5 New Dating Apps of 2017 – Latest Edition!

Our generation is so busy and shy that we don’t have time to approach our crush and ask them to go a date with us. This especially happens with geeks, if you’re a geek or a shy person then you can definitely relate to it, right?

If technology has ruined you, then it can also help you at the same. By installing these new dating apps you can easily start a conversation with people with the same mindset. You don’t have to come out of your comfort zone and busy schedule which makes these apps pretty convenient to use.


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So, without any further ado let’s get right into our topic. If you want any specific app to be included then you can contact us using contact us page.

New Dating Apps

Here is the quick table of 3 new dating apps that are great alternatives to Tinder.

Dating App NamePriceAvailability
Coffee Meets BagelFreeAndroid/iOS
Taste BudsFreeiOS

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Our First pick for the new dating apps is Coffee Meets Bagel. This app is known for reliability and being less aggressive as compared to other best hookup apps. It is a quality app which you can use to find someone yourself for dating.

First, you need to install the app and then to access it you need to connect it with your Facebook account, though it’s totally safe. You’ve to fill your bio and add a profile picture to complete the registration process which doesn’t take long.

new dating app

The concept of this app is pretty unique. This app will find you a bagel according to Facebook friend mutuality. Every day at 12:00 Pm, you will be suggested a single which is just selected for you.

The app will suggest you a bagel, if you like the bagel, then you’ve to give it a like, and the same will be for the opposite user. If she/he likes your pic then you’ll be able to message each other for a week.

If you don’t like the bagel, then you can ignore it and the app will suggest you a new bagel next day. However, if you like your bagel, but you don’t have enough time to chat, then you extend this app for next 24 hours.

This app is absolutely free, however, there are some premium features that require beans. To collect them you’ve to invite your friends to join this app. Every time a user will register an account on Coffee Meets Bagel using your referral account you’ll earn Beans, or you can simply buy them.

The app is pretty reliable, but you can chat with the bagel for a week only. After that, everything gets cleared up. You can’t chat with the same bagel. Now, this is something not so cool, however, if both people want to keep in touch and like each other, then they can share the number of their social media profiles.

This app costs nothing and available both for Android & iOS users, so go & download it.

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2. OKCupid

new dating apps

Okcupid app is pretty much similar to Tinder app. To use it you can connect to the either Instagram or Facebook. You don’t have to worry about the privacy since it’s pretty safe.

You can look inside the app only after completing the bio & questions being asked which are really boring, but that helps the app to find good match-ups for you, good deal right?

OKCupid uses GPS to find people near you which help you to get hooked-up easily and date quickly without any distance issue. The UI of OKCupid is good but not so smooth and attractive and being a user you might don’t like it.

The default size of the picture is pretty small which is kinda annoying, and you’ve to click on “large preview to  see the full image.” This app is not excellent, but good enough to find some single people around you who might be interesting in you.

This app is absolutely free but there are also some cool features for premium accounts. The app is available both for Android & iPhone, so go & download it.

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3. Hinge

new dating app

Hinge is rocking dating world since 2016. It made a lot of buzzes and quite similar to tinder. To begin with app, you need to authenticate it with your Facebook account.

It will suggest you the match-ups according to Facebook friends mutuality, means you’ve something in common Facebook. Now, this feature could break a good potential match, but who knows if you find an excellent match.

The other drawback of this app is that it’s not secure because it shares your personal Facebook bio like where you works, country and all. This app kinda forces you to have a meet up in real life that’s why it shares your bio.

This app is available both for Android & iOS user at free of cost. We hope you guys have a good time on Hinge

Key Features

Here are few key features that you should really take care of. The source is discovered on Askmen’s blog post.

Avoids “randos” by only matching its users with Facebook friends of Facebook friends

– Displays your mutual friends, which avoids meeting up with an ex’s pal, your parent’s friend, or otherwise

– Shares interests that encourage real life meet-ups rather than lingering on the messenger, for example, you’re both into dessert, why not meet up?

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4. Taste Buds

Taste Buds is a great app if you’re looking for a concert buddy or someone who enjoys music as much as you do. Everyone enjoys music but their is a term called “Music Freak,” so if you’re a music freak and looking for someone having the same music taste then you should definitely try out Taste Buds app.

Like any other app, you’ve to upload your picture so that your account doesn’t get deleted from their database. Taste buds currently has over 500,000 people which is a great opportunity to date a person having same music taste as of yours.

As soon as you list your favorite your artists, songs, and bands, you’ll be able to see people near by you having interest in the same artists, songs or brands. (You can list your favorite songs directly using music library)

Even if you don’t find someone that you can possibly date, then you’ll at least get a concert buddy to attend all the concerts happening around. The one downside is that this app is not available for the Android – Hopefully, they build one very soon.

5.  Clever.co

Clever.co is a new dating app to meet new people. You can start using this app by uploading your picture and completing the bio (like you fill tinder bios). Clever.co puts everything under one roof and provides a very good experience to the users. In addition to meeting people, you also get to know about the events happening near by.

You can invite people to the events and also look for the friends that which events they are attending. Clever.co doesn’t have “Match” option like most of the apps. Instead, you send request from people that you want to meet.

It has advance features that let you filter out the searches to find more relevant people for meeting or dating. However, there are few features that are not free, you need to pay to use them. If you like the app, then there shouldn’t be any problem to become a premium user, right? This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Wrapping up

So these are the top 5 choices of editor for new dating apps of 2017 both for Android & iPhone users. Our reviews are totally unbiased. We are not affiliated with any app in any manner.You can give a try to all these apps to see which one works out good for you.

Though, Tinder is still the most powerful and user friendly app with the biggest database, but it’s worth giving a try to new new dating apps because Tinder is very crowded and getting matches are hard.

Notice: Be careful while using online social media apps. Don’t share your personal Facebook or Bank details, no matter what. However, you can share the mobile numbers if you want. Your safety is in your hand.

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