SugarDaddie.Com Review

One of the oldest dating websites which cater specifically to older rich men and younger women, Sugar Daddie website only allows men with an income of $100,000 or more per year to sign on to their website. There is also a restriction on the country of residence of these male members.

There is no restriction placed on female members and the site offers a free trial for 7 days after which you have to upgrade your membership or terminate your account. 

SugarDaddie.Com Review


  • You can check who is online and the last activity of members.
  • The website does not automatically bill you for renewing your membership.
  • The site has a quick sign-up process and has a lot of experience in this dating niche.
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    The site encourages members to read the full profiles of other members and communicating with them.
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    Women members do not have any restrictions placed on them while male members with an income above $100,000 per year are only allowed.


  • The income or any other personal information is not verified. 
  • The site offers a limited search option and has an outdated user interface.
  • The site does not have an Android or an iOS app and has to be accessed through the desktop.

8 Reasons Why We Recommend Sugar Daddie:

SugarDaddie.Com review

1. The site has been in business for more than a decade and has a quick sign-up process.

This website is one of the oldest sugar daddy websites and has a lot of experience in catering to this niche. It has been operating for more than a decade and still enjoys a lot of popularity.

The sign-up process is very quick and easy and you can start using the website easily after answering some basic questions. You can also choose the type of relationship you are looking for.

2. Men with an income of more than $ 100000 per year are only allowed to register and there is no restriction on female members.

Since male members with income of more than $100000 dollars are only allowed to register on the platform, the site specifically caters to this clientele and aims to connect rich men with younger women.

There is no restriction placed on female members so there is a good ratio of male to female members registered on the website. With more than 5 Million members, the member pool is quite big and everybody can find someone for their chosen type of relationship.

3. The website focuses on member interaction and has forums you can participate in.

The site encourages its members to read all the profiles of the other members and communicate with them via traditional means. This is the reason why it does not allow you to search by hobbies or interests.

The website also has forums you can participate in. You can ask any question or even participate in a discussion on the trending topics to get to know the other members.

4. You can check who is online and block member profiles.

The website also allows you to check the last logged in status of the members and who is currently online so that you can initiate a conversation with those members and ignore inactive profiles.

Your home dashboard features a list of members that you might be interested in and this list is being constantly updated but you can block the members who you do not want to access your profile.

5. The site offers a 7-days free trial and does not auto-renew your membership.

The site does not bill your card automatically at the end of each month which is a good thing for people who want to try the website only for a couple of months or less. Most dating website auto-renew your membership so this feature brings a refreshing change.

Since the website does not have a free unlimited version, it offers a 7-day free trial for the members to get an idea of the features of the website before they upgrade to a premium membership.

6. You are not required to share any sensitive personal information on the site.

Apart from a few basic questions about you, the site does not ask for any sensitive personal information from its members since it does not verify any personal information.

Members are advised to share minimum contact information on their profile and to communicate through messages and chat rooms to avoid any incidents.

7. The premium membership of the website is quite affordable.

Since the site caters to only wealthy older men and younger females, the membership fees of the website is kept quite affordable so that females can upgrade their memberships too to communicate with other members.

You can purchase a monthly membership or go for a 3-month, 6-months, or a yearly membership to save some more money.

8. You can add multiple photos and add members to your hotlist.

Premium members can add multiple photos to their profiles and add members to their favorites list to take things further with them. This feature is particularly helpful when you are sorting through profiles and want to add some of them to your hotlist.

Top 3 Alternatives to,, and are some dating websites similar to Sugar Daddie. These websites provide a platform for millionaire men to find young and pretty women to spend their money on.

3 Things We Don't like about


1. The site does not have a mobile app and has an outdated design.

Without an Android or an iOS mobile app, the website can only be accessed through desktop which is a great disadvantage as most people prefer to use dating apps these days for accessing their profiles.

The site also has a very outdated design and is not updated regularly. The profile pictures on the individual profiles are stretched and look distorted so it is a bit difficult to see the pictures clearly.

2. The site does not verify your income or any personal details.

One of the biggest cons of this website is that it does not verify the income details of its members despite being an income-based website. It also does not verify any personal details of the members.

The site also does not have a detailed privacy policy in place or any ways to verify the identity of the members.

3. The site has a limited search feature and only paid members can send a message.

The website has a very limited search feature which only allows you to sort through profiles using their location or username. You cannot use filters like hobbies or interests to narrow down the searches.

Members with a free trial cannot send messages or participate in chat rooms so they have to upgrade their membership in order to send messages to the other members.

What's Inside Premium Membership of

The Sugar Daddie website does not offer a free version. It offers three monthly plans to choose from and these plans have some of these additional features:

  • You can participate in forums and discuss about trending topics.
  • You can send messages to other members and participate in chat rooms.

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Sugar Daddie is one of the oldest dating websites for finding sugar daddies and sugar babies and it is still very popular among its members. With more than 5 Million members and an easy sign-up process, the website is quite easy to use and has a great member pool too!

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