Tinder Dating App Review – Should You Even Bother Trying in 2019?

Tinder has been up voted as the most viable and popular dating app which caters to all age groups. Although it is widely used among the teenagers, it does have a fan base which reaches out to people who are as old as 60. Well you know what they say, age is just a number. Today, we are bringing you Tinder Review from our best dating sites article.

To begin with, if there is anything at all that makes this application a hit among the users is that it is a fairly easy application to use. You are literally one click away when you are using this app. All you have to do is download Tinder App from your Play store or Apple App Store.

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Tinder Review - Pros and Cons


  • check
    User friendly User Interface & Quick registration.
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    Location based which makes people date in person as soon as possible.
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    Huge database of users so you hardly get out of choices.


  • A lot of creepy people out on Tinder.
  • More options for Men, then Women.
  • A lot of women don't reply back.

Our 2 Cents on Tinder...

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I would suggest that if the users are seeking anything serious or want to find a soul mate; this app is not meant for you. I am not denying the fact that you just might happen to stumble upon the love of your life but there is no guarantee to that. Also, you might often meet douche bags too. What I am trying to tell you is that you are on your own. Be vigilant always, but enjoy at the same time.

Let us not forget how popular this dating site is. It has managed to get pretty high ratings on almost all sites. The users by popular choice and consensus having given a whooping 4 out of 5 rating and 3.5 out of 5 rating on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store lifestyle category respectively.


1. Mindless thrills!!

Of course, you will meet your share of weirdos and will feel creeped out. But everyone you match on Tinder is not meant to be. You must be careful and vigilant. Be alert but not alarmed. There is certainly a lot of difference in that. It has also been dubbed as the Twitter of dating. Haha! That’s a good one I feel.

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If you ask me, why I am stressing on why you should be alert and not alarmed is because you must take baby steps and definitely smart baby steps but you must also enjoy the process. If you are looking for quick fling, Tinder is a no brainer. I have often come across people who are struck with such levels of paranoia and anxiety that their first date is a total screw up. Relax; it is going to be okay.

The easy availability to thrill and dating has been cut so short that we rely on this swipe app a lot more than we should. But hey! Who is complaining? (I will get to that part at the end)

The number of Tinderellas have increased by about 11% since 2016 December to June 2017. Such an amount of jump and fan base is reassuring of the fact that this app must be doing something right.


There is another interesting feature which has been introduced in Tinder-Tinder Social. As the name suggests this platform is highly recommended for those who are looking for group dates for parties or meeting new friends for the weekend.


This feature is a bonus. This just goes on to narrow down your real time probability. You can get immediate gratification without travelling, spending or brooding over the issue much. Let’s do this guys!


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Tinder has the yellow pages which are used to boost your ever inflating ego and thirst to go on hunting on for one night stands. I would not want to narrow my view of this is app as being something which feeds the unquenchable thirst to the caveman part of the human brain.

This app has been used for a long time to advertise and earn fortunes as well. It is like Omegle but in some occasions you will have to pay for the show being orchestrated for you. We have entered an era where we can message and talk on the phone throughout our lives but never actually meets that person.

Do not let this app get the best of you! If you want to feel lousy for one day go get this app on your device, but if you want to indulge in some real life interactions which might prove to be more rewarding, go ahead and work a little more on your dying and diminishing social skills. Using this application also makes us a little insecure and jumpy about our looks and other unnecessary details which should not be given so much of an importance.

Tinder Review: HOT or NOT?

Social media no doubt has made us expert small talkers and we often tend to over share our emotions and feelings with a stranger. Everything boils down to a question which has a binary probability. Hot or Not? The increasing popularity of this application among a generation which is highly impatient and insecure goes on to show the need to get immediate results at any given point of time.

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Do not try to give this app too much of importance in your daily life. I acknowledge the fact that all of us are social human beings and constantly want to keep doing things which could get us social validation and the swipe function of Tinder seems to be fuelling all our insecurities.

I got 4 suitors and that too in a span of a day! What a wow!

The eternal joy of having 4 odd suitors in a matter of a day seems to be beyond gratifying. Giving a false boost to the lazy and attention seeking personality which we all have come to personify, Tinder is highly addictive for one.

This could be a plus and many people would think that way, but honestly I am of the view that giving out Face book details is a bit too much. The constant habit of being able to be understood and that too by strangers is a little perplexing!

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