Review – Passion For Honey or Your Money? is meant for all the singles in town or the confused lot who wish to have a close encounter with one or more than one person. Something which is peculiar to this dating site is that you find more than one partners here for yourself.

Passion is perfect for someone who is on the lookout for some kind of a sensual encounter and is seeking to find people who are like minded and would not mind to engage in casual hook ups. There are a ton of preferences from which you can choose and not be shy about them at all. The filters offered by them seem to be moderately accurate. Review

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  • Passion provides free chat room and instant messenger facilities free of cost. 
  • There is also a system of point and voting system which further gamifies the entire concept and site and makes the process even more social.
  • According to our research, this site tends to attract people who are more sensual in nature.
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    There is this awesome deal where in if you do not meet a suitable partner within the duration of three months, will extend and give you a free subscription of three years to you. How cool is that?
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    Women have more options than men. Since the number of male users is more than the number of female users. There is also a high chance that the ratio of women finding partners than the ratio of men finding a suitable match is more.


  • The site might some times have a lot of unnecessary kinky material.
  • It is a difficult task to set up your preferences since it has a low quality or more precisely a weak preference setting options.
  • You have got to get the money in order to even decently operate on this site. Without getting a subscription, the usage of the site is pretty limited.
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    The number of fake profiles may be a topic of concern. However if you report or complain, that profile will be looked into and removed within a span of 24 hours.

PASSION.COM REVIEW: 6 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD USE PASSION SITE is typically one of those sites where in you would want to experience some sort of intimate sexual relations.

passion review
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    The functioning and the way of operating and finding matches are pretty straight forward. So is user friendly. I cannot vouch with the same confidence with the preference set up.
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    The search option called ‘sexual kink’ is a favorite among most users. This is probably one of the rare features and this site does not shy away in the department of kinkiness.
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    There are sexual oriented search options which will ask for your sexual preferences and orientation and give you somewhat decent results.
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    WHATS HOT is a really cool feature. There is a voting feature and this keeps getting updated very often. So guys be alert! The user who gets the maximum votes on his/ her videos, pictures or even member profiles will be featured widely.
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    Whatever activities you conduct while using this site, will be separately registered in an option called My Site. From adding a picture or a post to as mundane as an activity of viewing someone’s profile, everything will get registered.
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    You have to choose your sexual orientation or sexual orientation(s) and choose exactly what kind of man or woman you might be interested in. These act as your filters. If you wish to meet a group or an individual TV/TS/TG. You must choose your options purely based on your personal preferences. 


  • Nothing in this world is free might be exemplified once you decide that you want to start using this dating app. You have got to pay the extra bucks in order to even enjoy the basic and decent amenities and chat preferences.
  • One of the major drawbacks of is firstly it DOES NOT HAVE a mobile app. That itself is a major setback for a user like me. You cannot possibly expect all users to be sitting next to their desktop and waiting and keeping tabs for any kind of new notifications.
  • Also the robust desktop version differs from the version of the desktop site which you get on a mobile version. It is a given that mobile version will always be different from the desktop version and that is exactly why specific mobile applications are introduced. I just feel this could be a little of a setback for me, personally if I was regularly using this app. 
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    Whatever algorithm is being set up by the app developers, it has not proven to be a hit thing. The preferences and the filters do not seem to be doing a decent job since there have been many cases of fall outs or people do not prefer to follow up on most of the recommended matches.


Let us see what seems to differentiate the mobile version and the desktop version. And, Here are the following reasons why I think it is a setback. 

  • Desktop version is a fairly animated and active version of a rather mundane and dull version of the same hook up site. 
  • Desktop version has clearly demarcated sections, features, functionalities; the mobile version condenses everything and does not have very specific sections to separate the same. You might get confused at the end of the day while using this site.


There is a 3 steps drill that you must abide to, in order to become a member for These steps are as follows: The entire process takes about 60 seconds to get done with. It is that easy. It is only once that an additional tab will open up and that is it. Hassle free!

You then have to give in some basic sort of information like your age/ gender/ location/ e mail address. These details are really basic and should not be a problem. Also you get to fill in some other details as well like:

  • A 10 character headline.
  • Additional details like- race, marital status, sexual orientation and in addition you can write up a bio for yourself. This could also give an insight to your personality.
  • You also have to spend sometime mentioning the levels of interest you have in kink. There will be about 11 additional sections which will be addressing the sub heading of kink.


It is free to join this dating site but the catch is here. All you will be able to achieve with a free membership is create a profile, perform some very rudimentary and basic searches and view profile summaries.

But the most important act of sending or receiving emails or initiating communications will not be able to be conducted as a free and standard user. In order to get the best out of this site, you will require opting for a premium gold subscription.

Only when you get the subscription will you be able to initiate any sort of communication with other users. You could video chat; you could also make use of the instant messaging feature or in any case video chat with them. Whatever suits you.

There is also an option of group video chat with members as well as Passion’s cam models. The gold subscription lets you to view full versions of profiles and even browse through all the pictures.

They even give you guarantee! 

How much ever absurd this may sound, has definitely taken the whole online dating game a notch up by providing a guarantee. What this guarantee does is that it vouches that if you have not hooked up on Passion within a period of 3 months, you can actually ask or you legit qualify for an additional 3 months which will be absolutely free. 

Passion.COM Review: Share Your Experience!

This site is a user friendly application which mainly attracts users who might be interested in encountering any sort of intimate relationship with a person or more than one user also. The site has some really cool features like- there exists a voting system where in users vote for other user’s pictures, profiles and videos. So who ever manages to garner the maximum votes, his/her profile is the one whose profile trends for a certain amount of time.

There could be some serious setbacks as well. There is no official application and there is a certain degree of difference between the mobile version of the dating sites and the robust desktop version of the same. Might not be a good match for people who do not tend to enjoy such high levels of kinkiness.

We want you guys to participate and contribute to this review post by sharing your passion experience in the comment section. It will help us to build a very constructive review.

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