MeUndies Review – Just a Hype? (My 2 Cents!)

Dedicated to the art of the perfect pair is the tag line of Meundies, and this tag line has been chosen with good reason. It does not matter whether you are a boxer guy, brief guy or you prefer donning boy shorts, Meundies has all the basic under garment wear and styles covered.

Over the years, this brand has come to mark a name for itself and has eventually entered the club of qualifying for a luxury underwear empire. It has made the experience of underwear shopping more approachable and fun without cutting short on the style or quality of products that are offered.

So, here are my 2 Cents on the MeUndies. Do lemme me know your experience, in the comment section!

MeUndies Review


Meundies attempts to enhance the usability and make the experience of under garment shopping more friendly. It resorts to various peculiar yet unique practices like offering one-off purchases along with extending an auto-pilot subscription service which tends to select a pair based on your preferential style and ships to your location each month.

There is a certain algorithm to the kind of garments me prefer and Meundies pays extra attention to that as well. The wide ranged statistics which has been conducted by the company indicates that an estimated 90% of first-time customers continue their subscription through the first 90 days, with the average subscriber buying 12-14 pairs over the year.



Buying undergarments is an essential activity and often awkward when you step in a store. Every salesperson has their own set of quirks which can often be off-putting or you may just be shy while trying to figure out which of those products fit you in front of an audience. Meunides is there to cater to all.

Meundies do not make lot of products but they take care about the quality of their products.

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If this helps, this section is dedicated to all those users who are extremely careful about the materials which are used in the products they buy. Meundies mostly uses MicroModal and Elastane.


Modal is essentially a wood derived fabric. What is so special about this fabric is that it controls moisture and odour better than cotton. Yes! You heard that right. Well, it is still baffling as to why cotton is considered to be a yardstick for measuring the quality of any fabric. Maybe because the quality and price is just right – neither too good nor too bad.

Coming back to the materials which are used widely for Meunides products- Elastane is another one. This material is essentially Spandex. Spandex is widely used since it helps in giving elasticity or flexibility in the material.

Another of my favorite things about Meundies would be that they place all the seams at the optimal places. That is really convenient. If you are talking comfort, that is what I am talking about. They are off the crotch and they lay low and flat to avoid chafing. This feature saves you from a lot of embarrassment. This is my secret to finding that right size.

meundies review

I have always been a person who would give a heads up to comfort and I will tell why the seams at all the right places are important. It is important to get the undergarments which match with your inseam. I mean there is no point paying those extra bugs and just bagging any product. This company tends to put a little attention for the right size, so it makes sure that we as customers also do our little bit. Be a little attentive to all the details the company is keeping in mind while manufacturing your product. And so it is important to know your size and buy products accordingly.

Right size

So when I am trying to give you the most apt review, all I have to say is that Meundies is a go- to brand because the material used by them is super soft and comfortable to wear. This might sound hilarious but they provide a good support to your package. No kidding! I mean these things are really essential to keep in mind before buying a product. They do an amazing job in keeping all that moisture in check. Need I ask more from my undie.

They come in really funky designs as well. If you are a person who likes to get creative with your underwear, Meundies has a pretty wide range of products among which you could try. For women they provide a variety of products as well but to sum it up Meundies has more variety of products for men.

If you are one of those customers who prefers to resort to eco-friendly brands, Meundies is just right for you. You should definitely try it out. Also, if you do not mind spending $20, this is just the right brand and place to come to. This is one of those rare brands where women’s wear starts from $16 and men’s wear starts from $20.

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variety of options

It is important to review the undergarment that has been all over Instagram and has been raging over the internet. Couples have often taken to Instagram and keep posting pictures in matching Meundies. I mean they created freaking hash tag. That is how much they are raging!!!

What I can vouch for, when talking about Meundies is that it has been designed to keep their promise of rendering comfort. The material as well the construction of the garments made by Meundies is commendable. They have paid grave attention to every detail. Each and every seam has been given its due importance and it is flat- locked. It does not have any bumpy seams and leaves no ridges to get formed. This kind of fine stitching is found in sportswear company products or Nike sweatshirts.

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It has been specifically designed for motion, comfort and ease of wear. Also, they have given a good deal of importance to waistband. Yes, that gnawing feeling of being suffocating when you don a wrong undergarment which as the wrong kind of waistband can be off- putting. The waistband is made out of blend of Italian fibers which includes a long list. It includes polyester, nylon and lycron- elastene.

meundies design

Now that’s one heck of a combination. These materials are tightly woven to create a rather silky elastic which stays put. It rests on the skin flat and smooth without giving you unnecessary marks on the waist. I agree with the fact that anything made in Italy is a bonus, but this waistband is a bliss in disguise. Comfort and funk all at the same time. So all those consumers who believe that one should treat their bodies as temples and not as trash, this product is just right for you. Go get it peeps.

Meunides even has really cool theme for memberships. You can switch over memberships very conveniently. There are 3 plans from which you can choose. You switch through the plans at your own pace as well.

meundies collection

You can get exclusive pricing and additionally merchandises are also available for a member who has subscribed for either of the three plans. The plus point of having a subscription with Meundies is that you can switch between memberships plans. At your own pace, you can delete or cancel or even a skip a month if you want. A new pair every month will certainly not hurt you, trust me. I mean we heavily rely on our undergarments and amount which we spent on them is meagre. Not that I am professing that we should dole out a lot of our money.

All I am saying is that we should pay a little more attention to such minute things which make a lot of difference in our lives. If you do not mind spending a little extra on good quality products which vouch for the good quality materials which are used in the making of such garments, my suggestion would be that you buy these products and go ahead and get that convenient subscription too.

There is an interesting way as to how these subscriptions work. There are 3 categories or plans namely- adventurous, bold and classic. Choose whatever title suits you and you will receive the undies by the company itself. Whatever style you have chosen, suited to that you will receive undergarments. It is not a forced thing, if you are not pleased by the selection, you can simply return the stuff.

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Wrapping it Up!

Meundies pays special attention to the quality of material or fabric which it uses in the process of manufacturing these undergarments. It goes out of the way to outsource the world’s best materials available. This is inclusive of a combination of Italian fibres to create a silky elastic that stays flat and smooth on the skin.”

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