Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2019 (For LGBTQ!)

Finding a date isn’t easy for LGTQ community. But it’s definitely easier than before because internet is there and people are more open-minded now. Today, we will walk you through a list a best lesbian dating apps that work 100%.

There are numerous top dating apps but they don’t specifically serve a particular audience. For example, apps like Tinder are there but their audience is very broad so it becomes hard to operate the app according to personal needs. And, this is what this article is all about: lesbian dating apps or LGBTQ apps!

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Top 10 Lesbian Dating Apps:

1. Her

HER is an award-winning lesbian app. It’s a great app to make connections with single girls around you. HER is exclusively for LGBTQ women, by LGBTQ women. Unlike most of the lesbian apps, Her has a big database of LGBTQ people and it’s totally free to join Her.

lesbian dating apps

Her solves another big issue, it brushes off all the fake profiles that spammers make on the hookup apps which gives a sense of better community and security. Her requires the user to connect the Facebook account with App so that you can create a profile on HER. This allows HER to filter the people who don’t belong to the category of LGTBTQ or have male profile.

Like other apps, you can upload pictures and provide information about you by answering their questionnaire. Make sure you answer these questions maturely because it will help their algorithm to fine best possible matches for you. You can also heart each other’s picture there or add as a friend.

You would also be able to read articles related to the Lesbians. Also, you would be able to enjoy LGBTQ meetups, parties and festivals happening near you which are submitted and curated by their community. If you’re looking for a best Best lesbian dating app then HER would be the firstt contender (as of now).

2. OKCupid

OKCupid is a free lesbian dating app. This app is very popular because the overall working algorithm of OKCupid is a beast. You get a lot of customization options. OKCupid has 12 sexual orientations and over 20 gender markers to choose from. So, regardless of who you’re and what you want, OKCupid has got you all.


OKCupid asks you a set of questions which allow you to see the match % with a person. It might not be the greatest feature but if you’ve nice compatibility then things would be smooth down the road (either you’re looking for a friend, date or getting hooked up)

Also, OKCupid gives you options to find people based on ethnicity, location, age, height, religion, smoking, drinking, drug use, etc. Despite being free, you would be able to send unlimited messages. The best part about OKCupid is that there is an option which allows you stop seeing heterosexual people by filtering them out through settings.

3. Bumble

Bumble is a top unique dating apps for women. It’s not specifically built for homosexual people but there is a option named “Interest” which pretty much makes it specific for you homo people. Bumble has a unique concept which sets it apart from regular dating sites which is discussed below.

bumble app for lesbians

In bumble, Women have to make the first move. Which means you won’t have to beg for the chat. For the same gender connections, or friendship, either person can make the first move. But there is more to it. If a woman doesn’t make the first move within first 24 hours then the connection disappears, and same goes for the same gender connections.

In case, you or the other person doesn’t get time then there is an option to extend the connect for 24 hours. Other than that, it’s a fun app to use overall. It shows the people you want to see and let them connect by a mutual optin by swiping right.

Bumble also has a blog which is named “BeeHive.” There you can read blogs by officialsbut you would also be able to read the blogs published by the regular users of Bumble (like bumble success stories). There you can learn about dating from tips being shared by others. Here is one picked by us: What My First Girl Date Taught Me.

4. Hinge

Hinge is a relation app for building real relationship. Hinge is a very reliable and free lesbian dating app and it’s available for both Android and iOS users. Hinge creates meaningful connections between people who are bold enough to seek for the real relationships. Hinge is very similar to the Tinder so if you’ve used the Tinder before then you will not find problem learning that how this app works.

LGBTQ apps 2017

Hinge needs your Facebook account authentication then only you would be able to use it. It will find friends of friends for you based on your “Interested In” criteria. Facebook authentication ensures that there will always be a mutual friend between the users.

Unlike Tinder, Hinge shows you a few matches but more compatible matches so that you don’t have to waste hours swiping through each profile. It might sound deal breaker to a few but this algorithm keeps you in a secure circle.

  • Avoids “randos” by only matching its users with Facebook friends of Facebook friends
  • Displays your mutual friends, which avoid meeting up with an ex’s pal, your parent’s friend, or otherwise
  • Shares interests that encourage real life meet-ups rather than lingering on the messenger, for example, you’re both into dessert, why not meet up?

5. Fem

FEM is a free video dating app for lesbians and bisexuals. It’s a great app to make new friends, chat & meet singles, socialize in chat rooms, date and  do a lot more. You can browse through videos of lesbian ladies nearby and around the world.

FEM bisexual dating app

To get started with chatting, you’ve to give a like to the profile you’re interested in and then if that person likes back then you would be able to chat-chat. There is an option available for the group chat which is innovative, and we haven’t seen any other app we used before. If you like someone from the group chat then you can click on the thumbnail of their picture and it will redirect you to their profile where you can see their profile picture, bio, and other stuff.

In case, you don’t like someone then you can even mute them in your group chat, as simple as it could get. You can privately message your matches. You would be able to share messages in the form of texts, videos, and audios. FEM is fairly new to the market but has collected pretty good rating over the Google Play Store.

The downside of FEM is that they don’t have big users database; therefore you might not be able to see the women around your area. Like, you might be from the USA but would be seeeing a woman from the Filipino. Also, this app is new, so we will recommend you not to optin for any paid subscription.

6. Tinder

Tinder is a power-house of dating app with 20 billion matches to date. The above apps all were alternatives to Tinder but there is no way that we would get away without featuring Tinder. We have featured Tinder at the very last because it is immensely popular and seeing listed this obvious app in the beginning you would’ve closed the article.


Initially, Tinder was a noticeable place for straight people only. But, with the rise in their popularity and gigantic user database, Tinder became the power house of bisexual dating app as well. Tinder is so huge that it’s also one of the best gay dating apps.

Tinder has a very smooth interface and probably the best interface. You swipe right (to show interest) and swipe left (if not interested). You can find heck lot of gay girls, but you would be shown boys in your match list as well (unfortunately).

The problem with Tinder is that it is overcrowded and girls hardly initiate the chat or take the first step. So, if this is one of the reasons you left using Tinder then we would recommend reading you the articles we shared below (It will greatly impact the conversation conversion in a positive way)

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Share Your Opinion…

These are our top suggestions for lesbian dating apps. We haven’t listed any upfront paid app. These apps are based on our personal experience and Internet research. If you’ve any suggestion then feel free to comment down below. One more thing, Keep Tinder on your mobile but keep on testing other apps.

This article is and will always be updated with latest information. If we find better options, we will list them for sure. If you’ve any suggestion then do comment below and let us know.

7 thoughts on “Best Lesbian Dating Apps of 2019 (For LGBTQ!)”

  1. I was on HER year and half ago and I have never encountered a dating app with more nigerian and fake bots and fake makeup pics in my entire 8 yrs off and on utilizing online dating apps or websites. Believe me im tried them all around 13 or more. Zoosk, ok cupid, pinkcupid, pink, pof, etc. But when i was in Her for more than 6 mnths a foriegn man attempted to do money scam. I called him out and even reported him to moderator. So there are some men slip in Her. More than half of the pics on there look like women work in travelling theatre were all on Her. Because ive never seen so much use of make up in pic profiles not like that. 70% of Her profiles didnt look natural or real. It was creepy & bizzare way too many exotic Elle glamour model profiles. I liked a few but it felt weird & off kilyer yo me and then i got rid off it. Lastly if you actually read most recent reviews as 05/06/2018 for HER app, Hinge app and couple others. They rate it by number and for each app that you all state ” works 100% of the time” I need to correct you all as this is not accurate or true for a lot of these users. There are too many obstacles & glitches in most of these dating apps that you rated so highly. One user had to upload his profile 10 times on Hinge and most were frustrated because of s million details thst made these dating apps opposite of being user friendly. I assume whoever rated these apps it was a good experience i guess didn’t encounter any of the glitches. But if I hadnt looked at the apps reveiws i would have prob tried Hinge out unaware of all the app’s glitches.

    • Girl you are right,I have tried alot of thease apps also None of them seem to work or they want u to pay or they have fake ass people.I mean really is it that damn hard to find a app that you can meet someone down to have some fun with no strings ,I really am starting to believe that there is not a one .I wouls have a better time going out to try and meet someone to bring home to me and my husband to have a little fun cause i have been on thease apps forever it seems like and not yet have connected with one lady that is interested in what we as a couple want so again i 100% agree with you JADE

  2. Maybe we could start our own app or website or something.. I mean all I’m looking for is a experienced women who wants to have a lil fun time to time with just me and then who would be down for a lil fun with me and my husband time to time.. Someone who would is average but feels sexy..

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