15 Best Tinder Tips for Guys to Lock onto Hotter Chicks

I am pretty sure that I don’t need to give out any sort of intro on what Tinder is as it is quite famous for what it is and is also extensively used and even abused by the community. With over 50 million active users in 196 countries, it is definitely one of the most popular apps that have ever been online and with reason. This dating app has made over 8 billion matches to date and every day there are 26 million matches made on Tinder with an average of 1.7 million swipes per day. Wow! So if you aren’t on Tinder yet, what are you waiting for, get on it and start swiping.

There are certain unsaid but implicitly implied rules that you must be aware of when you are using Tinder and there are separate ones for guys and girls too. There are certain things that put off women and certain things that will win them over at least for long enough to actually give you an opportunity to try to woo them. I am sure the same things apply to men as well but being a girl, I am here to point you guys in the right direction to win yourselves some right swipes and maybe that one girl who will change your life or give you a night you will never forget. So read on to get your swag on, for good things are on the way.

15 Tinder Tips for Guys:

1. Let us start right at the beginning – the photos. Yes, they do matter. In fact, they matter a lot. We do like it quite a bit when you subtly show off how good your body looks but we definitely don’t want to see you naked, not especially on the first swipe. So put on a nice display picture with a smoldering gaze and a sexy smile. That shirt really doesn’t have to go away.

2. If you want more matches, then you gotta have a pretty straight and complete bio. Don’t just skimp on it and get lazy because women do go through them before swiping left or right. Divulging some basic information about yourself in an optimized way shall always work for you. Tinder puts a lot of emphasizes on appearances. Make sure yours is one that makes you want to date yourself if you see your profile.

3. Another useful tip that may come in handy is, your Tinder bio is not your resume. Neither is it your list of needs and wants and whatnots. Be fun, be creative and don’t be too cocky. That is a combination that girls love. Refer to our article Best Tinder Bios for better help.

4. Let us get a bit more creative. We like checking out your Tinder Moment snaps. Your matches can see your Tinder Moments for 24 hours before it disappears. So make sure you upload good photos and expect to get a lot of ‘likes’ on every Moment images that you upload.

5. And now, for the final tip on how to customize your profile to get some well deserved right swipes. Make sure that your profile length is neither too short (like four words short) nor should it be novel-length. Your profile should give us a feel of you, but just a feel. We don’t want your life story yet.

Let us get into some less general and more closely guarded tips. These may not apply to everyone but it does apply to a lot of us.

6. Don’t post a picture of you with another girl or worse, a baby just to clear it up in the description that it is not yours. No, it is not going to win you any brownie points because we won’t even bother reading your bio before we swipe left.

7. Make an effort. Just a ‘hey’ or overused cheesy lines don’t work and we will cut you off because we get plenty of that already. Be intriguing and leave the rest to the girl. Refer to our article Best Tinder Pick up lines for better help.

8. Don’t be too less-than-honest in your profile. If you are 5’6″, don’t put in that you are 6’2″. If all goes well and we actually plan to go on a date, then there is your downfall.

9. Don’t give out nudes unless you are asked for some. It is downright rude and perverse and I’m sure I don’t have to explain why this won’t end well.

10. Some guys just list out a lot of deal breakers like for example, their description may say that ‘if you come with a lot of baggage/drama, then swipe left’. Don’t be that guy. The girl whom you were matched with maybe none of those and may even be the perfect one for you but if she sees that you have filters for girls to self-select them out, then she will swipe left and out of your life too.

11. Don’t get too personal as soon as you start talking. We don’t even know you. Stop asking me about what I wear or where I live the first time (or the next few times) we talk. That just makes you sound like a creep.

12. Use the names. Don’t call anyone ‘babe’ or ‘darling’ as soon as you start talking. That is extremely off-putting and boring and we have had enough of that already.

13. First impressions do matter, especially in the virtual world. Be flirty and fun and you will definitely get yourself some dates pretty soon. Refer to our article best tinder openers for more help.

14. Don’t ask for sexual favors on your first, second or third message. This one is quite basic and only requires common sense but a lot of guys still need to actually practice it.

15. Finally, make your stand clear. If you are looking for some fun, be honest about it. Don’t waste either of your time. And if you don’t get a reply after the first, second and the third message (if you actually bother to send that one too), understand that the person isn’t interested and back away.

In the end, it all depends on yourself. Tinder is not your enemy and wooing ladies is not rocket science. Be confident in what you bring to the table and have no hard feelings if she doesn’t reciprocate. If your method is not working out the way you hoped it would, then change your approach a little. If you know what you want and you are a good guy, then try out some of these tips and you will most probably get a few dates.

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