9 Tinder Hacks That You Should Definitely Try Out

Tinder houses a lot of people, a majority constitutes of male members. Tinder has three times more male members than women which makes it harder for a guy to get a right swipe. Though it’s a little hard, you still can get a lot of matches if you play smart. Most of us never fathomed that the key to making the right match lies in our own profile. Yes!

There is already a lot of competition by people flooding her inbox. You need to show her what sets you apart from them to grab her attention. That’s where your profile comes into play. Your profile is your own self-reflection of what you feel about yourself. One small mistake and you’re out of the league!

There is already a lot of competition by people flooding her inbox. You need to show her what sets you apart from them to grab her attention. That’s where your profile comes into play. Your profile is your own self-reflection of what you feel about yourself. One small mistake and you’re out of the league!

9 Tinder Hacks to Get More Tinder Matches

1. Tinder Openers

You need to understand how much important it is to have a perfect opener that gets you the best response rate (The first tinder hack for success). And for that, you ought to treat it like an advertisement and market yourself in the best possible way.

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Keep your opening line short and witty. The ones that are humorous and witty work the best in my opinion. It must be compelling enough that she continues to read the entire bio and end up swiping right. And trust me, building interest isn’t that hard. You just need to be creative.

An opener like this might just do well-

“They call me the fireman…mainly because I turn on the hose.”

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You can easily find a dozen other pickup lines over the web. But, let me tell you, there is no particular magic opener. What work for me might not work for you. I feel it highly depends on your age, location and most importantly, the type of women you’re trying to get on a date with. This applies to your bio as well.

2. Your Bio Reflects Your Personality

Your bio and your pictures are the two most crucial aspects of Tinder that are going to decide your next girlfriend.

It remains the most reliable method of guaranteed Tinder success. Write something to stand out from 50 million other users out there. Fret not, I’ll be guiding you all the way through to write a kickass bio that makes you a chick magnet in no time. No kidding!

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Rule 1 – Don’t fake things. Your bio is the only way a girl can know about you. It should reflect your original personality. Faking things won’t help you in the long term. Rather than faking things, try building a bold personality.

Grab this golden opportunity and get on your toes. Start drafting a bio for yourself. Use an awesome tool called Grammarly if you are unsure about your grammatical skills. Also, make sure not to go in lengths. Keep your bio concise and to the point. Emojis and short phrases can also be added.

Being a funny person definitely, gives you an upper hand. Even if you’re not, just sound upbeat and positive!

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Make sure to change your bio every week or two to check what works best for you. Alternatively, you can also analyze bios of other people and apply the same standards as you would want their bio to have. After all, it’s all about writing a bio that will make the other person interested in knowing you more.

3. One Bad Picture Will Throw You Out of The League

Let’s face it- looks play a huge role in your Tinder success. In fact, having spectacularly good looks is the biggest Tinder hack for increasin rightswipes you would ever come across. And, it doesn’t take much time for a woman to form an opinion about you by looking at your picture. In fact, studies suggest that it takes just 1/10th of a second for a woman to form an opinion about you by seeing a snapshot of yours. You need to be sure to leave a lasting impression in order to get more right swipes.

For the same reason, Tinder tries a/b testing your photos by shuffling them regularly to analyze which one works best for you. Although this may help you filter the best picture of yours, you can’t rely on the algorithms for everything. Being creative and interesting is a necessity in this case.

Multiple pictures are much more effective than a single one. Profiles with 3-5 pictures added are good enough to produce optimal results.

Don’t post pictures with your friends, especially of the opposite sex! Be sure to be not too close to the camera and smile or laugh in at least one of the snapshots. Keep the best one as your last picture. Avoid blurry or distorted pictures as they make you look as if you are ugly or trying to hide something.

Apart from this, certain other elements like holding a cute puppy in your photos can give a considerable boost to your profile. On the other hand, shirtless mirror selfies have fewer chances to get swiped right. To make the most out of your pictures, you can always tell a story using them! All you need to do is connect your picture with the next one and tell your story. That’s smart. Isn’t it?

Quick Tip: Ask some of your female friends to give you feedback on your pictures. This proves to be very helpful in choosing the best pictures of yours that are uploadable on Tinder. All you need to do is ask your friends to rate your pictures or rank your best options. Upload only those pictures that are consistently being ranked the highest and you are sure to shine.

4. Link out to Your Instagram Account

[Secret Tinder Hacks] If you have a carefully vetted Instagram account with only quality pictures of yours, don’t forget to mention it in your bio. This acts as a seal of authenticity and a way for the girl to know a little more about you before she takes any further step.

5. Like as Much Facebook Pages as You Can!

[Secret Tinder Hacks] Tinder has a unique matchmaking algorithm which uses your Facebook likes to find your potential match. Liking popular pages can thus boost your chances of getting a date on Tinder significantly. But, I don’t mean to say like all the pages in mass. Rather, like those pages that you are interested in such as pages of your favorite TV shows, novels, movies, etc so that you can be matched up with girls having things in common which will ultimately boost the right swipes on your profile.

6. Don’t Swipe Right Unnecessarily

While you might not want to be too selective, swiping right too much is a bad idea too. Tinder has a self-punishing algorithm which will affect the way you are matched up if you are swiping right nearly 100% of times. Don’t be so thirsty and swipe right only those profiles you genuinely think you can make up with.

Alternatively, you can also subscribe to Tinder Gold subscription to see those people who have already right swiped on your profile so that you know it is an instant match.

7. Text Her First (Use Tinder Pick up Lines)

Got your first match? Well, that was just the beginning of the process. You still have a lot more challenges coming your way. One of them is how well are you at communicating.

One common mistake that most of the guys on Tinder make is not texting your match first. Initiating talk is very much important as the one you are matched with might’ve been matched with a hundred other guys as well. It’s hard for her to reach to every other guy, so why not message her first?

Make sure you message something that’s worth reading, especially the first few words. That’s what she is going to see while scrolling through her chats. Try to think of something that’ll hook her attention and make her reply to you.

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8. Ask Her Out

Once you’ve been talking for quite a while, it’s essential for you two to meet and get to know more about each other. Well, that’s possible, only if you do it the correct way.

It’s always a better option to suggest her a meetup at a cafe or some nice public place in the neighborhood where you two would feel comfortable. Giving her two activity options also doubles the acceptance rate. You can wrap up the things real quick- an hour at most. Unlike a dinner date or a movie, this will make her feel comfortable as she need not worry about being stuck with you for long if things don’t go right.

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Plan your first date only at a public place and don’t ask if you can pick her. This will make her feel safer and you are likely to get a yes!

If you have a date set up several days in advance then make sure to follow up and use the “assume the sale” approach. Have a short and light convo with her the day before you have your date set telling that you are looking forward to meeting her. This will make her feel that you are responsible enough to take care of her in the long term.

9. Get Her Number

ask her number on tinder

Not every match is lucky enough to get her number. But, if she gives it you, it strongly indicates that she’s interested in a date with you. Try getting her number in early interaction itself so that you will have an alternate way to contact each other in case your Tinder suddenly gets deleted.

Wrapping it up:

There’s no sure short way that can guarantee you to get a date on Tinder. However, if you closely follow the above-given Tinder hacks and tricks, you have an edge over most of the people over there significantly increasing your chances to get a perfect match!

Follow these Tinder hacks for growth and share with me your experience with Tinder and if these Tinder tricks were able to help you out.

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