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A dating app for minimalists, Once is a very unique app which focuses on less is more and sends you only one personalized match per day which expires at the end of the day. The site has limited features and uses a matchmaking algorithm to find a good match for you. Since the match expires after 24 hours, there is an added thrill in the whole process.



  • The site has a very sleek and minimalistic layout.
  • The site is free to use and does not have a paid version.
  • The moderators verify the profile pictures uploaded by the members.
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    The quality of members is great and you have an option to sign-up using Facebook.
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    The site uses a detailed questionnaire for matchmaking which needs to be filled during sign-up.


  • The site does not have a lot of search filters. 
  • The chat feature offered by the website has limited options.
  • The “one match per day” feature might not be for members who want to browse multiple profiles.

8 Things We love about ONCE Dating App:

once dating app review

1. You get one personalized match per day which expires after 24 hours.

Playing on the FOMO of its members, the website functions on a very unique and simple concept that you get one chance to connect with your potential match. This one of a kind feature makes Once a unique dating website which caters to minimalists.

The website uses a detailed matchmaking process to find the right match for you and this match expires after a day so you need to act fast if you are interested in the match sent to you.

2. The site is free to use.

There are very few dating websites that are completely free to use and Once is one of them. The site does not have a paid version and can be used by everybody to find a partner.

The website does have some “Crown” features which are paid and also offers a VIP pass but it is free for public use as far as the whole website and its features are concerned. The site also focuses on quality over quantity so despite being free, there are no untoward incidences which harm the user experience on the website.

3. The quality of the members is great and you can sign-up using Facebook.

Once has more than 4 million members and sees more than 20 million matches every month. The quality of the members is quite great as the website focuses on getting members which prefer slow dating to the speed dating environment that flourishes these days.

You can log in on to the website using your Facebook profile as well so that your profile picture can be used for your profile on the app. This makes it easier for people who do not want to remember different login Ids and passwords.

4. Each profile picture is verified by the moderators of the website.

A great feature for preventing fake profiles on the website, the team of moderators of Once verify each profile picture before it is allowed to be uploaded on your profile. The picture needs to be clear and should show your face. The picture is rejected if it is not clear.

This also helps the users get a better idea of their match before they respond to it. Pictures which show nudity or where you cannot be recognized are also rejected.

5. The detailed sign-up questionnaire helps to customize the matchmaking process.

The app uses many features to select the right match for you and the questionnaire filled by you at the time of signing up on the website also plays an important role. Other factors include location, activity, and hobbies.

The questions are short and easy to answer so the questionnaire will not take more than 10-15 minutes of your time.

6. The site offers a great user experience and the layout is clean and simple.

The clean and impressive layout of the website makes it easy for the users to navigate through the website without getting lost in ads or unrelated tabs. The website is known for its design and pays a lot of attention to maintain this experience.

The team of the website makes sure that the users get the type of response they are hoping for and are available to solve any concerns or queries round the clock.

7. The site only sends active matches to its members.

One common problem that people face when they use dating websites is that there is no way to know whether a profile is active or inactive. Once solves this problem tactfully as the matchmakers send you only those matches who have been active on the website in the last 48 hours.

This does not promise a response but it always helps to know that you are not getting interested in a person who has not been active on the website for months or years.

8. The privacy policy of the website offers a safe and secure experience.

The website offers a standard privacy policy and has all the safety features that modern dating websites use to protect and safeguard the interest of its users. The verification of profile photos also helps in this regard.

Most of the members on the platform are quite genuine as they are serious about dating and finding a suitable partner.

Top 3 Alternatives to ONCE:

AtFirstSight.com, Skout.com, and Blume.com are some similar dating websites to Once. All these websites offer a limited number of matches and prefer quality over quantity so you get fewer matches but those matches are quite relevant.

3 Things We Don't like about ONCE:

once dating app

1. The number of matches per day can be too limiting for some members.

People who love browsing through profiles to find some people they are interested in will not like the slow pace of the website as you have to wait for 24 hours before you get your next match.

It is also a limiting feature for people with very specific interests as they do not get a lot of options in terms of matches.

2. The match that you are sent is sometimes not in your location.

If you are living in a small city, the matches being sent to you might not be as per your liking in terms of proximity. While some people are ok with pursuing long-distance relationships, others might want to find someone in their area.

The website does work hard to find matches for its members but sometimes the matches are either inactive or too far away so there is no point in making an effort also.

3. The chat feature of the website offers limited response options.

The site does not have a very elaborate communications channel through which you can connect with your match. The chat feature is also quite limited and there are only a few responses that you can send to break the ice with your match.

The chats you had with past matches also disappear suddenly if the match ends the conversation or deactivates his or her profile. 

What's Inside Premium Membership of ONCE?

The app is free for use but does have some features in its “Crown” Section which are paid. Some of these features include:

  • You can communicate with your past matches.
  • You can choose your own match for the next day.
  • You can get another match who is online if you do not like your current match.

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Once is a very unique dating website which works on minimalism and is good for people who want to take things slow. It is a well-built platform and the matches selected by the team are carefully chosen after considering a lot of criteria. The platform is great for entering the online dating world as you are not bombarded with a flashy website and instead get a clean and sophisticated platform to connect to your potential partner.

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