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Skout is one of the applications which became the first one to use a generalized location based dating site. It was set up and started functioning in the year of 2007. So it has been a decade since it has been functioning. Skout is not a typical dating application it is more of a social application where you can strike conversations and make friends.

You can be 13 and use this site. You may not be 18 years old at all. Although once you become 18 you are automatically shifted to the adult group. In an attempt to make the rules regarding the safety a little bit tighter, no specific location could be given out on this teen dating app.

Rather a general location is revealed. This is a new and unique application which caters to this age cohort. Although there is no mechanism to review your age, this teen app is a bit on the stricter side. You cannot send any pictures in private chat. You can collect points through different ways and at the most so you can see which all other users have viewed your profile.

Skout Review


  • Community: Skout boosts a sense of living in a community.
  • User Friendly: It is pretty user friendly. It has a very well structured design of all the features and it is fairly easy to use this site. It is hassle free.
  • Safe: This app is a relatively safe application for any individual. I cannot vouch for the safety of a 13-16 year old using this application but in comparison to most of the other dating application, this site seems to be doing a decent job when it comes to safety.


  • Number of messages: It can be overwhelming by the sheer number of messages you receive from nearby users. There is no limitation or a system put in place which could filter the users who have accessibility to your account.
  • Age: The minimum age for any user to join this dating application is 13 years which could be an issue for safety for any teenager. 

SKOUT REVIEW: 3 Reason Why You Should Use Skout!

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skout review

It is not a typical dating site. It has many other functions as well. It acts as a platform which acts as a friend finder, chat roulette type of messenger in addition to being a place that facilitates in match making. This wide range of operations make people keep engaged and helps them find the kind of interaction they want to indulge in.

It acts and supports a mentality which is conducive for a community building tradition. The main aim is to unite other members who are looking for people belonging in the same locality or even community. This feature can prove to be beneficial for people who are new in town or they might be even travelling and looking to expand their social circles. This could help them feel welcome.

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Skout is all about making friends more so than finding a date for you. But at the end of the day all sorts of relationships and friendships are encouraged. 

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Since the lower limit for joining this application is only 13 years, Skout takes the security part of its functioning a lot more seriously as compared to other dating or social application functioning in the same cohort. Keeping this in mind, any sort of explicit or even a mildly suggestive images or pick up lines are immediately deleted from this application.

What be Disklike about Skout?

  • 1. Skout could be boring!

Since almost all activities require you to be spending points, the golden question is then how exactly do you earn these points. I am sure you will not want to spend your actual cash to use these points considering the precarious situation the younger users will be in, since they do not have any money to spend on this dating application.

The key to earning points is that you must create your profile, upload pictures. You could also get more points by downloading advertised apps. This is the way you could be more active on the site.

Sign up Process: How to Set up Account on Skout

skout signup

Teens who decide to set up an account on Skout need to specify their preferences whether they are interested in male, female or both.

After you mention some bare minimum details about yourself, you can post on the buzz feed. You can also comment on others’ post. In addition to these activities you could also add pictures and private message others. One additional snippet of information here may be that you cannot send any images to anyone else via private messages. That is a limitation given the age group that can use this application. For adults this may not be the case.

You will also get notifications about other users who are joining this dating application. This way you will be on top of things.

You can search other user’s profiles by earning some points. You will receive notifications regarding any user who visits your profile. You can also see which user has viewed your profile by exchanging some points that you have earned.

Also, intuitively you will receive notifications if any user joins this application. Now this functions on a geographic proximity basis. You will not get notifications of any random person joining the application. Rather you will only get notifications for a person who is near your location.


The good thing about this site is that it encourages all sorts of communications to mushroom under its umbrella. It is not necessarily meant for an adult population. Well, this exact point could become an issue of concern as well. Since the minimum age for you to be able to have access to this dating/flirting/community building site is 13. That is a lot younger age margin as compared to any other application.

Considering the age cohort that could use this site, the safety issues have been taken into consideration. It has a simple user friendly interface and communication on this site can be conducted in a hassle free manner.

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