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Focussed on nerds and geeks, Soul Geek is a dating website which helps you connect to other geeks with similar interests. With a well-crafted sign-up process which highlights your personality traits. Soul Geek aims to provide you with the ultimate geeks dating experience.

The site attracts a lot of visitors from all parts of the world and gets over 600k visitors per month. The layout of the site looks like an animated comic book so nerds can identify with the platform easily. Review


  • The site has a multi-level sign-up process which is divided into clear sections to help you fill out your profile as detailed as you want it to be.
  • The advanced search option is quite comprehensive and allows you to use as many filters as you need to find potential matches.
  • There are various ways in which you can express your hobbies and interests and communicate with members.
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    The advanced search option is quite comprehensive and allows you to use as many filters as you need to find potential matches.
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    The site layout and the homepage are designed in a geek-focused way.
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    The website conducts weekly scans to filter members and match them.


  • The free version has limited features and you need to buy credits to access the premium features of the site.
  • The site does not have a mobile app as of now and is slow in terms of updates.
  • The quality of members on the site is not at par with some other dating sites.

8 Things We like about review

1. The sign-up process of the website allows you to explain your personality in great detail.

The sign-up section of the website is divided into two steps and the first step has three sections which include The Essentials, Specs, and In A Nutshell. The Essentials section allows you to share your basic information. The Specs section takes your profile a little deeper with your ethnicity details, pets, lingo, religion, etc. It is a fun section with light-hearted options to choose from. The In A Nutshell section is like a game wherein you have to choose between two options to allow other members to know more about you.

The second step of the sign-up process is even more detailed and allows you to describe yourself in relation to your favorite fantasy characters, your geek preferences, and more.

2. The website team auto-scans all the profiles every week to find the right matches.

To take new members into account, the website team auto-scans all the profiles every week and allows its members to scan the profiles on the basis of criteria which they are most interested in.

This helps the members to never miss any profile which has similar interests as them and fits their requirements. The scan feature is a little slow but it returns with good results.

3. The site is designed to appeal to nerds and has an animated comic look.

When you log in on to your profile, you feel like you are inside an animated video game and are playing a character. The outer layout is also designed like a comic to attract nerds.

The fun layout and homepage of the website cater to geeks extensively and make them feel connected to their matches. The homepage of the website is quite easy to navigate and is called a “Bridge” as it connects you to various sections of the site.

4. There are many ways in which you can communicate with other members and find similar interests.

From playing online video games with your matches to finding new SoulGeeks, the website allows you to interact with other members in multiple ways. There are many ways to discover new members also and you can see you scanned your profile easily.

You can also create personal groups to segregate your matches or use the default categories on the website to keep your profile neat and uncluttered. You can communicate with other members using messaging, forums, sending gifts etc.

5. Members can upload photos, videos, and their favorite music also on their profiles.

SoulGeek offers its members an option to customize their profile by uploading their photos, videos, and other music preferences to generate interest among other geeks. You can approach other members by commenting on their photos or by rating their music.

Uploading a profile photo on the platform is optional but advisable as it makes your preview card much more attractive. Preview cards of each member contain their profile photo, username, location, and a few lines about them. You can click on these cards to open the full profile of that particular member.

6. The advanced search option of the website is very detailed.

A great way to discover new profiles or members on the platform is by using the advanced search filters which allow you to sort profiles in as much detail as you would like.

You can sort profiles using their ethnicities, geek preferences, lingo, and other filters. You can also join forums or chat rooms to connect with members after using the search option.

7. The credit system is very easy to use and quite affordable as well.

The advanced features of the website can be accessed with credits which earned by actively using the site or can be bought at an affordable price. These credits give you access to features like quick dating, customizable profiles, sending messages etc.

While these credits give you access to the premium features, you still have to upgrade to a premium membership to get full access to the website. The free membership is quite limited.

8. The site offers dating advice also through its educational web series.

The website has a very entertaining and educational web series in which a few geek girls come together to share some dating tips and advice on how to succeed in the nerd dating world.

The web series releases new episodes weekly and is quite informational as well as entertaining for the viewers. 

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3 Things We Don't Like about Soul Geek:

1. The site is quite slow and the user interface is not updated regularly.

While the site has some interesting features when it comes to promoting and encouraging geekiness, it is a bit slower than some of the modern dating websites and looks more like a website from ten years ago.

It is also not updated very frequently and has an outdated user interface which can be a bummer for users who are used to faster and better dating websites.

2. It does not have a mobile app or a mobile version.

With most dating websites switching to a mobile app for ease of use and better accessibility, SoulGeek does not have a mobile app and only has a functional desktop website for its users.

The desktop version can be opened in the mobile as well but it is not as optimized as it should be.

3. The quality of the members is not that great.

The member pool of the website is not as great in terms of quality as some of the other dating sites available for geeks. While the website does not allow members under the age of 18 to register on the platform, there are many profiles which are fake or not particularly of the “Geek” genre.

What's Inside Premium Membership of

The SoulGeek website has a free version as well as three types of premium memberships you can avail. Some of the premium features of the website include:

  • You can access the speed dating feature.
  • You can hide ads to have a better user experience.
  • You can send unlimited messages to other members.
  • You can participate in the newsfeed to let other members know about your updates.
  • You can block members and raise love shields to keep some members from seeing your profile.

Share Your Review: is a website where you geek nature is not only respected but also encouraged as you find many members with similar preferences. It is a great platform for people who are passionate about gaming, animations, video games, fantasy etc.

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  1. SoulGeek is a piece of shit site and they delete you without any legit reason! Like Plenty of Fish a shit site and all profiles are fake as hell. Ursula of SoulGeek is a mental ill patient from Austria (like Hitler) and is a NAZI supporter! Be aware! They delete you without any legitimate reason!

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