Pure App Review – Any Good For Casual Flings?

The Pure App is a dating service with the purpose of helping people connect in a time limited fashion. It is unique in its cohort. The very concept of using Pure app is different from any other application. It gives the space to users to create time limited accounts which can last up to an hour.

What happens in this hour?

It provides security and comfort for the temporary and time limited accounts which last up to an hour. Within this hour, users have the space and opportunity to connect with the other willing users with the help of the GPS function. The time limited accounts essentially address and take care of the various and obvious security concerns. 

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Pure App Review


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    Anonymity: As information get erased every hour, there is no worry about photos being available on the Internet.
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    Your privacy is assured with the one hour clock.
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    It’s simple and easy to use and is oriented to get quick results.
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    Women are allowed a free membership with access to all features.
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    There is no paid version and it is totally free.


  • The anonymity feature could also be considered a negative aspect. There is not much time available for people to check out a potential date.
  • You need a credit card and must offer information for registering.
  • Meeting and hooking up with a person is mainly based on your photograph and not much other information. You need to post good photos of yourself.


pure review

This is the slogan or catch phrase of this start up which became a highly successful and conducive investment. The hue and cry about this application is real and was visible since people would already be on signed and would not mind being included in the waiting list. This application must have done something right.

The Pure app functions in an extremely simple manner. A user can post a photo and the other users can show or prove their preferences by simply indicating whether they are “interested" or "not interested". You have very simple ways in which you can react and show your area of interests. Since this is one of those apps which is time bound, you can view the profiles of people who are within 50 kilometers of radius.

The users can further more communicate with each other if they have showed mutual interest or consent. The account disappears into thin air within one hour of creation. Not only does the profile vanish but all the prior correspondence also goes away. 

However if the user is interested in further using this application, he/ she must begin the process all over again and create another new profile. The entire purpose behind doing this is to avoid storing personal data which tends to get exposed in multiple occasions via security breach. In order to continue using the service, the user must begin the process again by creating a new profile. The purpose is to avoid the ongoing storage of personal data that can be exposed via a security breach.

5 Things We like About Pure Dating App

pure app review
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    Pure is a mobile hookup application has challenged the very defined and set status quo. You are only a click away to find that’s sexual partner. It is not meant for people who want to get into a relationship and have kids and ever so patiently wooing that girl.
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    It has a fairly simple premise that follows the slogan- “Dates on Demand”. The hook up app will not disappoint you and fiercely sticks to the tag line. The feature of sending Geo-located requests to other users on the same app has proven to be extremely fruitful for all the users who have an unsustainable appetite for s8x. 
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    It has also been seen as a Tinder competitor since it has taken a step ahead and made accessibility to all the hedonistic pleasures really easily available. Although it is open for debate, by using this app you can find partners in a much faster way than Tinder or other apps like Tinder which employ algorithm or Geo-based arrangements.
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    Pure does not beat around the bush with its intentions and brings a whole new meaning to the idea of online hookups sites. What is even braver on its part is that it sells this concept and way of life ever so proudly.
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    The minimalistic requirement of this application tends to create an environment of extreme anonymity. You can shield your personal identity successfully and the limited data provided by users does not give much space to let out all the information you so fiercely want to hold on to.

5 Alternatives to Pure Dating App

Tinder, Zoosk, Match.com. AdultFriendFinder, Passion.com are the five competitors to Pure. These are the best places to join if you're looking for quick fling. Below, you can read the individual reviews of these apps.

Simple Profile Setup

The interface of this app is simple and stylish. All you need to fill is your gender and a upload a photograph.

Thanks to the notion that they have no elaborate setting up of profile. Since they believe that since the users are merely interested in having casual s8x and their only motive, nothing else could be seen as a requirement. All they really need to know is the proximity of the other ser and that is it.

Following are the steps that you must follow in order to set your profile up:

  • You only need to set up your profile picture.
  • You can allow push notifications or geo location. The latter is important.
  • Agree to the terms and the conditions for registering, as you are allowing others to view your location and distance.
  • You have to mention your sexual orientation and upload your picture before beginning a 7 day trial session.
  • You have to then place your credit card details on the file for a monthly subscription plan that you can opt for after the expiration of the free trial period. After that, You can then access the home screen.


Since it is time bound and the creators realize that it could even be dangerous, what they do is keep the visibility only upto one hour. Not only does the person or conversation vanish into thin air, even the s8x request is not accessible after the 60 minutes.

Race against time, quite literally so be sharp and fast!

Location Based

Many other apps also use the location and rely heavily on the GPS settings, but this app is much more specific and the only basis to get yourself laid is that you must be present at the right place and at the right time.

You can view a potential match located within a radius of 50 kilometers from your location. When two people say yes to each other, you can chat with each other. These conversations no matter how heartfelt or cheesy get deleted, or rather erase themselves automatically once your 60 minutes is over.

6 Things that We Don't like about Pure App

  • One thing that could be a major bummer is that this application requires you to give in your credit card details. Even if you are using it for a free trial, it requires all of this personal details. 
  • It would not work on your favor is that the nature of time limitation user accounts limits your accessibility. So maybe when you want to get some, there won’t be an availability of any users. So it really does not depend on you, it depends on the time and so the place where you are at. 
  • You simply don't have any scope to showcase your personality. The only way to gauge a person or exhibit yourself on this application is by simply uploading a selfie or a picture.
  • You have a total 60 minutes to connect with other users and do keep in mind, the request that has been received by you might expire anytime since you have no idea when did the other user start his sixty minutes.
  • 60 Minutes algorithm makes it intense and extremely time bounded since you would never know as to when you request will expire, it is a race against time. You literally have no clue as to when your s8x request will expire. So it is all about speed and getting it fast. More like race against time.
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    It doesn't work very well in places where the population is sparsely populated or the places which are not densely populated. And so it I important that you keep in mind the location or place form where you wish to activate your profile. Good Luck to ya’ll.

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This application has proved to work really well in metro cities namely- Moscow, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. which has a large number of people belonging to the cohort who are willing to have casual hookup. 

To give you an accurate evaluation of this application, it will not be unfair to say that it is a heaven for all those people who are interested in having no strings attached, one night stands. These s*xu*l encounters do not mean anything. If you qualify and are in harmony with these two qualities, this app is meant just for you.

It is literally has a no nonsense approach to arranging casual s*x encounters. The only matchmaking feature integrated in the app is the concept of matching users based on proximity to each other, and the only additional information you can submit about yourself in your “request” for an immediate casual partner is a single selfie.

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3 thoughts on “Pure App Review – Any Good For Casual Flings?”

  1. Just signed up for Pure last night. He’s the most honest review you will read. I have yet to met a real woman on there, all scammers that go to great lengths to scheme on you and will even give you a real address, even though it’s not their actual real address. So they will attempt to pull off one of these schemes: 1) Attempt to get you to fill out a “hookup security check” and ask for your email and try to get you to sign up and fill out a form. 2) Attempt to get you to buy them a gift card and ask for the card info 3) Try to get you to send them money for gas to come see you through a cash app 4) Or pretty much any related scheme that asks you for anything that you must send them online before you can meet them. They will go to great lengths and bait you to even go see them at a fake address after sending what looks to be real pictures and selfies, but then say they won’t let you in until you send them what ever info related to the scheme that they are running. I’m only writing this because I just joined the site and was figuring out how it works and so far, all scammers, no real women, and con artists that will go to great lengths to convince you that they are real. Just make sure to tell them immediately that you will not be buying them anything, sending them money, gift cards, gas money, or filling out hookup security checks before you meet and they should leave you alone. They will most likely attempt to convince you they are not scheming on you and waste more of your time, only to ask you eventually ask you for something or just play along with you so you don’t flag their account (if that’s even possible on Pure). I bought the weekly subscription for $10.95 and so far a total waste of time and money. If this app really wants to work, they need to eliminate all of the scammers.

  2. They say that because of one hour time limit, you won’t see much scammers. This is a very useful review them. I was about to sign up for that shit.

  3. My experiences are the same as Pure Member. It’s the same with similar apps like Lucky, HUD, etc. Nothing but scams. Looking for women but I wouldn’t be surprised if half of these are dudes working out of another country. The date id / date pass thing is the most common. They’ll ask you to contact them through text or whatever else outside the app. Then it’s all pretty scripted. Some “girl” that’s just over the top horny and sending a sexy pic after every few texts. You’ll get an address, maybe for a real hotel or apartment, but anyone at a computer can pull something up on Google Maps. You may catch a little break-down in English-speaking skills here and there and can probably save yourself time and just end the conversation before they spring the whole “I need you to sign up for this free date id for my protection” bit.

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