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A combination of a social networking site and a dating website, Meet Me is a fun and casual dating website which looks beyond some of the ways of traditional dating websites and makes people meet in fun and new ways.

With over 20 million members worldwide, Meet Me started its journey in 2005 as My Yearbook. It was later evolved into a fun dating website for people who wanted to meet someone new through games and activities. Review


  • It makes people meet new individuals through fun games and activities.
  • The website version does not show advertisements like other dating websites.
  • The website is free to join and has an online currency called Lunch Money which can be purchased.
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    You can search and contact any member and use the live feed feature to keep yourself updated with recent updates from the members. 


  • The mobile apps of the website do not have a search function.
  • Some features of the website can only be used using Lunch Money.
  • The profiles of members contain some very basic information and not much about them.

8 Things We like about review

1. It is the combination of social networking and dating.

Meet Me actually started as a fun social networking site and then transformed into a dating site with new features that have never been seen before in traditional dating websites which can seem boring to some people.

The website is very creatively designed and has a simple yet attractive layout that catches the attention of the members.

2. It makes you meet new people in fun and interactive ways.

Unlike most social media websites which help you connect with common friends, this website makes you meet new people in the most interesting ways. You can play games and indulge in fun activities with the members to get to know them better.

You can play online board games, card games, or other match-making games on the website with other members to see how compatible you are with them. There are many other games and activities you can play on both the website and the apps.

3. The website version does not display ads and is free to use.

The website of Meet Me offers most of its features for free and does not bombard you with advertisements the minute you sign up on the website. It is a relief as most dating website use advertisements to earn revenue and these ads can be distracting.

You can use the website for free and create a profile easily without having to pay for anything. You can also earn credits for free without buying them and use other features of the website.

4. The website has fully functional iOS and Android apps.

In addition to the website, you can also access Meet Me using its mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. These apps are fully functional but do use advertisements so if you do not like looking at ads, you can access the website version.

It is easier to sign up and create a profile on the website version but for subsequent usage, the apps also offer similar features and are updated regularly.

5. You can play blind date games with up to 4 people.

All fun and games aside, the app is great for meeting people who can be your dating partners. The “Blind Date” feature allows you to play with four other members and answer questions about each other to check compatibility.

These questions are pre-set and if you answer questions correctly about a person, that date will be converted to your match and you can then take things forward with that person through instant messaging option.

6. The website uses a “Facebook” style live feed which is updated in real time.

This feature is a recent addition to the website and gives a feel of a social networking site with its real-time updates. The live feed can be used to check all the recent updates from the members and you can also access it via the mobile apps.

You can use this feed to update something about yourself too to get noticed by the other members easily.

7. You can search for matches according to location and age.

The search option of the website allows you to sort profiles on the basis of their location, age, gender, relationship status and other factors. This can help you a lot in going through all the profiles since there are a lot of members registered on the website.

You can also discover your secret admirers easily through the search feature as it lets you know who has visited your profile.

8. You can earn Lunch Money by engaging more often on the website.

The website is considered technically “Free” as you can also earn credits by simply spending more time on the website. You can browse profiles, engage with the members, or simply log on to the website every day to earn free lunch money.

You can use this lunch money to unlock a lot of cool features on the website and purchase attractive profile layouts to woo other members. 

Top 3 Alternatives to, and are some similar dating websites to Meet Me. All these websites help you to meet new people and connect with them just like you do on social networking sites using social games and activities.

3 Things We Don't like about


1. You cannot use the search function on the mobile apps.

One major problem with using the mobile apps for accessing Meet Me is that you cannot use the search feature to sort through profiles. This can lead to wastage of a lot of time if you have to go through all the profiles individually.

You can access the basic and the advanced search options only on the website version so most people tend to avoid using the apps despite them being fully functional.

2. You can send and receive anonymous questions which can be overwhelming and irritating for some users.

The “Ask Me” feature of the website can quickly turn from being useful to annoying as you get so many anonymous questions as soon as you show an interest in some profile.

You can also send questions and receive them anonymously. This feature is misused by some of the members to irritate or disturb other members who have not responded to their request.

3, The profiles of the members only contain basic information about them.

Most members do not take efforts to add other personal details about their hobbies and interests on their profiles so you can only get to know some very basic information about them.

Due to only limited information being available for sorting, the search feature also does not return results effectively. Premium Membership - Worth it?

MeetMe has horrible reputation for blocking accounts. It doesn't work for everyone and its social security is lacking. We don't find it worthy for premium membership!

It has a credit system called Lunch Money which can be bought using money. You can unlock the following features using Lunch Money:

  • You can send stickers to all friends.
  • You can highlight your profile on the live feed.
  • You can use the “Owned” feature to buy and sell friends.
  • You can purchase homepage themes to make your profile look more attractive.
  • You get priority in the match feature and get spotlight so more members notice you.

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Meet Me is adopting a fun and new approach to online dating and is quite fun to use to meet singles in your area. It works just like a social networking app and has a host of interactive games and activities you can indulge in with members to check your compatibility with them. It is a refreshing change from other traditional online dating sites which can become boring after a while. 

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