OkCupid Review – Here’s Why It’s Still One of The Best Dating Sites

With the mushrooming of so many dating sites, finding a perfect match for yourself should not be such a difficult task after all. All you need to know is the wide range of applications that suit your requirements. Gay, lesbian, hooking up, you name it and there are sites which have been specifically designed and formed that will meet your ends and needs.

My job here is to enlighten you and let you know about the nitty gritties of the existing choices. Okcupid is one of the best free dating applications that have hit the market. What is more and one of the most fascinating aspects about this application is that it is proven to have one of the best algorithms to match up the partners.

OkCupid Review

I know that getting hands on, on a dating application can seem to be a daunting task and needs some level of feeling of security; all your concerns are met here. Okcupid is one of the most widely used applications which have around 30 million users. Now that is a whooping number!

First in its own right!

OkCupid was the first dating site which provided free and unlimited exchange of messages. This is pretty big in its right. It was also one of the first to site which switched from open messaging to close messaging. This made the sent messages invisible to the recipient. So in the area of innovation, OkCupid has always been on the forefront.


Although it is a common notion you hear in OkCupid review that it's not really meant for serious dating, there have been some cases in which people have dated and still continue to be together. So it is meant for all sorts of relationships be it flings, hook ups, dating or serious dating. You just need to see what works for you. 

The only taxing thing about this dating site is filing in your application form which is a laborious task. If you really want to get hitched with the most appropriate person, I suggest that you take this thing very seriously and give in the required time because this algorithm does wonders.


okCupid review
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    The one absolute beauty about this site is that it really has the capacity to match you up with the most likely partner you will get or choose for yourself. The algorithm for this dating site is absolutely flawless and out of this world. You just need to have a solid filter which would keep you away from all sorts of creepy pursuant.
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    Want to be struck by Cupid? This is the place for you. Also since 2009, there is an A -list account option which comes only after a month’s subscription. It provides some additional services too.
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    The thing with A- list subscription is that they get extra and added advantages. They do not have to sit through and witness all the advertisements. Now that is a big plus. The browsing and filtering options are a little more wide than the other non-subscription users. They can browse openly and also choose whether they want their profiles to be viewed or be visible to those who have visited their profiles.
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    OkCupid analyses the interaction that takes place between their users. OkCupid has an official blog called OkTrends which presents statistical observations with the OkCupid users and present data on the


OkCupid pros

The unique and pretty cool thing about this application is that it has an in built and very well designed and structured algorithm structure which works on a very simple and accurate basis. There will be a pool of questions which range to some thousands of them and you will only get about 50 which you will have to answer.

I suggest that you make the right call and answer as accurately as possibly since these answers are key to which partner you get and will determine who and what kind of a partner you are matched or linked to.

These compatibility percentages are just mind boggling and work really well.

Some of the question does tend to be obnoxious; they form a wide continuum that covers a range of preferences ranging from sensual preferences to your life goals.

I can vouch for one fact and that is, you will be able to know a person in a better manner before you actually get down on your first date considering the information provided to you is genuine and accurate.

The questions provided by this site do not limit themselves to only pleasure preferences. They cover a wide ambit of questions which could often times be uncomfortable to answer. You can simply skip answering such a thing.

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Attention: our latest list of Best dating sites for OkCupid Alternatives is out!
  • Since this application is free, it tends to attract almost anyone and everyone who is adept enough to make an account and answer a set of weird questions which could be as random as Could you date a smoker to completely bogus ones which goes something like this- What are your views on Eugenics?
  • In my opinion and whatever has been the experience of people I know, OkCupid is full of scammers and in my opinion; it has a major chunk of users who are more like kinksters.
  • It is often considered to be a red zone for women. The huge number of S*X requests that flood in your inbox is just appalling. It just does not end there, there are abuses thrown at you for no apparent reason. All these traits and common features can put off the more earnest daters.I 
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    I realized that my tone is that of a cynic but trust me it does have a bunch of really pretty and genuine women. Since many people opt out of this site and often forget to delete their profiles, it becomes extremely difficult to figure out if that person is ignoring you or not active anymore.


One thing that they take extremely seriously is that they offers a range of gridlocks which makes your profile extremely secure. It comes with a range of privacy controls and one of the unique things is that users can choose who views their profile. They also makes a lot of efforts to keep the application updated. They also hace a venture called ‘Events’ which goes to show the extent of innovative flair that they have.

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if you are looking for hook ups or some serious fun with furries and other assorted people, you have just hit the jack pot. Understanding and exploring your sexuality is an equally important task to do. So if you want some fun, this is your haven, my friend.

Share your personal OkCupid experience to help people who are looking for constructing OkCupid review - yes, it will help us too. There is a substantial amount of people who have found good dates and continue to be with them even now. But I just had one of the most typical experiences I feel.

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