Review – Real Seniors or Fake Bots?

One of the very few dating websites targeting people above the age of 50, Senior People Meet is a welcome change in the world of online dating where most websites are centred on the young and happening singles. 

Senior People Meet website has been designed keeping in mind the ease of use for a generation which is not too tech-savvy. It has a minimal design and a convenient user interface. The website has both free and paid versions.

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  • The sign-up process is quick and easy and is not too confusing.
  • You can browse through profiles easily with a free membership.
  • The communication on the website is through a simple email system.
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    You can see who has viewed your profile.


  • There is no instant chat communication system.
  • The website follows a 24-hour approval for uploading new pictures.
  • You cannot message other members unless you upgrade to a paid membership.

8 Things We Like about SeniorPeopleMeet Dating Website

seniorpeoplemeet review

1. The sign-up process on the website is designed for the older generation.

As the website is dedicated to helping the older generation find a match, the sign-up and login process is kept fairly simple in order to make it easier for the members. There are very few questions and the whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete from start to finish.

You can also use your email to sign up so that you do not have to remember the username every time you log in to the website. The sign-up process is quite easy according to most of the members.

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2. You can browse through profiles easily.

Even with a free membership, you can browse member profiles easily and the website also helps you notice new profiles by keeping them in a different section. This allows you to check out all the members before you are ready to start a conversation with them.

This feature is helpful for people who are skeptical of upgrading to the premium plan as they can check out all the profiles with a free membership and purchase the premium membership only if they are interested in some of the profiles.

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3. The website notifies you when someone checks out your profile.

You get a notification whenever any other member checks out your profile and expresses an interest in having a conversation with you. People who struggle to initiate a conversation can use this feature to break the ice easily. The members of the platform are quite active.

You can also use this feature to understand the type of response your profile is getting before upgrading to a premium membership. If many members express an interest in you, this can serve as a sign that the paid membership will be fruitful.

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4. The simple email communication system is easy and convenient.

Instead of an instant chat messenger, the website uses a simple email system for the members to communicate with each other. All emails are sent through the website and not from any personal email address.

This takes off the pressure of replying or messaging immediately and the members can actually take time to draft their responses easily.

5. The website is safe and secure for its members.

While the website allows you to select your own username to ensure anonymity, it is quite safe and secure as most member profiles are created by users who are genuinely interested in finding a good match. 

All financial information uploaded on the website is encrypted and protected. The website also allows you to access the records of past six months to check any financial discrepancy.  

6. You can upload 1-30 photos and videos also on your profile.  

The website offers a guided help for uploading photos and videos on your profile as part of their initiative to help people who are not very savvy about using online dating sites. 

You can upload photos and videos only after they are approved by the moderators of the website. This is done to ensure that no obscene or unrelated media is uploaded on the website.

7. Your profile is only visible to people who fall under your selected criteria

You can select a few criteria while setting up your profile to attract matches from selected users only. Your profile visibility is then controlled and only users who fit into the criteria. 

This prevents you from getting unrelated matches or messages from people you are not interested in. You can choose the age, location, or hobbies to narrow down your matches.  

8. Your profile can be highlighted for other members to notice first.

If you choose to upgrade to a premium membership, your profile gets subtly highlighted on the dashboard in order to enhance its visibility and to generate an interest among other users.

This helps other members to notice your profile easily without having to search your profile from the long list. You can also feature your profile on other member’s suggested matches with the premium membership.

Top 3 Alternatives to SeniorPeopleMeet:,, and are some similar dating websites to Senior People Meet. All these websites are dedicated to people over 50 and help them date easily. While some of these memberships offer multiple advanced features, Senior People Meet is a fairly simple website designed to cater to the older generation.

3 Things We Don't Like about SeniorPeopleMeet 


1. You cannot message other members unless you upgrade to a paid membership.

One of the main disadvantages of this website is that it does not allow you to interact with other members on the platform unless you upgrade to a premium membership. This is a drawback as most online dating websites offer free messaging services.

This, however, limits the messages you get from other members and ensures that only genuinely interested members message each other but significantly limits the interaction on the website as some members cannot afford the premium membership. 

2. The lack of instant messaging system can be a deterrent for some members.

The email messaging system is a bit slow so people who need instant gratification may not like the communication system offered by this website. The members take a lot of time to send messages and respond to any message sent to them.

Also, all the emails are sent through the website’s own server rather than your personal email ids so it is hard to keep a track of the conversations. 

3. There are many old and inactive profiles on the website.

The moderation team of the website is a bit slow in deleting old inactive profiles with vaguely filled information columns. This can cause unnecessary confusion as you might be interested in the profile of a member who is no longer active on the platform.

The website does not require its users to fill out all the information completely so there are many profiles on the platform with incomplete information about their personal life and hobbies. Review of Premium Membership: Worth it?

SeniorPeopleMeet has premium membership packages. We personally think its worth trying their premium membership since it unlocks the website to its fullest potential through additional features.

You can try monthly membership (This is the package we use to test sites) or go with six months package (which actually saves your money).  You'll get the following features in premium package:

The Senior People Meet website does have a paid version which is affordable as compared to other premium dating websites. The main features of the paid version includes:

  • You can send messages to other members through the website’s email system.
  • You can highlight your profile for better visibility.
  • You can send virtual gifts to potential matches. 
  • You can also call other members through the website without using your phone number.

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Senior People Meet is a great website for people above the age of 50 who are looking to date like-minded individuals of the same age. It is easy to operate and has many active users. The simple user interface of the website allows the users to enter the world of online dating without having to learn all about technology.  
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