Secret Benefits Review

With more than 1 million members, Secret Benefits is an online dating website especially devoted to serving sugar daddies finding young girls to splurge their money on in exchange for some intimate favours or dates.

The site is free for girls and only men have to pay for buying credits which can help them interact with the sugar babies of their choice. The fact that the site boasts of an almost even sex ratio makes it a great choice for people of both the sexes.

Secret Benefits Review


  • The website is free for females and uses a credit system for males.
  • It has more than a million members with even ratio of both the sexes.
  • Females can choose to upload paid photo albums or free albums depending on their choice.
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    It has a very easy sign-up process and conducts photo verification to reduce fake profiles.


  • The website does not have any mobile app.
  • The free membership offers very limited features. 
  • There is no wealth verification done before a sugar daddy joins the website.

7 reasons why we love Secret Benefits:

secretbenefits review

1. The member pool is quite diverse and has a good ratio of males to females.

Like i said, the number of members registered on this dating site is high. The website has over a million members and the unique thing about this website is that it has an almost equal number of male and female members despite being a paid site for male members.

Members are of diverse ethnicities and the age range is also quite wide. However, as the aim of the website is to connect sugar daddies with sugar babies, the females are of course younger as compared to the male members.

2. The website also has a blog which is full of success stories of the members.

Another useful feature of Secret Benefits is its blog. It has a blog which is updated regularly with success stories of the members who have met through the website. This proves the authenticity of the website.

The blog also offers tips on how to sustain these relationships and find the members of your choice easily.

3. The number of fake profiles on the website is very few.

Earlier, the website used to struggle with a lot of fake profiles and escorts registering on the platform but they have fixed those issues and introduced a photo verification system which has curbed fake profiles significantly.

Most of the profiles on the platform are quite genuine and are looking for exactly what the site offers.

4. You can browse through profiles easily and message using credits.

Once you sign-up on the website, you can sort the profiles easily based on your area and other preferences. Members can browse profiles even with a free membership but they need to buy credits to interact with sugar babies.

The messaging interface is quite neatly designed and just a handful of credits allow you to send unlimited messages to your chosen sugar baby.

5. The credit system allows flexibility in a controlled way to sugar daddies.

Another great feature of this website is that it allows its male members to only contact females using a flexible credit system. It does not charge any membership fees but you need to pay a hefty amount for buying credits.

The good thing is that once you buy the credits, you can use them for messaging others or checking out their photos and these credits do not get expired easily and you can use them over a long period of time.

6. The user interface of the site is quite elegant and the sign-up process is easy.

The sign-up process of the website is quite simple and you can get registered on the website within just a few minutes. The website has an intuitive layout and there are not too many distractions hampering your conversation.

You can start browsing profiles as soon as you sign-up and check the layout of the site before you choose to invest in the credits.

7. Females can choose to upload photo albums with limited accessibility. profile

This feature allows the female members to upload photo albums with selective accessibility. They can choose to upload free albums for all other members to see or private albums which are to be paid for.

Male members have to spend credits to be able to view photographs of sugar babies so you can get a clear idea of the interest the other person has in you if he chooses to spend the expensive credits on viewing your album.

8. The site is completely free for females.

One of the main reasons why the site sees ample participation from young females is that the website is completely free for females and sugar babies who want to find rich sugar daddies to fund their hobbies.

This being said, the website does not explicitly say whether it allows females to message the sugar daddies first. I did not find any option for females to message unless a sugar daddy initiated the conversation.

Top 3 Alternatives to,, and are some of the other websites which work on similar arrangement of connecting rich old men to young women with needs. All the three websites are focussed on sugar daddies and help these men connect to their sugar babies.

3 things we don't like about Secret Benefits:

1. It does not have a mobile app at the moment.

While it says that a mobile app is under development and will be launched sooner or later, the lack of it can deter many members from registering on the website as the current generation is habitual of using mobile apps for all purposes.

Logging on to the desktop version is also not convenient for people who are on the go all the time and barely get time to be in front of a laptop.

2. There is no wealth verification done for sugar daddies.

Being a website which openly claims to connect rich and wealthy males to money-minded young girls, the website has no method to authenticate whether the male members registering on the website are even rich or not.

The sugar babies have no option but to discuss this with their sugar daddies once they start a conversation or meet for the first time.

3. The free membership comes with limited features.

The website does offer a free version but there is practically nothing the members can do with it except browse profiles. They have to use the credit system for everything else which makes the free membership worthless.

The website does not offer a paid version but you have to buy the credits with money so the features can be considered as paid. 

What about Paid Membership for Extra Features?

The Secret Benefits website does not have paid version per but most of the features on the website can be accessed only using a credit-based system and you have to buy these credits at a hefty price. You can buy 100 – 1000 credits at one go and spend them as often as you like to interact with members or access their photo albums

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Secret Benefits is a fun and casual dating site for rich men who want to have some fun with their sugar babies and spend money on them. The site has a great member pool and the credit system allows the members to interact in a controlled and safe way.

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  1. SB site is scam mostly. At least 80% of the women are fake and it seems the secret benefit management might have hired a marketing company to lure members in with fake profile and as the women send chat request, the member has to use credit to view the message. The more fake message you get the more credit you use and the company profits from the revenue. There is no check and balance and this is a bad tactic for SB leadership as at some point , I can see a lawsuit on the horizon. The site should require the ladies to also use credit and force all its members for verification. Even if not a public profile verification, it should at min verify on their own and SB provides a seal they they verified the user credentials. Such a scam to purchase and use credits. I had 1000 credit and almost half now and all messages were a lure. I am sure other guys are out there with similar issue and happy to pool thoughts for a legal action.

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