OurTime.com Review – Does it Work For Senior Singles Over 60?

Another dating website aiming to connect single seniors above the age of 50, Our Time is a website which is dedicated to making older people find their mates who can accompany them on dates or even for marriage and long-term relationships.

The website sees over 7 Lakh visitors a month and has mobile apps also for Apple and Android platforms. Since the audience is more mature, the relationships that get forged on the platform are deeper and more meaningful.

OurTime.com Review


  • The site seamlessly keeps a track of all your activities on the platform without any glitches.
  • You get a fixed number of handpicked matches every day using a custom algorithm.
  • The site allows you to browse all the profiles easily and has a well-designed user interface.
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    The connect-me feature of the site allows you to interact with members through texts and call without revealing your phone number.


  • Your profile remains invisible unless you upload a profile picture.
  • Some features of the website might be too overwhelming for older users.
  • Some useful features of the site are only accessible to the paid members. 

8 Reason why we love OurTime.com

Ourtime.com review

1. The website offers something for every member.

This website is not just designed to help people date. It also connects like-minded individuals who want to travel together or just talk to each other as pen pals. It encourages senior singles to find partners who also want to enjoy life like they do. 

The relationships that get started on the platform are more meaningful and end up in marriages as well.

2. The user interface is quite well-designed and the home page is easy to navigate.

As soon as you sign-up on the platform, you will be guided to answer a few questions that help the website find the right matches for you but the whole process is very smooth and takes only a few minutes. 

The dashboard is divided into neat sections through which you can access all the features without having to worry about going to the wrong section. With clear directions and a guided introduction, the website is very easy to use. 

3. The members are quite active and most of the profiles are genuine.

With a more mature audience, the site is not like other dating websites where the members are only interested in casual dating. The site has genuine members from similar age backgrounds who are quite actively searching for partners to share their lives with.

The profiles of the members are quite genuine and are designed to share their hobbies and interests in an engaging format. There are very few fake profiles on the platform as you need to upload a photograph to get an active profile.

4. You get ten handpicked matches a day selected using a custom algorithm.

Keeping the age and nature of its targeted audience in mind, the site does not bombard you with thousands of profiles as this can be overwhelming for the users and can confuse them.

The site uses a custom matching algorithm which delivers ten handpicked matches to you every day but you can also browse through other profiles in addition to the matches being sent to you. 

5. You can text and call other members using the connect-me feature.

This is a great feature of the website which allows you to connect with other members offline through texts and calls without revealing your personal phone number. You can also email the members you are interested in if you prefer to interact that way.

The website also allows you to send digital gifts via email to other members and the inbox of your profiles holds all these messages, emails, and gifts for you to refer to easily. 

6. The “I am interested” game allows you to swipe through profiles easily. 

A more mature version of the classic “hot-or-not” game that is available on most dating websites, the “I am Interested” feature of the website also places profile pictures in a carousel format so that you can swipe through them and see which ones you are interested in.

All the profiles that you show an interest in get saved on the “Who I Like” Section of your dashboard through which you can access them easily later.

7. The site is quite safe and secure for all users.

Our Time team makes considerable efforts to keep the site safe and secure for all its users and uses physical and electronic safety measures to protect your personal information.

It also has a privacy policy in place to safeguard the members of the website and all financial information entered on the platform is encrypted to avoid malicious attempts at stealing the information.

8. The community section on the home page reminds you of important updates in the profiles of other members in a newsfeed pattern.

The dashboard on your homepage also has a community section wherein you can find all important updates related to the members you have shown interest in. This ranges from changes in their profile photographs to their birthdays.

These updates can help you initiate a conversation with the member easily if you do not have any topic in mind. 

Top 3 Alternatives to OurTime.com

SeniorPeopleMeet.com, eHarmony.com, and SilverSingles.com are some similar dating websites to Our Time. All these websites are designed to connect senior singles that are looking to find life partners or just partners for sharing their interests.

3 Things we don't like about OurTime.com

OurtTime.com paid membership

1. Your profile on the platform remains invisible unless you add a profile picture.

While this feature helps to curb fake profiles and uninterested members from signing up on the app, it also restricts members who are not willing to share their photographs on a common platform.

Your profile is only activated on the platform if you upload a profile photo so if you are not willing to share your photo with all the members or want to remain discreet, the website is not for you.

2. The number of features on the website can be overwhelming for older users.

The website has a lot of paid features which are accessible to members who have purchased the tokens and these features can be a little overwhelming for old users who are habitual to simpler formats.

From Promote Me, Message Ideas, Online Activity Tracking, to Notify Me, Multiple Chat Features and more, the website can be a little overwhelming for some users.

3. The website uses a paid token system in addition to premium membership.

In addition to paying for the premium membership, users also need to buy tokens as a currency to use some of the advanced features of the website like promote me, match me, or to send virtual gifts to other members.

While these tokens can be purchased in bulk at very cheap prices, it is still an overhead cost above and beyond what you pay for the membership.

Worth investing in OurTime.com Premium Membership?

We don't recommend getting the paid version because recently the site has been reported to filled with a lot of phony profiles. Although, our team had good experience but things have changed quite a bit since then. But, if you're interested in giving it a shot then you'll get the following features which, in our opinion, increases the chances of success.

  • You get access to the instant messaging feature.
  • You can see who accessed your profile and who is online right now.
  • You can use the search filters more extensively to narrow down your choices.
  • You get a read receipt for the messages you send to other members.

Share your experience with OurTime.com

OurTime.com aims to make it easier for older people to date without having to go through thousands of profiles with lewd or obscene content. The site offers something for everybody and you can find your ideal travel partner or your life partner on the site if you are lucky!

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