Tawkify Review

A dating website which actually uses a human matchmaker to find the right matches for you instead of algorithms, Tawkify is a one-of-a-kind dating website which is looking to set up dates using a more traditional way.

The site does not offer any free version and the paid membership is quite expensive as compared to other premium dating websites but you get a completely personalized experience. 

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Tawkify Review


  • The site has a huge user base and all members are genuine and active. 
  • The site offers you a personal concierge to guide you with the matchmaking process.
  • The sign-up process is quite easy and you get an interview to answer all questions related to your personality.
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    You can pause the dating service at any time and can stop the subscription altogether easily.


  • There are no profiles or photos you can browse through.
  • The whole process takes a lot of time due to manual handling.
  • The membership of the site is quite expensive and there is no free version.

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Tawkify:

Tawkify review

1. It adopts the traditional approach to dating and matchmaking.

Tawkify is extremely different from the dating sites mushrooming currently all over the internet as it believes in a traditional approach to matchmaking. It does not use any algorithm to find the right matches for you.

Instead, it assigns a personal concierge to you once you complete the sign-up process who then takes your interview to understand what you are exactly looking for and your other personality traits.

2. You do not have to fill out any questionnaires or search for matches.

The sign up process of the website also differs as you do not have to fill out elaborate questionnaires or search for matches yourself on the website after creating a profile.

There are a few very basic questions asked during the sign-up process but they are all designed to help the concierge reach you to arrange good matches for you.

3. The member pool is quite active and consists of mostly elite singles.

Even though the membership of the site is quite expensive, it sees a good amount of traffic and has a large member pool comprising of mostly elite singles living in the United States of America. The site boasts of more than 1 lakh members ranging from celebrities to common people.

All the members on the platform are quite genuine as nobody would pay such exorbitant membership fees to create a fake profile. This will assure you that the matches you are being sent are authentic and can be trusted.

4. The site is completely safe and secure to use.

Since the site handles everything via a human team and not through computers, there is no risk of online harassment for the members and they do not have to worry about their photos as well.

The site uses encryption to protect your credit card information and other payment details. Since the membership fees is high and the company interviews every member personally, people who are interested in something other than genuine dating are rejected immediately.

5. The site makes you feel like you are going on a blind date.

Before the team sets you up for a telephonic date with your potential match, virtually no information is shared about you or the match and the telephonic date feels like going on a blind date.

The team automatically cuts off the phone after 10 minutes to maintain interest. You can exchange phone numbers or agree to meet in those ten minutes. If you are unable to exchange any contact information, the team again contacts you after a week to connect to the same match if you are interested.

Top 3 Alternatives to Tawkify:

Once.com, OKSasha.com, and ThreeDayRule.com are some similar dating websites to Tawkify as they also use human matchmakers to select matches for you and focus on the traditional approach to matchmaking.

3 Things We Dislike about Tawkify:


The website does not offer a free version and offers only paid memberships. Creating a profile on the platform is free but everything starting from the interview is to be paid for. 

1. There are no profiles or pictures you can browse through.

The website has no profiles or photographs you can browse to show interest in other members. It uses a metric called “klout score” to match individuals. This metric measures the social influence of a person and people with similar Klout scores are handpicked by the team for the matches.

This can be a deterrent for people who prefer to search for their matches themselves and need instant results. The site takes some time to schedule interviews and then handpick the matches so Tawkify can be considered a bit slow in showing results as compared to other dating websites.

2. The site is very expensive compared to other dating sites.

I have already mentioned it earlier but this is one of the major disadvantages of this dating website. It is very expensive compared to all the other major dating websites including some premium ones.

The website charges anywhere between 400$ to 600$ from its members and the cost is inclusive of interviews and matchmaking services. The website has a client base of around a 100000 members and the success rate is good but the cost is still very high.

3. You can actually get rejected without a valid or reasonable justification.

It is a common complaint among people who try to sign up on the website that their applications get rejected with no appropriate justification as to why they are not suitable for the platform. 

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Tawkify is really a unique dating website which uses a very different approach than most of the AI-based online dating apps we see on the market currently. It is quite expensive but the addition of a personal concierge and handpicked matches make it worth a try. The success rate of the website is good and the members are quite genuine.

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