LoveAgain Review

Curated for senior singles by, Love Again is for singles over the age of 40 to rekindle their love life by finding partners from similar age backgrounds. It is more for people of mature age than actual seniors who have crossed the age of 60.

The site has a simple layout and is quite easy to use. It has a Facebook app as well for members to browse through profiles easily. It does offer a free account but it is better to upgrade to a premium membership to access all the features.

Love Again Review


  • The website has a great layout and is quite easy to use. 
  • The site is quite safe to use and all personal information is kept confidential.
  • Members have quite a few options to initiate conversations with other members.
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    It has an integrated Facebook app which allows members to browse profiles easily.
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    The quality of members is great on the site and most members are of the same age group.


  • The Facebook app shows members you might already know.
  • Free members cannot interact with other members without a premium membership.
  • The website sends a confirmation email to the members and this process can take a lot of time.

8 Things We love about Love Again Site:

Love Again Review

1. The website has a redesigned user interface which is quite easy to use and navigate.

The site has a simple and clean layout which focuses more on offering a casual and neat platform for seniors to connect to their matches. The site is easy to navigate and makes it simpler for people who are not as accustomed to technology as the younger generation to use the platform.

The signup process is also really minimal and does not involve a lot of questions. Filling out your profile takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

2. Most of the profiles on the website are of the same age group and genuine.

The member pool of this website is quite genuine and has quality members who are all above the age of 40. Most of the profiles are quite genuine and the members are serious about seeking a meaningful relationship.

The main advantage of all the members being of similar age is that the members do not feel shy in approaching their match and communicate more easily knowing that the person on the other side is of a similar age.

3. The integrated Facebook app makes it very easy for the members to browse the profiles.

A unique feature of this website is that it has an integrated mobile app which lets you log in through Facebook and browse member profiles easily. This app is quite easy to use and has a layout similar to the Facebook newsfeed.

This app also helps the members to share more about themselves including their photos, videos, and location to find potential matches more easily.

4. The website protects the personal information of all members.

All the information provided by the members is kept confidential and secure by the website. It also keeps the identities of the members anonymous while they interact and allows them to chat freely without any inhibitions.

The website has a detailed privacy policy available for its members and also offers secure dating tips which help protect the members from online harassment or fraud.

5. There are many ways in which you can interact with other members.

Love Again offers many ways in which you can communicate with your matches on the platform. You can send winks, instant messages, emails, or chat via online chat rooms and video chatting with other members.

Another great feature is that the free version of the website also allows the members to browse all the profiles and interact in a casual way by sending winks.

6. You can see who’s viewed your profile and who’s online.

Adding to the many ways in which you can initiate a conversation, the website helps you find potential matches by giving you access to who’s viewed your profile and has shown interest in you.

You can also check who’s online so that you can initiate a conversation easily if you are interested in that member’s profile.

7. You can control who can access your profile and block certain information.

With a premium membership, you can control the level of access you provide for your profile. You can block some or all your personal information from other members and can choose to display it whenever you feel appropriate.

This is another reason why senior singles love using this website as it gives them complete freedom on how much information to share with other members.

8. The site verifies all account using paid third party apps and their own moderation team.

The “Trusted Member Verification” feature allows members to get their profile verified by third party sites or by Love Again’s own team for free. Verified profiles get a better response from other members.

This feature curbs the number of fake profiles on the platform and keeps it clean and secure for all members. 

Top 3 Alternatives to,, and are some similar dating websites to Love Again. These dating websites cater to the senior singles but none of them are as popular among mature singles over the age of 40 but below 60 as Love Again.

3 Things We don't like about Love AGAIN:

love again

1. The website takes a lot of time in confirming a profile through email.

While the sign-up process takes only 5-10 minutes, it is the confirmation through email that can take a lot of time according to some users. Some members get the confirmation email within minutes while for some it can take days.

This can be a problem for members who want to start using the website immediately and have paid for the premium membership.

2. Using the Facebook app and login has the risk of bumping into people you already know.

This feature is a dual-edged sword. On one hand, it allows the members to interact more freely. On the other hand, there is always a risk of running into members you already know.

Since the website allows anonymous messaging, you might be conversing with somebody who is your friend or colleague which can lead to a lot of embarrassment later.

3. The free version of the website does not allow you to initiate a conversation.

You can only initiate a conversation on the platform with a free membership. You can only browse profiles and send winks to members to let them know that you are interested in them.

Only members with premium membership accounts are allowed to communicate freely and send unlimited messages to other members. 

What's Inside the Paid Version of LoveAgain?

The Love Again website has a free as well as paid membership plan you can avail to get access to its premium features. The paid membership can be taken for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Some of the interesting features of the paid plans include:

  • You can block members and shield your private information.
  • You can interact with other members freely using all interaction modes.
  • You can access the audio and video chatting feature of the website.

Share Your Love Again Review:

Love Again is a very simplified version of the modern dating sites as it is designed for people above the age of 40 who are not that comfortable with technology. It has a clean layout and the option to log in through the Facebook app makes it very easy for members to browse and interact with other members.

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