website.

3. The website uses fake accounts called “Sweethaarts” to make the site look more attractive.

The website uses fake raunchy profiles to make them look more attractive to visitors. These members do not exist in real life and people are lured by them into signing up for the website.

You also get a lot of messages from these profiles if you have a free membership to make it seem like you are generating a lot of interest among the members. These fake profiles are called “SweetHearts” and you can see a “SH” symbol on top of these profiles.

iHookup Paid Membership - Worth it?

iHookup does have paid membership and which is the only way you can actually use this site because even the basic features locked. Do we recommend it? Keeping the number of fake profiles, we won't recommend opting for paid membership.

  • You can open and read messages from other members. 
  • You get access to photos albums and videos of other members. 
  • The live video feature is also accessible to paid members only.

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iHookup is a website where you can come to find partners for casual dating and some fun but it is not for people who love bold or raunchy hook-up websites. It delivers on its promise and has a lot of genuine members that are also interested in casual sexual encounters. However, site is not reliable!

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